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oh hey, friday | my 25 week bikini bod... and how I "keep" it up

1 | 25 weeks
I am 25 weeks pregnant today.
Nothing new or exciting to report on the pregnancy front other than the fact the party has started.
Little man is dancing up a storm in there.
Oh, and in case you wanted me to do the math for you… I have 15 more weeks to go, which seems like a crap-ton.

2 | group texts for the win - avert your eyes
Of course I didn't take any nice pregnancy pictures to document my 25 week milestone.
Well… I guess that's not entirely true.
But, this will certainly need a little prefacing. 

Are any of you big on the group texting?
I sure am.
I have one ongoing group text between me and my roomies from college. 
We talk about pretty much everything, have excellent usage of emoticons, and it's all hilarious.

Recently we were discussing Josh Murray's (where are my Bachelor/ette fans at!?) new girlfriend.
She is of course some gorgeous blonde who likes to post lots and lots of pictures of herself.
Naturally, this made us want to copy her.
The plan was for all of us to give our best impression of her.
Here is mine:
As you can see, we are practically twins.
I am only slightly more pale than her.
I mean… check out that form! :)

And now, I think this is where I should apologize to you all for showing off that bare baby belly.
So sorry.

3 | keeping up the bikini bod
You guys… I have really been trying to eat good and get my 10,000+ steps in a day.
And THEN this happens:
That dear precious farmer of mine brings home a box of freaking donuts.
Bless him.
BUT doesn't he know that I'm trying to keep up with Josh Murray's new gf? :)
Needless to say I had to log some extra steps yesterday.

4 | dance party
Would you like a little sneak peek into my daily life?
Here is a fun little video for you, in which I don't sing well, and that is obviously taken by a super steady hand and won't make you motion sick at all:

5 | garden
To say that my garden was a failure this year would be an incredible understatement.
However… my farmer did clean out his planter in our garden after planting some organic sweet corn for a neighbor.
It resulted in 24 rows, was mostly irrigated as a result of being directly next to a sugar beet field, and has a tremendous amount of weeds around it… which makes it extra organic right?
BUT. We have corn. And lots of it.
The boys love to pick, shuck, and eat it.
So, that's been fun.
Especially since Beckam is still not 100% potty trained. Eww.

 Ok friends.
I think I've done enough sharing for the day.
Now it is your turn!
Time to get your link on!

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2 | Paste the html of the button below on your post.
3 | Link up at the bottom.

Have a great LONG weekend!



  1. I wish I would have taken more bare belly pics when I was pregnant. You look great!
    Thanks for hosting the link-up!

  2. I'm dying! Love the running picture, hilarious! And then dancing with the kids, too cute for words! Have a great weekend!

  3. That picture is spot on. I had to stare for a good minute to figure out which one was you and which one was Josh's girlfriend. A far cry from Andi I would say??

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. LOL I love that picture!
    all 10,000 of your steps are well worth those donuts (yum!).
    Happy Friday!
    Trish - tales from trish

  5. Ohh donuts, they are my weakness! Pretty much anything with sugar is my weakness actually!

  6. I think if you had stuck out your pinky finger and oiled up your legs you would have looked JUST LIKE Josh's gf. :)

  7. Gah if only my baby belly looked like that I'd show it off too! I've got 3 weeks left and have only gained 12 lbs, but the stretch marks are terrible! Thanks genes!

  8. Our garden did not do well at all this year either. Such a bummer. We love to eat so much from it and it just didn't happen. Glad you're getting some yummy looking corn! And way to go on the bikini bod. :)

  9. Where are emojis when you need them? Because this post deserves emojis. my friend. Loved it! lol We have tons of corn (not the sweet type) and pretty soon will be harvest. My MIL had tons of the sweet corn and let's just say I will never look at frozen corn on the cob the same again.

  10. I couldn't even tell who was who in which picture! I need to eat so much better & get more steps in. I've been doing better on the steps & worse on the eating...

  11. You are so much fun!! I wanna be in group text with you..lol


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