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baby bear rocking some new thigh rolls + his stalkers

It's safe to say that I am addicted to taking pictures of my children.
AND when they are tiny and can't run away from you... even better.
Surprisingly, my older boys have started to ask to be in the pictures with Bennett. 
I'm pretty sure they are just looking for an excuse to be all up in his grill. 
But... whatever. If I can snag some good shots of the three of them in under five minutes, without using bribery, it's a major win.
So, excuse me while I photo dump some recent shots of my heart and soul with you.
Can I just end this by saying that there is truly something special about holding a little baby.
I literally get those giddy butterfly feelings when I'm holding him, or being a super stalker mom and staring at him while he sleeps.
I'm sure going to miss these tiny baby days. They are going by all too fast.


  1. Bring on the photos. So many good ones here! Babies are awesome. But grown-up kids are awesome too, don't forget. Aw heck, life is awesome, let's face it. There's lots to look forward to.

  2. There can never be too many pictures, love it!

  3. These pictures are so gorgeous!!

  4. I agree there can never be too many pictures!! Your boys are adorable!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  5. So sweet! And those chubby little legs are just too much!

  6. The plaid onsie is so adorable!


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