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transitioning to THREE kids

I literally can't get enough of these boys.
I could just stare at them all day long, mesmerized by the fact that I made them!
I love finding their similarities and differences… not only in looks, but personalities.
This transition to three kids hasn't been the smoothest thing I've ever done, but it is certainly not because there is a lack of love and affection. Brody and Beckam absolutely adore Bennett.You wouldn't believe the amount of kisses that Bennett gets everyday… seriously hundreds. I'm talking multiple kisses in a row from both brothers at the same time ALL. DAY. LONG. I've even had to make a few house rules regarding kissing… only on his head {where there is hair}, not while he is nursing, and not while he is sleeping. You'd think that I was torturing these boys when trying to enforce the above rules.
These big brothers have been troopers through it all, and we are adapting to our new normal. 
This process might be a bit easier if the weather was a tad bit warmer and accommodating also, because these boys can't be cooped up in a small little farm house all day. 
Talk about stir crazy!
I, particularly, have been trying to figure out how to balance it all smoothly, with grace and patience. That is way easier said than done. 
I want my main focus to be being a good mom and wife - which in turn means that while they are awake I need to give them a lot of undivided attention. 
My goal is to do the chores/bookwork/blogging after the kids bedtime, put the phone down, let them make messes {and have them clean them up} and provide a lot of love for these crazy boys.
I can't wait to see what the future holds for us all.
I just hope it happens in super slow motion, because the past five years have kind of sped by.
Meanwhile, you can find us giving Bennett plenty of kisses, having random home photoshoots, running wild and breaking out into spontaneous dance parties.

ALSO, if you are on the fence about having a third kid, you should totally do it. It's worth it.


  1. What beautiful boys you have been blessed with! How wonderful to hear how you have set your priorities. God bless.

  2. Such beautiful, sweet pictures! We are having our first in two weeks--yikes! I actually want to have three when all is said and done, but right now I'm so scared of this first one I can't even imagine having more!

  3. Those pictures are just precious, and the kissing ones...so cute! Such a handsome group of boys!

  4. They are so handsome!!

  5. these are the cutest. how special to have these memories. Such handsome boys!

  6. Your children are gorgeous! I'm glad that the older 2 are transitioning well!

  7. beautiful pictures! looks like your heart and hands are completely full!

  8. I seriously love these pictures! They are all so handsome! And I'm glad you're adjusting! I love that he's getting so many kisses!


  9. Such precious pictures, can really see the bond forming between all three children!

  10. Seriously your boys are THE cutest!! I have a one year old son so I love following your blog!! There's just somethin' about little boys and their mamas <3
    ~ Renee (www.thechiway.weebly.com)

  11. so adorable. love your outlook on three kids!


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