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my kids thought i was the coolest... for a day

This past Sunday we took the boys on a magical little fall train ride.
We had to drive two hours to get there, but it was totally worth it... because they were clearly so SO excited.
And enthralled.
And ecstatic. 
And silly.
What I'm saying is, we basically had the best day ever, despite the little bit of rain.
The train went to a private little pumpkin patch with photo props galore, free candy and a bounce house.
AND we all know how I feel about bounce houses. My boys share the same love.

The boys enjoyed picking out yet another pumpkin to add to our stash at home too.
On our way back, Brody thought it would be fun to experience the "dining car" so we headed in for some hot chocolate.
We had a blast, and will most likely be doing this again… even though Brody was a little bummed that the train was a diesel instead of a steamie.

PS. they are still detoxing from all of the sugar they consumed.


  1. This looks like it was so much fun!!!

  2. oh my gosh, so cool! cuteness overload! Best outing ever!

  3. Oh wow!! That is so cool! My oldest loves trains not to mention bouncy houses and hot chocolate! I need to definitely see if there's anything around here like that!

  4. Is this the train out of Horseshoe Bend? I've always wanted to go! So cute that your little ones loved it so much.

  5. This is so cute! Where is it? Do they have any Santa rides in December!? That would be so fun to take our son on!


  6. This looks amazing! I've been dying to take my kiddo to a pumpkin patch- wish this was a little closer to WA!


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