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and THIS is why i blog

There are a lot of things that I like about blogging.
BUT last night I figured out the real reason I blog.

Let me explain…
I've been creating the yearly iMovie of our year that I make as Christmas presents for family.
After inserting all of the pictures from my big fancy camera and only having 5 minutes of footage, I had to download the pics onto my computer from my iPhone.
We are talking 7,000+ photos.
Every memory from my year basically.
At first I only downloaded about 500 at a time, but that was taking forever.
SO, I decided to attempt and do them all at once.
They downloaded successfully apparently, and then I chose to "delete" the pictures off of my phone. 
During this process iPhoto unexpectedly shut down.
And, wouldn't you know it, with my luck that meant that the pictures somehow DIDN'T download onto iPhoto, but they DID start deleting from my phone.
After cursing at my computer, googling ways to fix it, trying to find the pictures via iCloud or iTunes backup, I came to the realization that they were, in fact, gone.
ONE whole month worth of photos.
And I take a lot of photos.

This month included my trip down to California for my friends baby shower AND our big live Bachelor finale appearance. 

Now, the reason I blog…
Being the good blogger that I am, I posted about these fine events, with pictures.
I certainly don't have all of the pictures from this month, but I am thrilled to at least have some.

So, this post is dedicated to these pictures that would have been lost forever if I didn't blog:

And remember, don't have iPhoto delete your pictures.
Just do it manually.
Trust me.


  1. So glad that all wasn't lost. Still super annoying tho!!!

  2. ah so glad you were able to save some of the pics! this is one of the biggest reasons i started my blogging journey-to keep my memories & pictures saved somewhere other than one of devices where i could easily lose it! thank goodness for your little piece of internet!

  3. Oh goodness! That's so scary! Thank goodness for the need to blog about every little thing! :))

  4. ugh. i had a similar situation happen, except it was my computer that crashed, into a deep dark screen of nothingness. all those photos. gone. luckily for me, many were on my blog or instagram.

  5. That's like a worst nightmare type situation. Pictures are precious things. Whenever anyone gives you a hard time about blogging and pictures you can use this situation now to your advantage.It's definitely a silver lining.

  6. Aww you poor thing! Just a gut wrenching feeling. Grrrr.


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