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oh hey, friday | BIG giveaway + 33 weeks pregnant

Oh hey, Friday!
I'm going to talk some more about how pregnant I am today.
Whomp whomp.

With a bonus big ol' giveaway first. Bam!

1 | $165 + more
I know what you are thinking…
"Wow. Perfect timing. I have so many goodies to buy for the holidays. I also need a pedicure, and a scarf, and some boots for myself."
Well, you've come to the right spot.
We've got some goodies for you...
and it is honestly so SO easy to win it.

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SO, let's sum this all up, shall we?
$165 dollars via paypal from a bunch of beautiful ladies AND a cute handcrafted sign.
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2 | names
Now, back to this baby on board.
One of the most troubling things I have been going through is…
not having a name.
You guys! Why is it so hard this time around?
I like the idea of sticking with the "B" names, but I am not loving anything.
We have a list, and they are fine… but I really want to like my kids name, you know?
I had already nailed down first and middle names for my older boys at this point in the pregnancy, so I am a little nervous this babe won't have a name.
Beckam wants to call him "Baby" and Brody is still sticking strong with "Blade".

3 | stats
Shall we go over some baby stats?

how far along | 33 weeks!

size of baby | this week the baby weighs a little over 4 pounds and has passed the 17 inch mark… according to my hand little app.
I'd like to think that he is 6 pounds easy though. It makes me feel better about the weight that I have gained that isn't at all related to baby. Like my fat face.

gender | BOY numero tres! You can see more HERE and HERE.

craving | other than wanting to shove all of the garbage food I see into my mouth, I don't have any cravings. I have got to get my crap together though!
I think that I am going to attempt a "no refined sugar" plan for the rest of the year.
I can totally do it, right?
Well… maybe I'll start Sunday because I just bought a pumpkin cheesecake from Costco for a potluck on Saturday, and I am certainly going to have a piece.

sleeping | oh sleep… how I miss sleeping on my stomach… or even my back for that matter.
I am constantly turning from side to side during the night because the arm I'm laying on goes numb.
And then, sometimes, as I am attempting to roll over {not easy btw} I get these SUPER intense round ligament pains. 
I usually end up on the ground, on all fours, trying to stretch out my abdomen. 
Is that even supposed to help? No clue. 
It eventually goes away however, and I attempt to sleep again.

movement | this guy likes to boogie. 
He particularly likes to push outward, towards the world, like he's trying to escape out of my belly button.
Lots of hiccups, lots of kicks and jabs to the bladder.
It really is crazy that there is a tiny person living inside of me!

feeling | I really can't complain because I have been feeling great {while I am awake}. 
After a big day of lots of activity my back and hips do feel it though.

4 | what i'm looking forward to
So many things really.
Snuggling this little muffin is definitely number one though.
I can't wait to see what he looks like… if he will resemble one of my boys or have his own look. 
My farmer was a blonde haired blue eyed little guy, so maybe he will take after him.

I can't wait to see how Brody and Beckam deal with him.
They give him SO much love right now… but he's kind of contained and not taking up much of my time, ya know?
I am looking forward to exercising pain free.
I am already dreaming of abs, which for the record, I have never ever had.
But I think I want them.
I need to get super duper fit with a house full of boys.
Mama needs to hold her ground.
Sleeping on my stomach is going to be fabulous.
Having our first Christmas as a family of FIVE!

5 | nursery
Ah! It's almost done!!
I can't wait to share it with you guys.
I've gotta bust out the hammer and hang some things ASAP.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. 

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Peace out.


i'm like a true farmer's wife

I'm not entirely sure what a "true" farmer's wife looks like.
But I certainly feel old school farmer's wife lately.
I may not be canning goods from my garden, or baking fresh bread, but I am getting my manual labor on while 33 weeks pregnant.
And, I mean… look. There is even a chicken prancing around behind me.

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I was practically like, 
"Ah! OMG. I love Fall soooooo much I want to make out with it!" blah, blah, corn mazes, pumpkins, blah?

Yea. Not so much anymore.
Because, well... leaves.

We are blessed to have the most beautiful, huge, well established trees around our property.
But I hate them twice a year when they shed their goodies.

 This year I am lucky to have two happy helpers.
These little farmers thought that this job was the most fun activity ever.
No one tell them I was actually having them work instead of play a farmer game.
I'd load them each up with a pile of leaves...
 And they would drive into the recently harvested field next to our house and dump them.
We busted out some make-believe radios to talk to each other on, made up some trails they would follow, and got a crap ton of leaves out of our yard.
Who would have thought that manual labor was so much fun?

If you want to find us, we will be doing this for the next two weeks until all of the leaves have actually fallen.
Meanwhile my farmer is making us the big bucks harvesting sugar beets and getting like 4 hours of sleep a night. Bless him.


remember that one time i had surgery while pregnant?

Remember when I had surgery while I was pregnant?
Probably not, because it was just over 5 years ago.

Seeing as though I am feeling very pregnant, I thought I would share a fun little memory from my very first pregnancy.
And by fun, I mean, terrible.

I posted this story three years ago, but thought it could use a little revisiting… along with a little edit on the timeline.
Here you go friends:

Five years ago (almost to the day) I had an appendicitis.
And I was 21 weeks pregnant.

When my stomach started hurting as I was at work, I thought my pants were just too tight.
My awesome hubby even drove the 30 minutes to my school to bring me stretchy unrestricting pants.
Obviously that didn't help... because my first pair of pants really weren't too tight.
It was just my appendix, angry at the world.

After some phone calls to my doctors office, I decided not to go home and rest like they told me to.
Not because I'm a rebel, but because I didn't want to go further away from a hospital.
After I suffered through a whole work day with 30 ten year olds though, I did go home.
I thought perhaps it was just stress that had gotten to me...

Just two days before we had gone to the doctors to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.
Obviously, it was a boy :)
However after the ultrasound and exciting news, my doctor came in to tell me that they were concerned about the length of Brody's noses bone.
Party foul.
Apparently a short nose bone is one of the soft signs of Down Syndrome.
Long story short, we went directly to a specialist who did another ultrasound and drew some blood.
After looking through all of the other soft signs, they weren't concerned about Down Syndrome, plus my blood work came back saying I had a 1/7000 chance of Brody being Downs.

So, yea.  Stress.
I thought that it may have caused me to have the worst stomach ache of my life.
So bad that it hurt to do ANYTHING.
I couldn't lay down, sit, kneel... nothing. 

I made yet another call to the doctors, where they were asking where the pain was centralized. 
It hurt so bad I couldn't really tell, but when I told them it was kind of by my sternum, 
they said it was just reflux. No biggie. 
A nice lady finally told me that I'd know if I had to go into the hospital.
At that point I called my super busy farmer,
who came home to get me and take me to the hospital.

I didn't think I was going to make it. Honestly. 
About half way there I rolled down the window and puked.
{Did I mention the "good" hospital is an hour from our house? It is.}

Luckily, the ER doesn't want much to do with pregnant ladies, 
so when we finally arroved they stuck me in a wheel chair and took me straight to labor and delivery.
After some examination and the third ultrasound in 3 days, they realized it was my appendix.
And then they hooked me up with some baby safe drugs. 
One of the top moments of my life was getting those drugs! For real.

They scheduled me for surgery the next day.
To say that I was emotional would be an understatement.
I didn't think that surgery next to my precious baby was a good idea.
Luckily my awesome friend Jenn was there with me before surgery to help calm my nerves. 
Also, my amazing mom {who was here to find out the sex of the babe} hopped back on a plane to come up.
And my hubs, he was great too. :)

Needless to say, surgery went fine.
And morphine was my new best friend.

Pardon the baby belly.
See the three bandaids? That's where the incisions were.
They took my appendix out through my belly button.

So there you have it.
That one time I had surgery while pregnant.
And Brody turned out just fine through all of it.
And he doesn't have Down Syndrome either.
AND, I don't miss my appendix one bit.


GIVEAWAY | a lot of free cash

There are few things that I like more than free cash.
And today, that's exactly what we are giving away.
$165 dollars to be exact.
Just in time for the holidays!
I can think of SO many things that I would love to buy with that amount of moola.
And it is honestly so SO easy to win it.

This group of beautiful ladies is to thank...

As if that cash wasn't enough to get you excited, Rachel is giving away a darling handmade "gather" sign from her Etsy shop: The Little Homeplace.
Perfect for Fall. 
Perfect for anytime.
Check out her shop for more adorable custom signs.

SO, let's sum this all up, shall we?
$165 dollars via paypal from a bunch of beautiful ladies AND a cute handcrafted sign.
I think this is a win for any human. Ever.

Go get yourself entered, and follow some of the best blogs that you've ever read.
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oh hey, friday | nothing like a good bathroom selfie to ring in the weekend + more

Oh hey, FRIDAY!
It's been a super busy week, but not an overly exciting one.
In fact I took exactly 3 pictures this week, all of which you get to see today...

1 | 32 weeks pregnant
There is nothing more classy than a super quick 32 week selfie in a public bathroom.
Is it weird that sometimes I forget I'm pregnant?
When I am out in public though I am reminded quite often.
This baby isn't shy.

I don't forget that I'm pregnant while I'm sleeping however.
You guys… my hips! They don't lie.
They mostly just hurt.
It's pretty pathetic really.

SO, I had a doctors appointment yesterday, and everything looks great.
The baby is only measuring 3 weeks ahead this time instead of 4-5. 
Again, the doctor isn't at all concerned.
Probably just baby's placement. 
I'm a tad vertically challenged, so I guess I don't have as much torso to work with as some.
Time will tell if he's really just a 12 pounder. 

2 | ad sale
Last chance to hop on board the ad space train.
I've got a big giveaway going live on Monday, and it's not too late to join in.
Visit my advertise page HERE and enter code OCTOBER for 25% off a medium ad space.

3 | drivers license
Guess who's driver's license expired?
And guess who couldn't see the letters during the quickie vision test?
I failed.
And I didn't have my glasses in my bag. Or car.
Because I NEVER wear them.
I didn't think my eyes were that bad.
Spoiler alert: they are.
Another trip to town is in order. Whomp, whomp.

4 | beets
We are digging sugar beets. Again.
And by "we" I don't at all mean "me".
My farmer has been waking up at 3 am so they can dig in the cool part of day/night since the beet temperatures can't get above 58 degrees.
Three more weeks of this, and then we will be on the home stretch. 
Meanwhile, my little guys are sure loving to help out!

5 | loves
Speaking of my little guys… how cute are they in their warm fuzzy hats?
Love these funny little people!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. 
We plan on enjoying yet another bounce house and plenty of cake pops!

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Peace out.


my kids thought i was the coolest... for a day

This past Sunday we took the boys on a magical little fall train ride.
We had to drive two hours to get there, but it was totally worth it... because they were clearly so SO excited.
And enthralled.
And ecstatic. 
And silly.
What I'm saying is, we basically had the best day ever, despite the little bit of rain.
The train went to a private little pumpkin patch with photo props galore, free candy and a bounce house.
AND we all know how I feel about bounce houses. My boys share the same love.

The boys enjoyed picking out yet another pumpkin to add to our stash at home too.
On our way back, Brody thought it would be fun to experience the "dining car" so we headed in for some hot chocolate.
We had a blast, and will most likely be doing this again… even though Brody was a little bummed that the train was a diesel instead of a steamie.

PS. they are still detoxing from all of the sugar they consumed.


the worst thing about being 32 weeks pregnant

Shopping while pregnant is pretty much the worst.
Especially on the tail end of things.
I mean… I guess it's good for my bank account, but not so much for my happiness.
There are so many cute fall/winter clothes out there, and I'm not buying them.
It may have something to do with the ever growing watermelon on my abdomen.
Since this is our last babe, I am certainly not going to be dropping any coin on maternity clothes...
so, I am going to wear the same 6 items of clothing from now until mid December.

Just because I can't have new clothes, doesn't keep me from looking.
Here are a few things that I am pretty much in love with.

Happy shopping!
{Just click on the picture and it will take you to the item/website if you're interested.}


what's not to love about a farm gal?

What's not to love about a farm gal?
The answer is nothing.
Everything about them is awesome.

And I have a perfect example for you today.
Tanya is a darling gal with a great story.

You get to learn a bit about her today, starting off with a little confession...

I’m a farm girl from rural Saskatchewan, Canada, traveling the world for my husbands work, currently living in Jersey City, NJ.  I have adapted well from small town life to big city living but I still miss the country, open open space and friendly people every day!  My blog is a reflection of my life, regardless of where I am and what I am doing.  I started my blog while living in Lima, Peru, to document \everything that I have done on our adventures and,  started it at a point when I was having a hard time adapting to the South American life and overcoming the language barrier. I found that knowing I had to blog about something interesting forced me to get out of bed and go out and explore.  It opened a lot of doors for me there and I got to meet a lot of amazing people and learn more than I ever thought I could about the Peruvian culture and way of life.   It has continued to be a life line in New Jersey and wherever we happen to land, getting me out exploring different areas and NYC a few days a week.  You will also find random scattered posts on beauty products, animals, recipes and food, DIY, so there is something for everyone!  

I love traveling and exploring!  It doesn’t matter where it is, I will find fun things to do, maybe not things that all people find exciting I know there are always other people out there looking for all kinds of things to do.  A lot of my traveling has been all over the U.S and Canada and I LOVE these two countries that I call home.  If you take the time to look amazing things can be found everywhere and you will be shocked what is right in our own backyard.  

Shanty town Tour | this was one of the first and most eye opening things I did while living in Lima

A Little Piece of Home | A look into the beauty of my prairie home in Saskatchewan

My favorite Coffee Spots | National Coffee Day - I love coffee and exploring new coffee shops

Go and say hello!! 

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