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thirty and a half

In case you've been wondering, I'm still struggling with naughty children 52% of the time.
I'm SO over it.
Luckily, instead of writing more about that again, I get to share with you a fabulous blogger who doesn't complain nearly as much as me {if ever}.

Ali from Thirty and a Half is such a doll, and I love her blog.
Here is a little bit more about her, via q&a….

Firstly - let's start out with your lovely blog. What inspired you to begin your blog?

Well, there was a girl that I admired whose blog I started reading and then I started reading a few more. I thought it was a cool idea and a fun outlet since I love to write. I never really cared whether or not anyone read it. It actually amazes me that people do read it and actually care about my life. The blogging world is a really cool community!

The name of your blog is Thirty and a Half. What do you typically blog about?

I blog about my life and everything that comes with it - boys, coaching cross country, my Mary Kay business and so much more. The name Thirty and a Half is inspired by my address. I figured what better name because this blog describes what my life is like living at 30 1/2. Plus, I like that it adds a bit of mystery since not everyone knows what the name means.
{my loft apartment that I renovated with my parents}

{my awesome family}

I am obsessed with following your Mary Kay journey. Tell us more about it and what you love most about it.

I'm glad you are obsessed because more recently I've worried that everyone is tired of hearing about it! I started my Mary Kay business almost 4 years ago when I was a college junior. I started for a discount and thought if I could make a couple extra dollars from close family and friends I would be a success. Now, I just earned my first car from Mary Kay and am working on promoting myself to sales director. My dream is to do Mary Kay full-time because I love the flexibility and the women. Most of my best friends are women that I wouldn't know if it wasn't for Mary Kay which is so weird to think about! And I know how much I've grown because of these women and this business, so if I can help other women experience the same thing I figure that is pretty cool :)
{when I picked up my Mary Kay car!}

{my best friend Emmalee and I were queens of our half million dollar unit this year}

{Emmalee & I at Seminar in Dallas}

Could you share a little of what your daily life is like with my lovely readers?

My daily life.....well, it's not always the most consistent thing in the world. Right now is a little crazy since I am in the middle of the cross country season, although I wouldn't have it any other way. I wake up around 6am every day right now, so I can get to work by 7am. Oh and I walk to work since I live a block from my office! I work at the bank doing research about new technology that we should invest in and building the case to justify any expenses involved. I leave work around 3:30pm everyday and head straight to cross country practice. Then I get to spend a couple of hours running with my kids and/or yelling at them when they act up. My evenings vary a lot - sometimes I spend time with the boyfriend...sometimes I hang out with my parents...sometimes I work my Mary Kay business....sometimes I just curl up in bed after I make dinner and read a book. And I usually binge watch some Netflix before bed. Weekends are a fun balance of family time, cross country, Mary Kay, church, and the boyfriend. My life sounds super exciting doesn't it?!
{sometimes my brother decides to surprise the team by showing up unexpectedly on race day}

{our girls' team ran really well at the Geico Invitational}

When you're not blogging, what other things do you like to do?

Well...I love running. I haven't been running as much as I would like, but I'm hoping to get into a new routine. I don't run with my cross country kids every day so I struggle sometimes to squeeze it in to another part of my day. But I did run my first half marathon last year and I'm hoping to do my first full marathon next year! Any recommendations on a fun full marathon to run are welcome!
{after my first half marathon with my aunt, cousin and his friend}

I also enjoy reading, which I really need to make more time for. I read a lot of motivational books, as well as the standard romance novels. Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors (I know it's super cliche).

Share some of your favorite posts with us.

This is always such a tough one...

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

And there you have it.
As sweet as they come!

To see more of Ali visit her here:

blog | bloglovin' | instagram


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  1. I am sure she has heard this before, but dang she looks a lot like Lucy Hale!!


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