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oh hey, friday | big happenings

1 | 31 weeks
We are down to single digit weeks now.
And I know that it's getting closer because the expiration date on our milk is the same as my due date.
I have an appointment nest week, so we will see if I am still measuring a good 3-5 weeks ahead, or if his positioning has changed. 
I am constantly feeling pressure from him pushing outward...
Like he's trying to push his way right out of my belly button.
It is fun to feel the different parts, even though I have no idea what I'm feeling.
I swear i was pushing on his foot the other day.
And that little bum of his is always wiggling around.
One big deal... the nursery is basically done!!!
Other than getting his clothes all arranged, which I think we will wait to do until closer to due date.
I can't wait to share with you all his final room reveal. 
I'm still finding some perfect finishing touches, so be looking for the post in the next couple of weeks.

2 | ad sale
You may not have caught my post this week - but I'm going to hammer out one last big group giveaway for the year - and then take a break until the new year after this babe arrives.
If you'd like to join in, click HERE to purchase a medium ad space {using code OCTOBER for 25% off}, and I'll email you ASAP regarding all of the details.

3 | sunset + sunrise
Wednesday night and Thursday morning were really killing it in the sunset/rise department.
Beckam even noticed and said, "wow, that's so beautiful!"
I agree, buddy.

4 | spaghetti feed
Last night I was in charge of organizing a spaghetti feed as a fundraiser for our little church school.
I wanted to be super prepared, so I bought a bunch of extras just in case the entire town decided to come and eat.
Bad news... they didn't.
Good news... we have spaghetti to last us a month.

5 | train ride
I'm really trying to fit in all sorts of fun activities for the boys this fall because come winter-time, I don't feel like I will be as agile. :)
Next up on our agenda is a "Pumpkin Liner" train ride.
I'm not entirely sure everything that will be taking place, but I do know that my boys are going to love it… if only for the reason that they get to ride on a train.
I'm pretty stoked about it all too!
I hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend as well.

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Peace out.


  1. You look amazing and I am so jealous that you get to go on that train ride!

  2. You look amazing! The views around your farm look amazing as well!! Hope yall have fun on the train ride!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  3. Oh my goodness those pictures of the sunrise/set are beautiful! You look great.

  4. You look beautiful!!! And what beautiful scenery. Good for you getting the energy to take the boys out. At this point, they'd be parked in front of a tv in my house!

  5. You are the most adorable pregnant person I've ever seen! You're gorgeous & still rockin good style.

  6. We would love to take our son on a train ride (he is OBSESSED) this year, but we can't find any trains that are close to us! It's the worst!

  7. So exciting to be so close to D-Day! I'm sure your boys will love that train ride!



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