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why i'm lying about my pregnancy + a big ad discount

You guys should see the look on peoples faces when they hear that I have two more months of pregnancy left.
I'm pretty sure everyone thinks that I am due tomorrow.
Or yesterday.
I literally had a guy at Costco yesterday start telling me about one of his co-workers who was one day overdue. He then said, "I bet you are about there now too, huh?"
This is when the lying starts to flow.
I told him that I had a couple of WEEKS left, and he looked shocked.
By a couple I meant NINE.
Nine weeks left.
I feel totally fine, plenty of energy, etc.
But apparently I look like I am seconds away from popping this little guy out.

This lying thing is certainly going to work in my favor. 
Perhaps I should just tell everyone that in fact I am overdue, and then they will think that I am rockstar for running through Costco with my two boys instead of just thinking that I am fat.
I like to sounds of this.

ALL of this to tell you that I've been putting off new sponsorships for a couple weeks now.
I was debating whether or not to keep it up toward the end of this pregnancy… and I am in the midst of a big blog redesign… so things are going to be changing around here as far as sponsorships are concerned.
I think that I would like to bust out one more big giveaway before the end of the year however.
SO, if you'd like to join in on the fun… let's do it!
Use code OCTOBER for 25% off medium ad spots.
You'll get your pretty little face on my blog, option to participate in the big group giveaway, and gain yourself some serious followers. 
Bam! Sounds like a win-win, right?

Just click HERE to purchase your spot from my sponsor page and I'll be in touch with you ASAP.



  1. Lie away! Who is gonna be the wiser? :)

  2. I don't know which was worse...that question or the most frequently asked "are you sure there is only one"...gah

    1. Yes so annoying when people ask that right? No I'm not having twins and you just made a hormonal pregnant person cry!

  3. What's weird about this is that you don't even look that big. I blame Hollywood for making people think you give birth with a 6 month baby bump. No. You look great.

  4. And you look great, why are people so rude?!

  5. I think people forget that pregnant women have feelings sometimes. You just can't say something like that!


  6. I'm pretty sure I would stretch the truth by a few weeks too! Glad you're feeling great!


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