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brody | FIVE years old

So... I was doing real good, about to hammer out a post about Brody, and THEN my farmer and I started talking about how fast these last five years have gone by, etc, etc. Cue the ugly cry. I immediately started bawling.

It's hard to explain to this emotion you feel when your kids have birthday's.

I'm beyond happy that they are growing, and healthy, and smart, and pretty well behaved decent human beings.

But I'm sad.
I'm sad that these years are literally flying before my eyes.
I'm sad that after what seems like a few more blinks my baby will be 10. And then 15.
I'm sad that they don't need me as much as each day passes.

I love these kids something fierce!
And all I can do is pray that I'm raising them good enough.
AND be hopeful that they'll all move back to the farm after they finish college... and we can be neighbors forever.
That seems fair enough, right?

TODAY is Brody's 5th birthday!
This kid is something else...
He radiates joy. 
He loves to make people happy.
Usually this entails telling some seriously good and random jokes. 
He is incredibly thoughtful too. 
I mean, he is a thinker. An analyzer. 
Too smart for his own good sometimes. 
He will debate his point to the end.
No. Seriously. He HAS to have the last word.
Even if it is muffled under his breath.
He is a rule follower {for the most part}.
And he likes to boss around others to follow those rules.
He generally has to have things "just-so".. parks his toys very neatly, eats his cut up pancake in a very orderly fashion, can't touch his hair once it is gelled so he doesn't ruin it, etc.
He is a lover.
Especially with his baby brother Bennett. 
Now, if only he and Beckam could tone things down a notch and be more loving all of the time.
Thankfully they generally play well together.
Brody is a quick learner.
And he doesn't forget. Anything.
He could tell you, in detail, about some random event that happened when he was two.
It's wild.
Some things that he loves... family, cheese on any carbohydrate, screen time, helping people, working with his daddy and papa, surprises and babies... animals or humans.
Dislikes... getting his face wet, wearing clothes while he poos, and being sent to his room.
I can't truly express how much I love this boy, but he makes me a better person.
The past five years have been the best yet!
So, with that...peace out 4 year old, we've got a big FIVE year old now.


  1. Aww!! Happy birthday to your lil guy! He is totally rocking that mini mohawk!

  2. Love that little boy so much. Can't believe how long his legs are!

  3. Did you mean to title this blog "Two Years Old"? Or is that just wishful thinking that you could go back in time 3 years?

  4. Happy birthday to your boy. He's adorable. My oldest daughter is 21 now but I used to cry something fierce every time she got older or passed a milestone. I hated that she grew up so fast.

  5. happy birthday, brody!! he's so cute and i LOVE the photos!!!

  6. Happy birthday Brody! The photos and he are adorable! Have a great weekend! :)


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