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poop jokes + flannel + faux hawks… this is my life

Things have gotten crazy up in here!
Can we say "meetings"!
School board, church, farm.
Throw in two children, a husband, and a yard and house to keep up and I've been a little busy.
But since I'm pretty sure that approximately none of you want to hear any more about that, I won't.

Since yesterday was the first day of September I decided that we were extremely past due for a quick 15 minute impromptu photo session of the boys.
Throw on some flannel and a faux hawk and head to the dessert - bam! Photo ready-ish.

Here are my precious little guys.
OH, and by the way, every one of those smiles you see are thanks to poop jokes.
It works every time.

Happy September everyone!



  1. Oh my what is it about boys and poop jokes? My son has turned the tables on me and whenever I ask him if he has to go potty he tells me I'm saying "potty talk" lol. Also, yes, So. Many. Meetings! I'm the preschool membership chair (tours, admissions, applications, enrollment, wait lists, immunizations forms -- all that is me!) and on the board of our city's mother's club. Can we say too much on the plate? But it's fun and I love it!

  2. Your boys are adorable.......love the faux hawks, outfits and those smiles are priceless!

  3. Well poop jokes are the best!

  4. Poop jokes usually get me too haha. They are adorable!

  5. So cute!!! Boys and their poop jokes, lol!


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