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oh, hey friday | fall + some crude humor + love birds + a quick 30 week pregnant status

You guys...
It's Fall!
And the weather couldn't be more perfect here on the farm.
I'm certainly embracing it before my boys are stuck inside for a majority of the day because it is going to be freaking freezing soon.
I will tell you all about what Fall activities we have been up to, but first you should move on to #1...

1 | Matt Bellassai
Have you guys heard about this guy!?
If not, you are missing out on life.
I follow him on Facebook, along with 1 million other people, and he does a weekly video called Whine about it Wednesday.
It literally makes me look forward to Wednesday.
This guy is funny.
Like, laugh out loud.
The other week I was crying. Literally.
Maybe a little crude for some, but hilarious nonetheless.
Go ahead and check out his episode from this week...
And then, go and stalk him and watch EVERY other episode. 
"Fall is like the bathroom at a Taco Bell."

2 | pumpkin patch
I'm totally guilty of being the insufferable fall lover.
The number one reason is pumpkin patches/corn mazes.
We are lucky to have a neighbor {like 5 miles away... still a neighbor around these parts} who puts on a spectacular one too.
Which means that we can go when they aren't open, and it's a-ok with them.
I mean, sometimes the boys get sick of digging in the dirt with their tractors and would much prefer to sit in a trough full of wheat or corn and dig.
Fine by me fellas.
We also headed there with my gal Karli's farmer and girls last weekend. 
Here are just a few of my favorite photos from that excursion...
Ps. I think we are going to be in trouble in the future...

3 | cold mornings + warm afternoons
The perfect combination.
Lately the boys have been going to feed cows with their Papa.
This usually consists of them throwing on some warm clothes over their jammies as they run out the door at sunrise.
By the time the afternoon rolls around it is warm.
One day this week the boys went out with Ryan to fix a linear hose.
He let Brody drive his 4-wheeler by himself... WITH Beckam on the back.
Probably not a decision that I would have allowed, but Brody is pretty timid and very safe, AND my farmer adjusted the throttle so it can only go super slow.
All of that to say, they had the best time ever.
AND this weather is going to work out splendid for our annual harvest party this weekend.
No need for fire pits or hot drinks this year.
Instead, we are doing a bounce house.

4 | denim + plaid + boots
Yes, please.
That is my url after all... and it's kind of our life around here.
I am totally down with it. 
Fall just brings it out of me a little bit more.

5  | i'm still pregnant 
Holler - 30 weeks down!
10 to go... perhaps 8 if I have any luck at all.
Seeing as though Beckam was late however, I think I'm in this for the long haul.

I have been feeling great.
Big, but great.

Instead of working out the last couple of nights I have been sitting on the couch and eating reese's.
{obviously I passed my glucose test}
That has to stop.
And it will... because the reese's are almost gone. Cue the sad face.

Sleeping is getting a little harder, even with my awesome pregnancy pillow.
My hips hurt, I have round ligament pain, and I have to pee A LOT.

I am trying to embrace these last 2 months since this is going to be our last pregnancy... BUT I am kind of ready for it to be done already.

On that positive thought, let's all have ourselves a fabulous fall weekend.

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Easy as pie.



  1. Goodness those fall photos are beautiful! Happy weekend ;)

  2. love this post. i CANNOT WAIT until kaye can drive sawyer around. what am i saying...until sawyer can drive kaye around. duh. ps. how was the mosquito situation at the corn maze?

  3. I live for Wednesdays because of Matt's videos haha. All of the pictures are so much fun. I wish it would be more fall like here. I'm ready for cute fall clothes!

  4. Such beautiful photos of your sweet little guys! I especially love the first one! Models!!

  5. Great photos. Very nice. Looks like at great time. Thanks for hosting.

  6. Those pictures are so beautiful! My husband's grandparents have a big garden and they grew a pumpkin patch this year. We got to go down last week and pick our pumpkins first! It was so fun, and I am definitely planning on going back next week and picking more!

  7. Such cute pics of the kids kissing. Yup, those boys have been learning a thing or two. 😀


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