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36 weeks | ready or not

After having my doctors appointment this week {which is now a weekly occurrence}, I realized that this little babe is coming, and maybe sooner than I was expecting.
I have been thinking that this pregnancy was taking forever to go by, and now, all of the sudden, it feels like I have no time at all before he is actually here.

I am dilated to 2 cm {tmi?} and for me, that seems to be quite a bit considering I got to the hospital to have Beckam at 3… and Brody was induced. This really means absolutely nothing, except my doctor did say it is very unlikely I will go past my due date, and he will most likely be a bit early. Or not. Maybe the Turkey Trot that I will be doing in one week will help. :)

And, you guys, I still have to get my shiz together!
I haven't packed a hospital bag, and have forgotten what I even packed the last two times I went through these steps. Any must have recommendations?

Also, after getting rid of ALL of our baby stuff since we thought we were done, I am having to remember everything that is necessary for a newborn. Like… oh a carseat!!
I did purchase diapers and a baby bath this week, and his dresser is full of clothes, so I guess we will be set.

I can't help but want to buy this little guy a new outfit to wear home from the hospital too. Even though he will be able to wear it a total of two and half times. I am thinking THESE pants, THIS shirt, THIS hat and if I were rich… THIS sweatshirt is sure cute.
Ooh, or. THIS cozy little number.
Clearly I shouldn't have started online shopping.

Now, all of this to say... who knows how regular my blogging will be in the upcoming weeks.
It may be holiday related and the fact that we will have cousins visiting for the next week + OR maybe I will be birthing a kid. Who knows.

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  1. Buy a Rock-N-Play! As for the hospital, slippers, comfy pajama pants and a short robe! At least, those were the two things I couldn't live without when I had our son. :)

  2. Haha or ya know, just birthing a kid. Not a big deal ;) Can't believe it's time! Hospital bag necessities are getting me too. I can't remember what I packed with Raegan, but I do rememberi it was too much. Pack a robe, night gown, or pajama pant set, socks, house shoes, normal toiletries (including chapstick!) and a coming home outfit for you. And pretty much just a coming home outfit for baby and any adorable hats you buy! And your husband can fend for himself ;) Don't forget your phone charger, camera, camera charger, and we took our computer and movies. It was nice to have once I got the epidural and when I was nursing at night. I enjoyed having my own blanket and pillow from home as well. I hope that helps! Can't wait to see that sweet baby face!

  3. Yay! So exciting! And are you ever really prepared for a baby? I actually have a post about what to pack in your hospital bag and it's one of the most popular ones on my site, so it might help! http://www.lifewithmylittles.com/2014/08/what-to-pack-in-your-hospital-bag-html/ Either way, good luck! And if we don't hear from you for a while, we'll know why! Good luck!


  4. Exciting! I'd maybe try to do without the $115 sweatshirt.... The grey cubbie hat is adorbs! Can't wait to see little baby boy in it.

  5. ah girl you're stressing me out! pack yo bags!! ;)

  6. Those clothes! I'm trying my best to stay away from the online baby shopping...it's so easy to get sucked in!

  7. I don't know about your hospital, but mine provided everything I needed when I didn't pack a bag for my first. The only thing my husband had to go back to the house for was an outfit for me to go home in (since my water broke in my arriving outfit). So pack light and use what the hospital provides! One thing that was helpful for my second, was an extra bag to take home all the goodies and extras the hospital sometimes gives, like diapers, mesh panties, jumbo pads, formula, etc. I just used one of those reusable grocery bags.


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