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oh hey, friday | big things going down

Big things are happening around here friends.
Take a look for yourself...

1 | loft building
You guys… it's happening!
We went and bought the lumber today and this loft bed is underway.
My farmer can keep himself busy every single day, however this is kind of a calm before the storm. 
In about a week… sugar beets, hay and corn harvest will all commence and not quit until sometime in November. 
SO, this needed to happen.
I am extremely excited to get the boys in the same room and transitioned before baby comes. 

Maybe I can even get my farmer to help me assemble that IKEA dresser for the nursery.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.

2 | camping
Before we decided to take on a huge building venture with the loft bed, we had planned a big camping trip.
Almost a baby-moon if you will. With our two boys.
We cancelled it however to get the time in to build.
We were all a little bummed to say the least.
SO tomorrow night we are packing up and headed 30 minutes from our house to a campsite by the river to roast smores and sleep in a tent.
While this doesn't sound all that appealing to me, all of the guys in my life are excited. 
You better believe I'll be taking my snoogle pillow.

3 | 26 weeks
My handy little app on my phone says I've got 98 more days of being pregnant.
I'm hoping for more like 87 however. 
Wishful thinking I'm sure.

Once again I have failed at documenting this pregnancy with classy pictures…
BUT at least this week I am not half naked like last week's post.
Instead I took a WIDN selfie to send to a friend while I worked out on the elliptical.
Not ideal.

Little man is wiggling a lot. A lot.
And it is getting uncomfortable.
Just to remind everyone, I have THREE months left of this.
I may be getting a little nervous. 

4 | send me all the patience
Not sure if you read my post yesterday about my beloved children…
but - they are driving me crazy.
Send me all the patience.
And send them all the obedience.

5 | giveaway
I've got a big giveaway going live this coming Tuesday.
Don't forget to stop by and get entered!
If you want to hop on board last minute to wreak the benefits of the entries, go and check out my sponsor options HERE.

Have a great weekend friends.
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  1. Those loft beds look awesome! Can't wait to see how it turns out in your place!!

  2. You look great!! I am loving those lofts, too! I can't wait to see the finish product. PS If I had any patience left, I would send it to you….kids!!!!

  3. love your night away - it sounds adorable! S'mores make everything fun :)

  4. The loft bed is amazing! Any boy would just adore that. Yay for getting closer!

  5. That loft bed is such a great idea if your kids are room sharing, I really do like it. Such a modern and sleek look. Can't wait to see how it turns out:)
    Enjoy your camping, hope it isn't too uncomfortable for you.

  6. Those beds look so cool! Have a great time camping & I hope you get all the patience & obedience.

  7. I love those loft beds! Our boys are sharing a room, but I haven't yet decided what to do once the youngest transitions out of his crib. This would be really cool! Sending patience your way!

  8. That loft bed is amazing! My husband woodworks too... but it takes FOREVER to get any projects out of him! Hopefully, your husband is much better at that part than mine is =).


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