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how to have the best vacation ever + a stellar photography tip

If you want to have the best vacation ever, just do what I did...

Last Monday I jetted out of town leaving my oldest two boys and hubby at home.
Bennett and I packed our bags and headed to Minnesota.
Lucky for me, that airplane white noise put Bennett straight to sleep.

That is... until decided to crap himself.
Have any of you changed a diaper on an airplane?
They have what they like to call a "changing table" in that smallest bathroom in the world.
It is seriously the size of dinner plate.
And my massive 3 month old barely fit.
Fortunately, we got the job done and before we knew it we were there and Bennett was getting snuggled.

Obviously, we spent that first evening watching The Bachelor finale {yay Lauren!}.
And ATFR {yay Jojo!}.
And then the rest of my week pretty much flew by like it was only a few hours.
We did cram in quite a bit though.

Katie whipped up some ah-mazing food!

Our little babes became best buds!

Bennett got his first professional manicure.

We mom/stroller ganged it through the Mall of America.

Snuggled, laughed and dubsmashed for hours.

AND did some photoshoots of our darling boys.
***Fun little photography tip for you all. If you want to get a 10 month old to look... 
AND smile in the right direction...
 Try THIS...
Ha. It worked like a dream.

I had the best little getaway, and it only took me a few days to get back into the swing of things at home again.

I've still been dubsmashing up a storm too.
You might get lucky and get to view some very soon.

Happy hump day friends.


  1. The pics of the babies together! So sweet. Also is that a dutch baby pancake thing??

  2. Aww!!! Omg I need to find that guitar onesie and keep it for safe keeping for one day in the future hopefully! =P

  3. I'm smiling and laughing thinking about these pics!!!!!!! So glad u came!!!!!

  4. Awww, I just love matching jammies! Yay for getting away and having some fun!

  5. So I totally had to look up dubsmashing ....


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