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bennett | 2 months

As cliche as it might be, it seriously feels like Bennett was JUST born. This has, without a doubt, been the fastest two months of my life. 
Bennett is the best baby! He eats good. He sleeps good. He smiles easily. He is a dream. 

stats | Bennett is a hefty little dude. I don't have any official percentiles from the doctors office yet, but I can tell you that he is wearing 6 month clothes.

nicknames | The boys call him moochy. This was derived from the fact that he has smushy cheeks. It then turned into moochy and subsequently... oochy, noochy, boochy, and goochy.
For the record, I still call him Bennett. Or cheeks.

likes |  He's a big fan of boobs, for obvious reasons. He likes to be swaddled when he sleeps on his back, and prefers to take naps on his tummy. He likes to be held - I mean he is a seriously good snuggled. He likes looking at patterns, ceiling fans and abstract art. He is quickly becoming obsessed with his pacifier.

AND, I'm not sure how much he loves it, but I have been enjoying playing dress up with him. This adorable panda raglan shirt {by fancy frogz, found HERE}is one of my absolute favorites. It's super soft, stretchy, and obviously adorable. I have a lot of other items from there on my wishlist for him, like THESE fox leggings. I mean, what baby doesn't need these? Oh, by the way, this shop is having a little Valentine's Day from today until Sunday for 20% off all items using code VALENTINE20... you're welcome.

dislikes | Bennett loves his brothers, but he doesn't like his brothers getting all up in his grill... which is guaranteed to happen pretty much anytime during any day. So based off of that, I would say he dislikes really high pitched voices getting poked in the face.

milestones | He just started sleeping in his own room through the night. He had been taking naps in there daily, and now it's all night too. This of course means that I am also sleeping in his room... mostly by accident. I may be a tad sleep deprived and 90% of the time I fall asleep in the glider while nursing him. By the time I wake up to put him back in his crib, it's almost time for him to eat again.

He is also smiling so SO much. I think we've gotten a couple of giggles out of him too, but I can't be certain because it usually turns into a whine. Soon, very soon we will get him laughing!

We love our precious Bennett an absurd amount. And I seriously wish time would slow WAY down so we could enjoy these precious tiny baby moments a tad longer. Since that's not likely however, I am going to go now and squeeze him tight and smell his head and kiss those chubby cheeks a few hundred times.


  1. So sweet. Love the pics of our little dream boy. Appreciate every minute -- no more cuddly little babies after Mr. Moochy Cheeks. Love his little brown shoes, BTW.

  2. Love the little tuft of hair in the front too!

  3. Oh my glob he is so precious!

  4. He's adorable! My youngest son, out of three kids, was nearly perfect in all ways as a baby. It definitely made the baby stages a bit easier.

  5. He is so adorable! Love the panda shirt!


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