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oh hey, friday | we are on vacation

Thursday morning we escaped the farm to one of our favorite small towns.
The small town where my farmer and I actually met. And fell in love. And got married.
Good ol' Walla Walla.

I am pretty much ecstatic to spend 5 days here visiting family, friends and old stomping grounds.

SO... since I'm on vacation and all, I am obviously going to avoid a big blog post.
Instead I will give you FIVE recent pictures of my littlest precious babe.
You're welcome.

ALSO, you can count on me blowing up my instagram during our little vacation.
If you'd like to follow along, just click HERE.

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Have a fabulous weekend friends!


living with your child's allergies

As many of you may or may not know, Beckam has a couple of severe food allergies.
He is extremely allergic to both eggs and peanuts.
Like anaphylactic.
We carry epi-pens and benadryl literally everywhere we go.
Luckily we have never had to bust out the epi-pens - mostly because I am the most paranoid helicopter mom when it comes to food being around him.
We became aware of this when he was only about 8 months old.
And luckily we were out of state and weren't at home... because we live an hour away from a decent hospital.
We were visiting my farmer's aunt, and she had made a delicious baked stew.
Beckam had been introduced to most all of the foods in the stew already and shown no problems at all with anything.
There was a fake meat product in it (containing egg whites and soy), but I decided to blend it all up and figured he would be fine.

I had him sitting on my lap, facing away from me toward the table.
After he had a couple of bites, he refused to eat anymore.
My farmer's aunt snagged him so I could eat, and as I looked up at him I immediately noticed that his lips were quite swollen.
I knew immediately that it was an allergic reaction.
He was still breathing fine, but it was obvious that his tongue was a little swollen also.
We made a phone call to our friends pediatricians after hours nurse, and she told us to head straight to the ER, which was just about 2 miles away (score!).

Looking back on it, the ER visit probably wasn't necessary, but it made me feel more comfortable.
His airways were never blocked, and I have to assume this is because he didn't actually eat much.
I'm not sure if it itched his mouth or what... but if he had consumed more, it could have been much worse.
I originally thought that he was allergic to soy.
And was honestly shocked when we got his blood test back and it was eggs instead.
Peanuts... yea. Pretty typical, and I wasn't too shocked even though no one in both of our families has any food allergies.
It is fairly easy to identify a food with peanuts in it.
And easy to use almond butter as a replacement.
Not too bad.

But eggs... the worst allergy ever!
I mean, everything has eggs in it.
Most all baked goods are a for sure no-no.
Mayonaise, and everything that has mayo in it (lots) - eggs!
Ranch dressing - eggs!
Some totally random foods that you would think are ok - eggs!
Moral of the story - all foods have eggs in it. Or at least that is how it seems when you are eating out.

Monday I took him back to the allergist to get him retested.
I was hopeful that we could at least start introducing Beckam to baked eggs, since that allergy is more common that they grow out of.
Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.
He is still very allergic to eggs and peanuts both.
The swelling around the egg prick was a couple of mm larger than the peanut prick even.
So... here we are.
Living with allergies.
Toting around epi-pens.
Praying like crazy that he doesn't pick up and eat a random cupcake left behind by some kid at a birthday party.
I have learned how to bake quite successfully without eggs. You can check out my post HERE to see my most frequently used egg replacer.

If you have any allergy related questions, don't hesitate to ask. I am kind of learning as we go, but am feeling much more knowledgable.


baby bear rocking some new thigh rolls + his stalkers

It's safe to say that I am addicted to taking pictures of my children.
AND when they are tiny and can't run away from you... even better.
Surprisingly, my older boys have started to ask to be in the pictures with Bennett. 
I'm pretty sure they are just looking for an excuse to be all up in his grill. 
But... whatever. If I can snag some good shots of the three of them in under five minutes, without using bribery, it's a major win.
So, excuse me while I photo dump some recent shots of my heart and soul with you.
Can I just end this by saying that there is truly something special about holding a little baby.
I literally get those giddy butterfly feelings when I'm holding him, or being a super stalker mom and staring at him while he sleeps.
I'm sure going to miss these tiny baby days. They are going by all too fast.


oh hey, friday | valentine's day necessities

I am officially THE worst at time management.
Yesterday Brody and Beckam spent the day at their Grandma's... I should have been extremely productive, or at least taken a nap. But, instead I mostly perused the inter webs.
I did find some super cute items that I want just in time for Valentine's Day though, and maybe you will like them too.
I should also mention that this isn't a sponsored post, just things I have found in my endless wasting of time. :)

1 | for the baby
Basically Bennett needs THESE.
And naturally a matching monochromatic blanket is necessary. I have been eying THIS blanket from my gal Olivia at LouLou Made.

2 | for the big boys
THESE tattoos are a must right?
And if they are embarrassed they can hide it under THESE shirts.

Conversation heart crayons? Yes please. You can find those HERE.
And I have to give then a Valentine's treat, so I better put them in an adorable bag like THIS one.

3 | for the farmer
He's way too cool to wear a shirt that says something like "my wife loves me" BUT, is he too cool to wear a shirt with a big O on it? No. He's not. We can totally publicly display our affection towards one another in THESE shirts. It's basically like one of those best friends necklaces. On a t-shirt. But way more modern.

In reality, he'd probably just be happy if the boys gave him a mug like THIS though.

4 | for myself
Generally, I don't love jewelry with hearts on it, but I am loving THIS ring.
I also have a soft spot in my heart for leather. And blush colors.

5 | for the house
I'm all about the decor. Planning parties is my jam... and even though we will not be throwing a party for Valentines day, why not spruce up the house for the holiday?
I'm thinking THIS banner, THESE straws and probably lots of homemade decor from my boys.

If I actually pulled through with all of this, my boys would think I was the coolest.
It is certainly not happening though. I'll settle for mediocre I guess and whip up some heart shaped pancakes instead.

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Have a fabulous weekend friends!


transitioning to THREE kids

I literally can't get enough of these boys.
I could just stare at them all day long, mesmerized by the fact that I made them!
I love finding their similarities and differences… not only in looks, but personalities.
This transition to three kids hasn't been the smoothest thing I've ever done, but it is certainly not because there is a lack of love and affection. Brody and Beckam absolutely adore Bennett.You wouldn't believe the amount of kisses that Bennett gets everyday… seriously hundreds. I'm talking multiple kisses in a row from both brothers at the same time ALL. DAY. LONG. I've even had to make a few house rules regarding kissing… only on his head {where there is hair}, not while he is nursing, and not while he is sleeping. You'd think that I was torturing these boys when trying to enforce the above rules.
These big brothers have been troopers through it all, and we are adapting to our new normal. 
This process might be a bit easier if the weather was a tad bit warmer and accommodating also, because these boys can't be cooped up in a small little farm house all day. 
Talk about stir crazy!
I, particularly, have been trying to figure out how to balance it all smoothly, with grace and patience. That is way easier said than done. 
I want my main focus to be being a good mom and wife - which in turn means that while they are awake I need to give them a lot of undivided attention. 
My goal is to do the chores/bookwork/blogging after the kids bedtime, put the phone down, let them make messes {and have them clean them up} and provide a lot of love for these crazy boys.
I can't wait to see what the future holds for us all.
I just hope it happens in super slow motion, because the past five years have kind of sped by.
Meanwhile, you can find us giving Bennett plenty of kisses, having random home photoshoots, running wild and breaking out into spontaneous dance parties.

ALSO, if you are on the fence about having a third kid, you should totally do it. It's worth it.


carpool karaoke | a promising way to get you laughing

This post coming atcha from my new iMac. Woot woot.
I'm currently sitting here listening to some new Justin Bieber. What has happened to me? I put partial blame on carpool karaoke. Please tell me you have watched these!!?
If not, you MUST. Especially since it is a holiday and all.
I woke up sick last week, and while the big boys were over at grandmas I spent at least a solid hour watching every. single. one.
Honestly, I didn't even know who James Corden was before these. And now I might be slightly obsessed with him.
This most recent one from Adele is one of my favorites:

And just for easy access, here you can find others with... Stevie Wonder, One Direction, Justin Bieber 1, Justin Bieber 2, Carrie Underwood, Iggy Azalea, Mariah Carey, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson and Rod Stewart.

Enjoy! :)


oh, hey friday | i need some good reading material

So... I got the bright idea yesterday evening (of all times) to transfer all of the files from my old computer to my new one.
Good news: I got a new iMac from my farmer for Christmas, and I can't tell you how excited I am. It was definitely time for an update.
Bad news: apparently it takes 20+ hours to transfer 7 years worth of files, especially using super slow internet. Oops.

On that note, I'm pecking out this post on an iPad which totally sucks. AND I'm totally bowing out on a full oh, hey Friday post.

For all of you with a full keyboard though, let's give me some good reading material, eh?

And on that note, it's time for the link up.

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Have a fabulous weekend friends!


newborn/family photoshoot

On Bennett's due date we loaded up the gang and drove to the big city to get some pictures taken of our family with it's newest family member. Stephanie Mballo didn't disappoint! I just got the pictures back and HAD to share some of my favorites with you all...
Aren't they great!? I need to frame some ASAP, but am having a hard time narrowing it down. What are your favorites?

I sure do love all of my guys. I am one blessed gal.

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