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oh hey, friday | valentine's day necessities

I am officially THE worst at time management.
Yesterday Brody and Beckam spent the day at their Grandma's... I should have been extremely productive, or at least taken a nap. But, instead I mostly perused the inter webs.
I did find some super cute items that I want just in time for Valentine's Day though, and maybe you will like them too.
I should also mention that this isn't a sponsored post, just things I have found in my endless wasting of time. :)

1 | for the baby
Basically Bennett needs THESE.
And naturally a matching monochromatic blanket is necessary. I have been eying THIS blanket from my gal Olivia at LouLou Made.

2 | for the big boys
THESE tattoos are a must right?
And if they are embarrassed they can hide it under THESE shirts.

Conversation heart crayons? Yes please. You can find those HERE.
And I have to give then a Valentine's treat, so I better put them in an adorable bag like THIS one.

3 | for the farmer
He's way too cool to wear a shirt that says something like "my wife loves me" BUT, is he too cool to wear a shirt with a big O on it? No. He's not. We can totally publicly display our affection towards one another in THESE shirts. It's basically like one of those best friends necklaces. On a t-shirt. But way more modern.

In reality, he'd probably just be happy if the boys gave him a mug like THIS though.

4 | for myself
Generally, I don't love jewelry with hearts on it, but I am loving THIS ring.
I also have a soft spot in my heart for leather. And blush colors.

5 | for the house
I'm all about the decor. Planning parties is my jam... and even though we will not be throwing a party for Valentines day, why not spruce up the house for the holiday?
I'm thinking THIS banner, THESE straws and probably lots of homemade decor from my boys.

If I actually pulled through with all of this, my boys would think I was the coolest.
It is certainly not happening though. I'll settle for mediocre I guess and whip up some heart shaped pancakes instead.

AND, on that note, it's time to link up.

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Have a fabulous weekend friends!


  1. those tattoos for the boys-bahahaha so cute!

  2. I got a mug similar to that for my dad! It was designed different but the same saying on it. He loved it haha.

  3. Ohh I love those little baby bottoms!! We're expecting our first in just a few weeks, so of course we had to get a Valentine's onesie! Annddd that's about all we'll manage for Valentine's this year :)

  4. Such lovely finds in here. Thank you kindly for including our XO tees!

  5. Those tattoos are hilarious!! And those conversation heart crayons are cute but my two year old can't be trusted with crayons, ha!


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