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how to: build a loft bed

I thought that this bed was going to be super hard to build.
But in actuality, it was pretty simple.
I showed my farmer this design...
he didn't even read it, he just built it.
And it is extra strurdy… farm style.

Here is how it went down:

First we measured the size of the mattress and built a frame that it would fit into using 2x6's.
{he added an additional 2 inches on the length for the headboard to be added on later}
He added those three 2x6's to the bottom to hold and stabilize the plywood that is to be put on top of them.
{ps. supposedly using plywood instead of slats may void your mattress warranty… just fyi}
Now… you sand. I recommend an electric sander.
Sand it good. Real good.
 Once the plywood was secured, we put our boys to work staining the bed.
Can you tell who is the tidier of the two?
{the stain that I used was Minwax 2126 Driftwood}
 While the boys were staining, my hubby whipped up the stairs.
He used two pieces of 4x4's for the sides {71 inches in length} and 1.5" dowels {2 ft in length}.
To drill the holes, he used a 1.5" flat drill bit… like found here.
Again, sand, sand, sand.
Nobody needs any splinters on their bed.
 And then, stain, stain, stain.
And seal… we used a sealant like this.
 At this point we also cut the extra pieces of 4x4's for the headboard and the railing. 
We used 6 pieces of 4x4's for the railing, and they were cut to the same width of the bed.
 For the railing we cut an additional two pieces… and measured and cut those once we secured the bed on the wall… to be more exact.

Now… this is when we started to really farmer rig the bed.
As you may know, I am super pregnant, and holding a big ol' bed frame sturdy while my farmer drilled it into the wall wasn't going to happen.
We pre marked all of the studs on the wall, and then my farmer cut a bunch of 4x4's to the exact height we wanted the bed to stabilize it while he could drill it.
It worked surprisingly well.
We used heavy duty screws for the whole project, like these, because they are super sturdy and also look fancy.
Now let me preface this next part with saying that our house is old.
It was the original homestead… and my hubby is 4th generation.
This means, our walls aren't the straightest.
Because of this, my farmer rigged up this contraption...
I was in charge of raising the jack to push the bed even with the wall so it would be flush...
 while my farmer drilled.
 I don't foresee this being an issue with anyone building this bed though. :)

Once the bed was in place, we measured, cut, sanded stained and sealed the railing.
And then attached that.
 As you can see we were super scientific, and it just so happened that the box of screws with my farmer's wallet on top was the exact height that we needed.
I held the box steady, and my farmer drilled the railing into the wall...
 and then to the top of the stairs. 
 Next up we drilled the 6 pieces of 4x4 to the wall to make the headboard.
You have to do this before the last railing since it attaches to the headboard.
Lastly, drill the final piece of railing to the headboard and stairs, and voila! 
Throw on the mattress and bedding, and you have the cutest darn loft bed around.
Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the design… heights, lengths, etc.

To see the entire room reveal click HERE.



  1. Wow, you two made that look incredibly easy, when in fact it would be the opposite for me! :) Great job.

  2. This is amazing! You make it sound and look so simple, but I'm sure we could never pull this off haha. Great job!


  3. This is totally something I'm going to ask hubby to build for our little one when she gets a little bigger!


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