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oh hey, friday | a day in the life of a farm boy

First things first.
It's October and fall has arrived, which of course means…
we've got a pretty new Oh hey, Friday button.
Priorities people.
Karli snazzied this up for us, and it should definitely be on your post today. 
Speaking of your post, should you want to join in on this fantastic link up, here's how…
1 | Go ahead and write up a post about five things.
2 | Paste the html of the button above on your post.
3 | Link up at the bottom.

Easy as pie.

Moving on.
This "boy mom" bizz is pretty awesome.
Probably night and day from "girl mom" bizz.
But awesome nonetheless.

Let me share with you all what a day in the life of a farm boy looks like.
These kids are living the life.
And here are just a few reasons why...

1 | clothes optional
I may need to start a series purely based off of the attire that they choose to wear around here.
While these undies are not a staple for Beckam 100% of the time yet {please, oh please, let them be soon though} these boots are. 
Hot, cold, wet, dry, church… it doesn't matter.
He would wear them always if I allowed.

Brody is equally as in love with his boots, but luckily understands that they aren't for certain occasions.

2 | farming around
Typically these little dudes do most of their farming with their daddy.
They love to irrigate.
And they love to ride in tractors {or any machinery} even more.
Unfortunately I'm not always around to get those awesome pictures.
BUT, they are farmers all day long at home too.
They drive their tractors around nonstop.
They wash their machinery.
They sort through their harvest and deliver it to neighbors.
And they take especially good care of their animals.
The best little farmers I know.

3 | horsing around
When they aren't farming, they enjoy their fair share of horsing around.
This usually entails playing "bucking bull" in which you literally get bucked from the "bull".
Or, you may just get a diaper full of urine thrown at you.
Most unfortunate if it gets you smack dab in the facc.

This also can include some fun "airplane" flying, or some other super imaginative idea.
{Beckam is the passenger who was just served some fresh blackberries… not a bad flight to be on.}

4 | day trips
 While we do spend a majority of our time on the farm, when we head to the big city we go all out.
Like buy vegan donuts and stuff our faces.
 This day will usually include gymnastics and a trip to Costco… and if we are really planning ahead the zoo.

5 | early mornings
Lately, these little farmers love their life so much, they don't want the day to waste away while they sleep.
SO, they awaken at 5. Or 5:30. And maybe 6… if we are lucky.
Some of the early morning activities that happen before 7am around here include {but are not limited to}… legos, painting, car races, and eating lots of fruit leather.
These guys keep us on our toes.
They are constantly on the go, and thank heavens they are starting to play better and better with each other!
Love my little men!
Happy weekend, and happy October to you all.


  1. kaye wants to be a farm boy and wants you to be her mom. no clothes? bucking bull? tractor driving? donuts? the only thing she wouldn't be into is the early morning. so...add a third loft bed. she's coming over.

  2. Oh my word...the underwear and boots. Adorable.

  3. Oh my gosh, these are the cutest boys!!!!! I totally wanted to be a boy mom, but when we found out Baby #2 was a girl, my entire mindset changed (although I still dream of being a mom to three boys!). And, Amazon boxes are my lifeline. When we get a big one, Cam flies in it, turns it into a house, colors it...it basically becomes his babysitter for three hours, and I love it! :) Happy Friday!

  4. I love it!! My oldest wears his boots everywhere. I tried to fight it some but eventually gave it up. He has a pair of Justin's that he's won completely out and goes through rubber boots like they're candy. I love being the mama of my two farm boys! :)

  5. your boys are too cute! Love the farmer aspect of this post. That tractor picture, framer!

  6. I am a boy mom too, but my boy is no farm boy. Luckily we have cousins who live in the country and I cannot wait for Teddy to be old enough to head over and joyride on the tractors and other toys. It looks like so much fun on your farm (minus the early mornings)!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Your kiddos are TOO CUTE! I love everything about the farming life and the hubster and I really want to get back to our roots in Arkansas soon and have our own little farm! :)

  8. I love these photos. I would really prefer to have boys someday when I have kids.

  9. You are one busy & blessed mama! Cute little farmers ;) Happy weekend!



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