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oh hey, friday | it's been awhile

Well well well.
Look who decided to make an appearance on this fine Friday!?
Let's just see if I can work this blogging thing back into my normal schedule, shall we?

Today, I will catch you guys up with my crazy life on the farm....

1 | Bennett
Today my sweet baby is one month old. Fastest month of my life.
If you missed it, I posted his birth story Monday. {You can check it out here.}

He is the sweetest little guy ever. EVER.
His favorite things to do currently are eat, sleep and snuggle.
I am certainly taking advantage of the baby snuggles.

He gets endless love from his brothers ALL day long, and we have to put some limits on their time to protect him from being smothered.

Also, 96% of the pictures on my phone over the last month are of him. Here are a few from this past week...
I am already getting sad about how fast he is growing. Cue the sobbing.

2 | Family Movie
Speaking of sobbing, I just finished our family 2015 iMovie.
Every year I put together pictures, videos and music to highlight our year. SO glad that I started this when Brody was a baby.
I'm pretty sure my hormones are playing a role in this, but I was a hot mess while watching this years video through.
I sure love my little family.

3 | Workout
This week I busted out the elliptical machine again. I have got to get this bod back in shape.
It felt good to finally have my fitbit vibrate to inform me that I reached my 10,000 step goal for the day, it'd been a couple of months. Ha.
It's a great way to veg out on tv, but burn a bunch of cals at the same time.
I am beyond excited for warm weather to hit us again, so I can take the boys out for walks too.

4 | Budget
You'd think that the winter would be super low key for farmers.
And, I have to say, it is... compared to summer. Especially when my farmer is able to take our big boys for extended amounts of time. {best farmer ever}
BUT, we spend an enormous amount of time working in the office.
I'm looking forward to a vacation.

5 | Family
Along with all of the above going on, I've got a hubby and some kids that need food. And attention.
Speaking of, what in the world do you mama's do to keep your kids entertained indoors without fighting with each other? I feel like I need to be prepping the night before making daily plans to keep them occupied. Can't they just play nicely with each other all day long... we have enough toys for an army of children.

I did find yesterday that giving them the bowl I made banana bread batter in was a great way to keep them occupied and super quiet for about 10 minutes.

There are two little boys who are going to have to adjust their little attitudes ASAP to keep this mama sane.

Clearly my number 1 in the oh hey, Friday is the only fun and interesting thing going on in my life currently. :)

And on that note, it's time for the link up.

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Have a fabulous weekend friends!

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  1. Hey there! That little guy is just too cute!! Question for you - what software do you use to do your yearly video? That is such a wonderful idea and I'd like to do it also.

  2. Aww your lil man is adorable! That's awesome that you do a yearly video! It must be full of wonderful things! Best wishes with your other goals!! I've been trying to budget too! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  3. He is so adorable! I love the yearly movie idea! I'll have to try to remember that when I get married/have kids someday.

  4. OH sweet baby, all these people in my life have newborns and makes me want another!

  5. aww hes too cute! So glad I came across your blog in the linkup! I can't wait to get to know you and your blogging journey better this year! Hope you'll stop by mine as well!

  6. Can't wait to see the 2015 movie. I'm sure it will be great. Bennett got himself right in under the wire there to get in the movie. Really glad to see all the pics of BZ in different moods and positions. For those of us who have to get to know him strictly through pictures, having a bunch of different ones is really helpful. Glad he's getting so much love from his brothers.

  7. Love all of these! Bennett is so handsome, and I love his little outfits! What a stylish little dude! Also, I definitely was like "really?!" when you said he's already a month old. Didn't you have him like last week? Man, time goes by fast!! And how sweet that his brothers love him so much!!


  8. Oh my goodness, Bennett is the sweetest little stud! You are making the last 3 months until I meet my boy torture! I think I need to invest in an elliptical or at least a treadmill after this baby gets here...I've been slacking hard for sure.

    Mariah @ Faith & Fashion

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