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shall we talk about how naughty my children are?

Let's talk about disobedient children for a moment. 
Because mine are really giving me a run for my money lately.
Don't let this picture fool you.
Beckam has decided that waking up approximately SIX times in the night is a good idea.
Which then leads him (and I) to be extremely grumpy the next day.
This is not a good look on either of us.
I mean… how hard is it to sleep through the night 13+ hours like he did a year ago?
Being able to get out of bed on your own is no reason to actually do it.
Also, copying Brody is cute sometimes, but when the bossiness gets copied? Or the fits?
Not gonna fly.
Boys with good attitudes get a lot further in life. 

And another thing… is it really necessary for me to have to follow him around to make sure he doesn't crap in his pants?
My time could be occupied a little more productively.
It would be extremely helpful if he could just tell me when he has to go the bathroom. 
He is well aware that the diaper is not the place, yet unless I enforce a bathroom break, the diaper is filled. 

And then there is Brody.
My sweet stubborn eldest child.
Does it seriously take me repeating myself over and over and OVER again to get him to listen?
Nothing irritates me more.
How hard is it to just do it the first time?
I'm not asking for him to scrub floors or mow the lawn - yet.
We are talking… sitting up while brushing teeth instead of flailing around on the ground, or simply acknowledging me before I have called his name fifty-five times. Not impossible tasks.

And we have all come to the conclusion, daily, that hitting is never acceptable. 
Yet, it still happens.
I know that most of the toys in the house were once monopolized by him, but brother has got to share now.
No other options.
Hitting to get a toy, means not getting play with that toy.
That hasn't sunk in still.

And for both of them… when I say, "no" after they inquire about something, and then they throw an immediate fit, it is a sure fire way to get nothing. Ever. 
Except for maybe a punishment.
I hand those out like hotcakes.

What's a pregnant gal gotta do to get a full night of sleep or not play referee ALL day long?
Because, whatever it is, I'm onboard. 
Sign me up.

PS. Please tell me I'm not the only one going through this.

PPS. It is ridiculous how much I love my boys.
All the heart eyes in the world.


  1. Oh my... Is this what you're telling me I have to look forward to when the youngest is at to play with the oldest?! I so hope you get some sleep soon. I don't function well on no sleep. And especially not when I'm pregnant.

  2. I am in the same boat but only with 1 and I want to poke my eyeballs out every.single.day!

  3. I about died when I read your title!!! Hilarious! We all have these seasons!! And then there are sprinkles of sweetness that makes us {momentarily} forget how rotten they can be. Here is to less fights and more sleep!!!

  4. Your youngest and my Jack seem to be in the exact same stages right now. Great times :)


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