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oh hey, friday | snow + biopsy + big heads

Can you believe Christmas is just over a week away!?
I can't. 
I was all amped up to do Bennett's party, and now that it's over... I'm kinda on party/holiday sabbatical. 
And instead I'm spending a crazy amount of hours in the farm office. 
Most wonderful time of the year, right!?
I think I'm going to Amazon Prime some xmas gifts over, and call it a win!

But first... oh hey, friday!

1 | snow
We have been getting lots of glorious snow here on the farm!
Our boys LOVE it.
Brody is particularly fond of it however.
Ryan taught him how to do "cookies" in the snow/ice on his 4-wheeler. 
Thank goodness we live on a farm and there is plenty of open space to practice his tricks. 
You should've seen how proud he was! 
Meanwhile, I was busy freaking out of course. 

2 | biopsy
Guess who got their face cut up!?
Me. That would be me.
I headed to the dermatologist today and got a biopsy taken of a spot on my face. 
And then got to sport this fancy bandaid for the rest of the day on a date with my hubby.
Let's just hope the results come back as a-ok! :)

3 | walker
We officially have a walking boy on our hands. 
Bennett has been taking steps for a little while, but he is getting his confidence up and walking more and more. 
If you don't follow me on Instagram, you should.
Go HERE to see the cute video of my walker. 

4 | Bennett
Speaking of Bennett... he just had his 1 year doctors checkup.
He is still 80th percentile for weight, 90th percentile for height, and 95th percentile for head size. 
You'd think he would have at least ONE roll on his body with those stats!
Lean, mean, big headed one year old here. 

5 | christmas trip
We are headed out of town in a few days for about a week. 
Walla Walla here we come! 
Love taking little road trips with my guys.

What are you all doing for Christmas!?
AND, I love hearing about peoples traditions. Do you have any!?

I think we will skip Oh hey, Friday for the next 2 weeks, SO have yourselves a Merry little Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Enjoy your time with family making memories. 
Can't wait to read about all of your fun when we come back on January 6th!

NOW, go ahead and link up below, then grab the html from this fancy button, and put it on your post. :)

Have a great holiday friends.


from the farm | our christmas card with minted

There are lots of things that I LOVE about this time of year.
But one of my very favorites is getting Christmas cards in the mail.
Snail mail is a lost art.
It's like finding a gem amongst a heap of bills.

Not only do I like receiving Christmas cards, I like to make them.
And it's a super good excuse to get pictures taken that actually have ME in them.

I headed to Minted to peruse their beautiful designs, and I came across one that was perfect for us!
I've heard it from multiple family members, that they want to be able to frame the pictures of us.
So I found a card that they could. 
And although I definitely miss all of that glorious gold foil, I think it is perfect!
And, I don't have to go out and print multiple copies of the same picture. 
Win. WIn. 
Since I went simple on the front of the card, I jazzed up the back.
There was a layout already set up, and I just input all of our info and years happenings.
Since many family and friends live a ways away from the farm, now they can kinda keep up with what's going on in our life.
Although, really... they should just be reading my blog, right?
AND, a major reason I will never ever leave Minted, is because they have all of my addresses neatly organized.
They also print these addresses on every envelope for FREE.
My calligraphy is very subpar, so I love this!
And there you have it!
A Christmas card from the farm!
If you still haven't done your Christmas cards, it's not too late.
You can get your cards by THIS Friday with free rush shipping - just use the code SHIPNOW.
OR, if you aren't in a hurry you can get 15% off your order using code WINTER16.

So, go snag some cards at Minted!
Join the lost art of snail mail.
Your family and friends will appreciate it, and you won't regret it. :)


oh hey, friday | a first birthday

Bennett's first birthday was yesterday, and I wrote up his last monthly blog post.
If you didn't read it, you can find it HERE.

We had a super fun day, that I will elaborate on in this post.
Also, be prepared for at least one more birthday post for Bennett.
His big party is on Sunday, so there will be lots of other pictures coming atcha!

1 | Bennett's birthday started off with me perusing through old pictures in the wee hours of the morning.
I watched his birth video, and looked and endless pictures of his smooshy face and sat in awe of his nose roll.
I was also reminded of what my pregnant self looked like, and missed being pregnant for like a hot second.

2 | Beckam and I were the first ones awake, so we proceeded to blow up a bunch of balloons.
We woke up Brody and Ryan and then went and got the birthday boy together and filled his crib with balloons.
He was confused. :)
But he was also very happy.

3 | Birthday breakfasts around these parts consist of pancakes covered in fruit and a candle.
Bennett really could care less about the candle, and only wanted to eat the bananas. 

4 | We were wanted to go to the zoo, however it didn't seem like the zoo in 25 degree weather would be all that fun.
Thank goodness for my farmer, because he came up with a way better plan!
Bennett LOVES water, so we headed to some hot springs not too far from the farm.
He also apparently really loves to eat snow out of the air, so he was a very happy one year old.
If you have never gone to a hot springs in the snow, your life isn't complete. 
It was so fun, and the boys played hard for a couple of hours.
Bennett also drank a crap ton of water. 

5 | We came home in time to whip up some dinner and chow down with special guests Grandma and Papa.
I had made some sugar free/dairy free cupcakes the night before, and then made some full of sugar/dairy frosting to go on top.
I don't know.
BUT, they were delicious.
Not like Bennett would know though...
No clue what pissed him off, but after a few minutes of watching everyone else eating the cupcakes, he gave it a try.
And he never turned back.
We had a fun filled day with our birthday boy, and I can't believe that my baby is a ONE year old!!

And now, I am going to try to ignore that fact while planning for the next big shindig.

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Have a great weekend friends.


bennett | ONE year old

AND... in what seemed like a month, my newborn became a one year old.
The most sweet, stubborn, spunky and screechy one year old there ever was. :)
Bennett has a whole lot of personality, and he makes us laugh everyday. 
He also makes himself laugh everyday, which I think is a very good trait. 
He thinks that copying someone is the best.
And making animal noises might be the funniest thing in the world.
I'm pretty sure that dancing, with a little bit of singing, is his best talent currently. 
He has a fierce head shake.
It is definitely going to be bringing all the girls to the yard. 
My littlest friend is still not walking, and I'm pretty much shocked.
He is taking lots and lots of steps though.
So any day now he will be teetering through our house getting injured on just about everything.
Or, maybe not.
I mean, he has really mastered his speed crawl.
Head down. Crawl fast. It is quite impressive.
I'm anxious for him to start talking and stop screeching.
So, so loud!
At least it is really easy to know when Beckam is either: a. smothering him or b. stealing a toy/food from him.
Dead giveaway.
He is talking some though... mama, dada, bubba, up, no (nah), wawa and mmmmm... which is a very important "word" to describe how delicious your food is.

Speaking of food, Bennett likes to eat.
And drink for that matter.
He is a big fan of fruits and vegetables luckily.
He also loves cheese and yogurt.
And will also eat anything else that I feed him... for now.
Also, every time he sees his cup he acts like he hasn't had a drink in days. Water boy!

likes |
He likes to always be with someone... I think this is what happens being the youngest? He is just so used to people constantly being around. Brody and Beckam both like to play independently but not Bennett. Maybe in time.

Playing in the water! Bath time is one of his favorite times.

Going places... usually with daddy because there are always fun adventures.

Shoving things in his mouth - particularly rocks, if we are outside.

Pulling down objects from high places.

dislikes |
Getting buckled into his carseat... once he is in, he's fine, but the buckling part is NOT fun. He is a professional at the arched back.

Having his picture taken... he is a good sport, but he definitely doesn't like it.

milestones |
First steps!! That is definitely the biggest. He is just so cute to watch as he tries to get from one thing to another... a look of determination. And then the best laugh when he makes it.

First big road trip to CA for Thanksgiving.

Back on track with sleeping a solid 12+ hours a night.

He is still a big boy! Getting actual stats next Wednesday, but he is a tall guy!

And now for the monthly growth milestones...
These monthly pictures have been so fun, but I'm not sad they are over. I REALLY have had to work to get these last few months.
It is amazing to see how much, and how fast, they grow.

Bennett Zane, you are one LOVED little boy!
Let's take year 2 at a slower pace, mmmmk?


oh hey, friday | just being a momager

After a week away on vacation in California over Thanksgiving (which was probably one of my very favorite vacations ever, by the way) I came home to SO many goodies for the boys.
Naturally, instead of unpacking on our first day home, we got busy with pictures instead.
I have more to take still, but these are the five that we conquered so far...


hand knitted sweater + buffalo plaid pants: collab happening at periwinkle jazz soon




I am loving the happiness and holiday vibes around here!
We even have a new holiday oh hey, friday button for you all today!!

SO go ahead and link up below, then grab the html from this fancy button, and put it on your post. :)

More on that super fab vacation of mine coming soon.
Along with a new possible hobby of making and decorating sugar cookies.
AND Bennett's got a birthday coming up so most likely a million pictures of him coming atcha!

Have a great weekend friends.


oh hey, friday | i cut my hair + and more exciting things

Things are getting cray cray up in here.
And I don't every say cray cray.
A few brief tidbits about my week...

1 | giveaway
Did you guys see the giveaway going on right now?
$50 to PinkBlush.
You can read about it HERE.
But free things are always a plus.
And this dress is awesome.

2 | hair
I went and chopped my hair short again.
It was getting to that awkward stage where you either decide to grow it out, or chop it off.
I clearly went with chop.
All I have to share with you is this awesome selfie in my car.

3 | beets
Today is the day that we have all been waiting for.
We are going to finish digging sugar beets.
And by we, I obviously don't mean me.
My farmer has been working so SO hard, and I am glad that he won't have the stress of that hanging over him.
The boys, on the other hand, are going to be so sad that beets are finished.
BUT, now it's time for corn to be combined.

4 | christmas
I know that it isn't even Thanksgiving, but I put up a crapload of Christmas lights this week.
It is getting colder by the day, and my farmer has been so busy, so I decided to conquer it solo.
Well... solo with a couple of miniature helpers.
Only one of which is really any help at all.
It is looking quite festive here though, and I LOVE IT!

5 | vacation
We are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning and driving to California for a week of fun with family and friends.
I'll try to keep up with Instagram.
But, you can guarantee I won't be blogging.
And neither should you.
Oh hey, Friday is off for next week, so we will see you back in two weeks!

You can still link up this week though!

Grab that HTML and go put it on your blog.

Have a great Thanksgiving friends!
If you are reading this, I am thankful for YOU! :)


what to wear for family pictures + GIVEAWAY

As many of you might know, I was struggling to find the perfect outfit for our family photos.
The struggle is real. Always.
Being the only girl in my bunch, I want to be able to look pretty, yet be comfortable enough to frolic with the boys.
I tried on so many outfits.
I purchased and returned so many items.
And then, it happened, I found the perfect dress.
And I am going to share the goodness with you all today because you deserve to not have to work as hard as I did to find it.
This beaut came from PinkBlush.
I was familiar with this company when I was pregnant, and had purchased some maternity clothes from them.
And was pleasantly surprised to see they have a whole woman's line in addition to their maternity line.
This dress really fit the bill for me.
Not too tight - hide the tummy flab. Check.
Classic design that I can wear many more times. Check.
Able to dress up or down easily. Check.
Show off a little leg, which is probably my best feature as of late. Check.
Can we talk about the hem on the bottom some more?
I am not a fan of high-low hems, but low-high-low hems?
Count me in.
It added just the right touch of "cool" to this and is actually what sold me on it. 
And I think I was able to pull off the whole, "match your family for pictures but not matchy-match."
Ya know?
What do you guys think? Love? Hate?
Did you get family pictures taken yet?
If not, DO IT! You will never regret it. Promise.
Still adore all of ours from Stephanie Mballo.
To make a long story longer, I love this dress, and think you should have one for yourself.
SO, how about a $50 gift card to PinkBlush?!
Entering is going to be SUPER duper easy, because that's all anyone has got time for, right?
Head to my IG page to enter: HERE, or just do it below. :) 

GO, go, GO!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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