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oh hey, friday | look who's excited

We're headed home today from a last minute, short, business trip/vacation in Bend, OR.

Can I just tell you that renting a house is the way to go!
SO much more space, almost equivalent in cost, and your own private hot tub! WIN.

To say that I've been slacking in the blog aspect of life lately would be an understatement, BUT you should totally check out my instagram HERE. I'm pretty consistent there.

Hope you have all had a fabulous week!!

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Have a fabulous weekend friends!


oh hey, friday | i take a lot of pictures

I have had grand plans to do a blog post this week about Brody's birthday party, but clearly that didn't happen.
I am fighting a cold... like I don't have one yet, but I know that it is coming. Or is it? Who knows.
Either way, I'm going to have to recap that party next week, and bow out of a "five" post today in exchange for a photo dump of some of my favorite pictures from my phone this week...

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Have a fabulous weekend friends!


beckam | 2.75 years old

With updates on the blog last week for Bennett and Brody, I figured I couldn't leave out my precious middle child Beckam.
This kid is quite a little personality.
He has a way of saying ANYTHING and it sounding super sweet.
That is a true talent.
I hope he can hold onto this for life.
He also has these eyes, and he knows how to use them to his benefit.
He takes pride in his ability to make Brody freak out.
He is persistent.
And if you ask Brody, he'd say he is obnoxious.
A typical younger brother perhaps.
He is unfortunately learning the art of how to throw a fit, which I have very little patience for.
The forced loud scream-cry is a no-go around here.
And can we talk about how stubborn he is?
This kid is refusing to be potty trained.
A typical day...
Me: "Beckam, where do we go poopoo!?"
Beckam : "On the POTTY!!!"
Me: "Great! Please let me know when you have to go, and I will help you."
Beckam: "Ok!"
Five minutes later... I smell poo.
Me: "Beckam, did you go poopoo in your pull-up?"
Beckam: "Yea!"
Help. Me.
He has a way of looking out for you, and is so helpful.
Especially with his baby brother.
Talk about obsessed. Kiss, kiss, pat, pat... repeat... 28 times.
He is super sweet too, and every night I put him to bed he offers up his hand for me to rest my head on.
Snuggling him is the best.
We love this kid SO much.


oh, hey friday | some big happenings

We've had a very eventful week.
I've eaten my fair share of cake.
And I'm not mad about it.

My top five highlights from this week...

1 | brody turned FIVE
I still can't believe he is actually five.
So far, he still acts the exact same as when he was four. :)

2 | theater + more
On Brody's birthday, we loaded up and headed to Boise to watch Kung Fu Panda 3.
He of course had to start things off with a racing game... a good pre-movie warm up.
His Grandma and Papa joined us, and I'm pretty sure he had A TON of fun.
Especially judging from all of the "hi-ya!" noises I heard from him during the movie.
This was Beckam and Bennett's first time in a movie theater also.
Bennett slept through all of it which was very nice.

After the movie, we came home for dinner, cupcakes and presents.
AND he is having his birthday party this Sunday.
I'd say five is going to be a good year for this kid.

3 | cake decorating + ryan's birthday
My farmer's birthday is the day after Brody's.
For his birthday, he requested that the boys decorate his birthday cake.
I was seriously SO impressed at how well they did. 
They did it all. 
The only thing that I did was rotate the cake plate as they were squeezing the frosting on so the color was spread out a bit.
Doesn't it look awesome!?
I have to say, it tasted freaking amazing too.
I made a coffee infused chocolate cake with a mocha buttercream frosting.
My hubby is a big fan of coffee... obviously.

4 | baby love
Every single time I go to get this guy after he wakes up...
That little smirk!
It kills me.
I could snuggle this little bear ALL day long.

5 | casting video
I spent a lot of time helping a friend with his casting video for the Bachelorette via FaceTime.
All very worthwhile.
He's got this one in the bag.
For sure.
I'll keep you all updated.

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Have a fabulous weekend friends!


brody | FIVE years old

So... I was doing real good, about to hammer out a post about Brody, and THEN my farmer and I started talking about how fast these last five years have gone by, etc, etc. Cue the ugly cry. I immediately started bawling.

It's hard to explain to this emotion you feel when your kids have birthday's.

I'm beyond happy that they are growing, and healthy, and smart, and pretty well behaved decent human beings.

But I'm sad.
I'm sad that these years are literally flying before my eyes.
I'm sad that after what seems like a few more blinks my baby will be 10. And then 15.
I'm sad that they don't need me as much as each day passes.

I love these kids something fierce!
And all I can do is pray that I'm raising them good enough.
AND be hopeful that they'll all move back to the farm after they finish college... and we can be neighbors forever.
That seems fair enough, right?

TODAY is Brody's 5th birthday!
This kid is something else...
He radiates joy. 
He loves to make people happy.
Usually this entails telling some seriously good and random jokes. 
He is incredibly thoughtful too. 
I mean, he is a thinker. An analyzer. 
Too smart for his own good sometimes. 
He will debate his point to the end.
No. Seriously. He HAS to have the last word.
Even if it is muffled under his breath.
He is a rule follower {for the most part}.
And he likes to boss around others to follow those rules.
He generally has to have things "just-so".. parks his toys very neatly, eats his cut up pancake in a very orderly fashion, can't touch his hair once it is gelled so he doesn't ruin it, etc.
He is a lover.
Especially with his baby brother Bennett. 
Now, if only he and Beckam could tone things down a notch and be more loving all of the time.
Thankfully they generally play well together.
Brody is a quick learner.
And he doesn't forget. Anything.
He could tell you, in detail, about some random event that happened when he was two.
It's wild.
Some things that he loves... family, cheese on any carbohydrate, screen time, helping people, working with his daddy and papa, surprises and babies... animals or humans.
Dislikes... getting his face wet, wearing clothes while he poos, and being sent to his room.
I can't truly express how much I love this boy, but he makes me a better person.
The past five years have been the best yet!
So, with that...peace out 4 year old, we've got a big FIVE year old now.


bennett | 2 months

As cliche as it might be, it seriously feels like Bennett was JUST born. This has, without a doubt, been the fastest two months of my life. 
Bennett is the best baby! He eats good. He sleeps good. He smiles easily. He is a dream. 

stats | Bennett is a hefty little dude. I don't have any official percentiles from the doctors office yet, but I can tell you that he is wearing 6 month clothes.

nicknames | The boys call him moochy. This was derived from the fact that he has smushy cheeks. It then turned into moochy and subsequently... oochy, noochy, boochy, and goochy.
For the record, I still call him Bennett. Or cheeks.

likes |  He's a big fan of boobs, for obvious reasons. He likes to be swaddled when he sleeps on his back, and prefers to take naps on his tummy. He likes to be held - I mean he is a seriously good snuggled. He likes looking at patterns, ceiling fans and abstract art. He is quickly becoming obsessed with his pacifier.

AND, I'm not sure how much he loves it, but I have been enjoying playing dress up with him. This adorable panda raglan shirt {by fancy frogz, found HERE}is one of my absolute favorites. It's super soft, stretchy, and obviously adorable. I have a lot of other items from there on my wishlist for him, like THESE fox leggings. I mean, what baby doesn't need these? Oh, by the way, this shop is having a little Valentine's Day from today until Sunday for 20% off all items using code VALENTINE20... you're welcome.

dislikes | Bennett loves his brothers, but he doesn't like his brothers getting all up in his grill... which is guaranteed to happen pretty much anytime during any day. So based off of that, I would say he dislikes really high pitched voices getting poked in the face.

milestones | He just started sleeping in his own room through the night. He had been taking naps in there daily, and now it's all night too. This of course means that I am also sleeping in his room... mostly by accident. I may be a tad sleep deprived and 90% of the time I fall asleep in the glider while nursing him. By the time I wake up to put him back in his crib, it's almost time for him to eat again.

He is also smiling so SO much. I think we've gotten a couple of giggles out of him too, but I can't be certain because it usually turns into a whine. Soon, very soon we will get him laughing!

We love our precious Bennett an absurd amount. And I seriously wish time would slow WAY down so we could enjoy these precious tiny baby moments a tad longer. Since that's not likely however, I am going to go now and squeeze him tight and smell his head and kiss those chubby cheeks a few hundred times.

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