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here is what should be on your child's xmas list

Now that it's November, we should really start talking about Christmas, right?
Maybe it's the fact that I am going to be birthing a child in just over a month, but I am feeling very ready to get this holiday season started. 
So much so in fact that the boys are getting a little spoiled with an early gift or two here and there.
They loved this one so much, that I knew I needed to share it with all of you momma's so you could add it onto your Christmas shopping list for your little ones.
It's called the Gear Force Mega Scoop Tractor to be specific.
John Deere toys in general are always a win around here!
This one was perfect for my two boys to share though… ONE toy + TWO boys = perfection.
And when one child gets it all to himself, he's pretty ecstatic too… especially since those two buckets can connect and make one big one.

Here is how this gift giving took place…
 Look at those faces!! 
They were SO excited.
After we got it all unpacked they wasted no time and got right to work .
 {Brody is filling it up with fuel while digging here, as Beckam is digging while pressing all of the awesome sound buttons at once.}

 This toy has been a favorite ever since they got it.
It literally gets hauled everywhere we go… the corn maze being a favorite place to take it.
Brody likes to pretend that when the buckets are spread out wide, they are wings too. So not only can it dig around here, it can fly too. :)
Beckam, our little animal lover, is usually happy to play with the cute little dog and farmer that came along with it while Brody uses that wild imagination of his.
SO, what I'm saying is, this is a perfect gift to give your kid.
You can get yours here…. at Toys R Us or the John Deere Dealer.

Have a great week friends!


  1. Cuuute! My son would love this! He has a few little tractors, but nothing like this! And he loves seeing farm equipment and construction trucks, so this would be perfect!


  2. seeing toys like that make me lust over having a baby boy! fingers crossed the next one pops out as a boy one day ;)


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