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i'm like a true farmer's wife

I'm not entirely sure what a "true" farmer's wife looks like.
But I certainly feel old school farmer's wife lately.
I may not be canning goods from my garden, or baking fresh bread, but I am getting my manual labor on while 33 weeks pregnant.
And, I mean… look. There is even a chicken prancing around behind me.

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I was practically like, 
"Ah! OMG. I love Fall soooooo much I want to make out with it!" blah, blah, corn mazes, pumpkins, blah?

Yea. Not so much anymore.
Because, well... leaves.

We are blessed to have the most beautiful, huge, well established trees around our property.
But I hate them twice a year when they shed their goodies.

 This year I am lucky to have two happy helpers.
These little farmers thought that this job was the most fun activity ever.
No one tell them I was actually having them work instead of play a farmer game.
I'd load them each up with a pile of leaves...
 And they would drive into the recently harvested field next to our house and dump them.
We busted out some make-believe radios to talk to each other on, made up some trails they would follow, and got a crap ton of leaves out of our yard.
Who would have thought that manual labor was so much fun?

If you want to find us, we will be doing this for the next two weeks until all of the leaves have actually fallen.
Meanwhile my farmer is making us the big bucks harvesting sugar beets and getting like 4 hours of sleep a night. Bless him.


  1. isn't making your little people do chores the reason why you have them!? haha love that you made it into a game for them & they were enjoying it!

  2. Too cute! Your little men are adorable!

  3. Love it. I hope they continue to enjoy this until all of the leaves are picked up!

  4. What a smart idea! I always love when I can make my kids do things to help me haha!

  5. That's one of the great things about little kids, you can make almost anything a game!


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