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beckam | 2.75 years old

With updates on the blog last week for Bennett and Brody, I figured I couldn't leave out my precious middle child Beckam.
This kid is quite a little personality.
He has a way of saying ANYTHING and it sounding super sweet.
That is a true talent.
I hope he can hold onto this for life.
He also has these eyes, and he knows how to use them to his benefit.
He takes pride in his ability to make Brody freak out.
He is persistent.
And if you ask Brody, he'd say he is obnoxious.
A typical younger brother perhaps.
He is unfortunately learning the art of how to throw a fit, which I have very little patience for.
The forced loud scream-cry is a no-go around here.
And can we talk about how stubborn he is?
This kid is refusing to be potty trained.
A typical day...
Me: "Beckam, where do we go poopoo!?"
Beckam : "On the POTTY!!!"
Me: "Great! Please let me know when you have to go, and I will help you."
Beckam: "Ok!"
Five minutes later... I smell poo.
Me: "Beckam, did you go poopoo in your pull-up?"
Beckam: "Yea!"
Help. Me.
He has a way of looking out for you, and is so helpful.
Especially with his baby brother.
Talk about obsessed. Kiss, kiss, pat, pat... repeat... 28 times.
He is super sweet too, and every night I put him to bed he offers up his hand for me to rest my head on.
Snuggling him is the best.
We love this kid SO much.

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