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oh hey, friday | nothing like a good bathroom selfie to ring in the weekend + more

Oh hey, FRIDAY!
It's been a super busy week, but not an overly exciting one.
In fact I took exactly 3 pictures this week, all of which you get to see today...

1 | 32 weeks pregnant
There is nothing more classy than a super quick 32 week selfie in a public bathroom.
Is it weird that sometimes I forget I'm pregnant?
When I am out in public though I am reminded quite often.
This baby isn't shy.

I don't forget that I'm pregnant while I'm sleeping however.
You guys… my hips! They don't lie.
They mostly just hurt.
It's pretty pathetic really.

SO, I had a doctors appointment yesterday, and everything looks great.
The baby is only measuring 3 weeks ahead this time instead of 4-5. 
Again, the doctor isn't at all concerned.
Probably just baby's placement. 
I'm a tad vertically challenged, so I guess I don't have as much torso to work with as some.
Time will tell if he's really just a 12 pounder. 

2 | ad sale
Last chance to hop on board the ad space train.
I've got a big giveaway going live on Monday, and it's not too late to join in.
Visit my advertise page HERE and enter code OCTOBER for 25% off a medium ad space.

3 | drivers license
Guess who's driver's license expired?
And guess who couldn't see the letters during the quickie vision test?
I failed.
And I didn't have my glasses in my bag. Or car.
Because I NEVER wear them.
I didn't think my eyes were that bad.
Spoiler alert: they are.
Another trip to town is in order. Whomp, whomp.

4 | beets
We are digging sugar beets. Again.
And by "we" I don't at all mean "me".
My farmer has been waking up at 3 am so they can dig in the cool part of day/night since the beet temperatures can't get above 58 degrees.
Three more weeks of this, and then we will be on the home stretch. 
Meanwhile, my little guys are sure loving to help out!

5 | loves
Speaking of my little guys… how cute are they in their warm fuzzy hats?
Love these funny little people!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. 
We plan on enjoying yet another bounce house and plenty of cake pops!

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Peace out.


  1. Those warm fuzzy hats are adorable!! And bless them farmers. Always working way past dark or way before dawn. Little L rode on the dozed yesterday for the first time! They love love love to help! Happy Friday!

  2. You are the cutest! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. i love how you forget you're pregnant haha. you're an adorable preggo, btw!

  4. Oh man what a bummer about the driver's license! That stinks! Have a great weekend!

  5. Lookin' good Amy, haven't linked up in a bit but glad to be back! Cute paisley button! Where did you get the Fargo hats from? Love them!

  6. They are adorable in their cute little hats!!


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