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bennett zane | a birth story

First and foremost, thank you all SO much for all of the love and congratulations on our precious little love. We are so over the moon in love with this handsome guy, and he is the perfect final addition to our little family.

So now, before I forget his entire birth, I figured I had to document it with lots of details and a massive photo dump {most of which were taken on my phone and not the best quality, sorry}...

Four weeks ago, on Monday December 7, I continued having contractions. They had started a couple of nights before, but were never super strong and went away after I went to bed. By Monday they became stronger and consistent… about every 5-6 minutes. Since we live an hour from the hospital, my doctor had told me that if they were 7 minutes apart to head in. I was with my farmer and our two big boys in town about 30 minutes from our house, so we decided to head home, grab our bags, and drop off the boys with the grandparents.

When we got to the hospital around noon, I was only dilated to 3cm. It was all a little deja vu from Beckam's birth. After a million questions, they told me to hoof it around the labor and delivery unit. So, we did. Lots of walking. We even measured off how many laps it would take to make a mile. #nerds
Contrations weren't terrible at this point, which made me think perhaps this was all a false alarm - especially because it was 11 days before his due date. It wasn't until I laid back in bed that the contractions were more consistent. And painful. Nothing quite like a contraction to give you a total pain filled out of body experience.

After monitoring me and the baby for a while, they were a little concerned about his heart rate. They had me move and lay in many different positions to get it to stabilize and have a good baseline. I was ready to get up and walk some more to get things moving, and they told me that I wasn't allowed… not until they could make sure his heart wasn't doing anything crazy. Turns out, I never did hoof it around the unit again.
That evening my doctor came to check on me. I was still nervous they'd send me home, but instead he decided to break my water! Clearly that meant I was staying. I had progressed more, and my contractions were every 2 to 3 minutes.

Just like with my first two labors, once the waters flowed, the contractions got WAY worse. I had thought I could try to go without an epidural this time around… but after about an hour of hard contractions, I had nothing to prove. And it was a good thing since my labor would go on for about 7 more hours. I knew the feeling all too well, and I didn't need to experience it again. I had a mixture of both back labor and "normal" abdominal contractions. I applaud any and all of you that do childbirth naturally. The epidural however, has always caused me to feel sick. I get super nauseous. Gross. Luckily the nurses are there and ready to hand you a little blue puke bag.
With the baby's heart rate occasionally being weird still {dropping quite a bit post contraction instead of mid contraction}, I had to get maneuvered into different positions to see if he approved more. In turn, this caused the epidural to go with gravity, causing those awesome contractions to be felt a little bit still.  I was still able to relax however, which was good since by now it was night time. My farmer was even able to rest on a super little pop up air mattress couch.
By about 11 pm my doctor came back to check on me. We all had thought this baby was going to be born on the 7th, and things weren't progressing as much as we all had hoped. Since the epidural, the contractions had spread out more and were around 5 minutes apart. At this point we opted to add a little pitocin to my IV to get things going a little quicker. Every 30-45 minutes the nurse came in and upped the dose a bit more until the contractions were back at 2 minutes apart. My epidural wasn't quite as strong and I could feel when a contraction would hit. Apparently there was one side of my cervix that wasn't thinning like the rest, so my nurse put me in the strangest position yet… laying on my left side with my right leg up in the left stirrup. Baby didn't love this position though so after about 15 minutes, that ended… it must have done something to the cervix though, because soon I knew that it was time.

My nurse came in, and I told her that I felt like I was ready to push. She checked me, and sure enough, it was time. At this point, my farmer was sleeping soundly on the couch, and my doctor was sleeping soundly in an on call room. Within about a minute, the room went from dark and relaxed to bright and full of commotion. As soon as my doctor walked in, I told him that I thought the baby was coming out. He said, "well, he might be." Luckily he wasn't. It was like a mad dash around the room, to get every thing ready. I resisted the urge to push, and soon everyone was ready.

Two sets of pushes later… our precious boy was born at 4:17 am.
AND promptly after he was laid on my chest, my farmer had laid himself down on the ground… just like he did during Brody's birth. Since it was just the two of us, this meant for the babies first chunk of his life, there are zero pictures, which is totally unlike me. Farmer doesn't do well with blood, and he knows when to lay down to avoid passing out. Since he was taking a bit of a breather, my doctor asked me if I'd like to cut to umbilical cord. Ryan had done it every other time, so I accepted. A fun little experience, with, what I remember as, super fancy gold scissors.

I still can't get over the fact that we went from sleeping/relaxing to having a baby 15 minutes later. It all happened so fast… finally. :)

Our little guy had a little trouble breathing at first, but after we let him cry for a few minutes, it got better minus a little bit of raspy breathing.

Next up, the weight. This guy, 10 days yearly at this point, weighed in at 9 lbs 2 oz! I know I kept you all informed throughout the pregnancy that he was measuring ahead, and sure enough, he was. Such a big guy in fact that they were concerned about his blood sugar level. They told me to nurse him right away, and they they'd check his levels. It was way too low, so we had to supplement with some formula to bring it up. For the next 12 hours we had to check his blood sugar every time before he ate… which involved way too many pokes to his precious little feet. It finally stabilized, and he is doing just fine still.
We sat in the room for a few hours staring at our precious boy, taking pictures, and discussing what in the world his name would be. We went back and forth on a few, and suddenly agreed on Bennett… a name that I had liked for a while, but my farmer wasn't sold on because we live near a mountain named "Bennett Mountain." Clearly he became okay with it, and now he will just grow up thinking that he has his own mountain. {It wasn't until the next day, literally right before we were discharged, that we choose his middle name, Zane.} Bennett Zane.
We eventually got moved down to the postpartum unit and funny enough, into the same room that we had with both of our other boys after delivery.
Now, even though this really isn't typically a part of a "birth" story, it is a part of this story. Eight hours after Bennett was born, I had a tubal. We knew that three kids was the perfect number for us. And we were done having babies. They wheeled me off, gave me general anesthesia, cut open my belly button, and did the surgery in about 15 minutes. My post-op recovery was longer than the surgery itself. I told them that I needed just a little nap… more tired from being up all night in labor than anything else.
After I got back to our hospital room, Bennett had done his hearing test and gotten a bath. I then had about 30 minutes before my in-laws were bringing the big brothers by to meet the newest addition. I got up and got dressed to look somewhat presentable for the inevitable pictures that were about to be taken.

The boys came to the hospital, each of them holding up a picture of Bennett that my mother-in-law had printed out. They were asking the nurses if they'd seen their baby brother, and where they could find him. Needless to say, the nurses fell in love with them and then led them to our room.
Brody was ecstatic to meet Bennett and wanted to hold him right away, while Beckam was definitely a little bit more apprehensive. Bennett had "bought" them each a toy {thanks to my farmer} though, so they happily opened those, and then proceeded to play for the remainder of their stay. Beckam did give Bennett a pat on the head and said "thanks"… baby steps.
Another big group of family came at the same time, and I think it's safe to say I overdid it a little bit. Picking up 2 and 4 year olds probably isn't the best post surgery activity. Towards the end of everyone's visit, I noticed my shirt was wet around my belly button. It was blood. A little too much activity for an hour after surgery probably. Oops.

It was so nice to have more friends trickle in throughout the day, and hold our new sweet boy.

The next day consisted of our celebration meal, a massage, some good ol' selfless...

some in hospital newborn pics…
and discharge paper work. Not a bad day if I do say so myself. My husband also snagged our two older boys and made a trip to Costco to stock up on food… and paper goods {don't underestimate the gloriousness of paper plates, bowls and cups postpartum!}

Soon it was time to go home and start out living life as a family of 5. So far, so good!

A couple of side notes…

1. Having a tubal right after giving birth may not have been the best idea ever. Staring at the most amazing miracle ever, and knowing that you just took away your bodies ability to make more, all while going through major hormonal changes… it's all a bit crazy. Postpartum in general is all a little crazy. Mind you… we truly don't want more children. We have been so blessed with our three boys. The hormones have tamed down a bit, and I am truly glad that I did it.

2. My doctor. You guys… seriously the best ever! He wasn't even on call the night that Bennett was born, yet kept checking in on me, and slept there until he was born. AND he had the following day off since his son was in town, and still came in to do my tubal. Being family friends with your doc has it's perks. I was so grateful for him being available during this final pregnancy of mine!

Bennett has been the best little baby, who is beyond adored by everyone, especially his big brothers.
We see some definite resemblance between them all, like the one sided dimple they all have. They are the cutest bunch of brothers I've ever seen!
Time will tell, but I'm calling blue eyes for Bennett, just like daddy. Brody has brown, Beckam's are hazel. I still think that my very very straight hair genes are powering over my husbands curly hair gene though.
Speaking of hair, Bennett has the best cowlicks you've ever seen! My favorite of which is right up front. A precious little swoosh. He has permanently parted hair for life… I think. :)
He is eating and growing great, and Mr. 97th percentile. Luckily, after over a week of battling with jaundice, that cleared up… and we are done with the foot pokes! He still has a tad bit of yellow in the whites of his eyes, but it is almost gone! Woot woot!
And there you have it! Birth number three in the books.

If you have any questions, just holler!


  1. omg. that picture of your three sweet boys together on the bed..making my ovaries cry for another sweet babe. seriously the cutest. Have been waiting to hear this story-so many congratulations to you guys on your new sweetest addition and completing your perfect family! Hope you're feeling great and loving your time as a new family of 5 :)

  2. oh mercy. i love him. can't wait for tuesday!!!

  3. Congratulations, momma! I have to ask - where did you get that black and white swaddle blanket? I think I need to have one as well! :)

  4. Great story, Farmer's Wife. Glad you finally found a spare minute to write it down. My only regret is that you didn't catch a picture of yourself on your left side with your right leg suspended in a stirrup. Sounds a trifle awkward, to say the least. Can't wait to follow the adventures of BZ.

  5. Congrats on your newest bundle of joy! Can't wait to read along the journey of your perfect family........that last squishy photo is The Best!

  6. He is beautiful! My nephew is Bennett Thomas so I must say I am fond of the name. Y'all all look great! When y'all were picking a name did it have to be a B name or did y'all just really want it to start with a B? Enjoy that sweet baby boy!

  7. oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Every single picture makes me so excited for our little guy to get here. Cue the ugly tears! Congrats girl!

  8. Congratulations! These pictures are all so beautiful! I'm glad that everything went well and that he's doing good and I'm just so glad he's here! Congratulations!!


  9. HE is the cutest!! Congratulations! So happy for your sweet family! :)

  10. I'd love some follow up to your tubal in a few months. I had a partial tubal in July due to repeated ectopic pregnancies and I've had some major changes.

  11. He is just perfect, and you look amazing right after giving birth! Congratulations and Happy New Year as a new family of 5.

  12. Congratulations, he is beautiful just like your other boys! I love reading birth stories so thanks for sharing yours!

  13. I love all of the photos but especially the one of the three boys together--so stinkin cute!


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