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what's not to love about a farm gal?

What's not to love about a farm gal?
The answer is nothing.
Everything about them is awesome.

And I have a perfect example for you today.
Tanya is a darling gal with a great story.

You get to learn a bit about her today, starting off with a little confession...

I’m a farm girl from rural Saskatchewan, Canada, traveling the world for my husbands work, currently living in Jersey City, NJ.  I have adapted well from small town life to big city living but I still miss the country, open open space and friendly people every day!  My blog is a reflection of my life, regardless of where I am and what I am doing.  I started my blog while living in Lima, Peru, to document \everything that I have done on our adventures and,  started it at a point when I was having a hard time adapting to the South American life and overcoming the language barrier. I found that knowing I had to blog about something interesting forced me to get out of bed and go out and explore.  It opened a lot of doors for me there and I got to meet a lot of amazing people and learn more than I ever thought I could about the Peruvian culture and way of life.   It has continued to be a life line in New Jersey and wherever we happen to land, getting me out exploring different areas and NYC a few days a week.  You will also find random scattered posts on beauty products, animals, recipes and food, DIY, so there is something for everyone!  

I love traveling and exploring!  It doesn’t matter where it is, I will find fun things to do, maybe not things that all people find exciting I know there are always other people out there looking for all kinds of things to do.  A lot of my traveling has been all over the U.S and Canada and I LOVE these two countries that I call home.  If you take the time to look amazing things can be found everywhere and you will be shocked what is right in our own backyard.  

Shanty town Tour | this was one of the first and most eye opening things I did while living in Lima

A Little Piece of Home | A look into the beauty of my prairie home in Saskatchewan

My favorite Coffee Spots | National Coffee Day - I love coffee and exploring new coffee shops

Go and say hello!! 

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