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oh hey, friday | big belly, harvest and boys' bedroom reno sneak peek

Bam! It's Friday.
I'm not even a little bit mad about it.
My day entails a trip to the big ol' city of Twin Falls.
A little day trip with my littlest fellas - fingers crossed they are on their best behavior.

Here is what else we've been up to this week...

1 | 28 weeks
And just like that I'm in my third trimester.
I am really starting to embrace this fall pregnancy thing.
Stretchy pants and a cardigan everyday? 
Yes. Please.

I had the pleasure of chugging some GlucoCrush yesterday too.
Gals - if you have the option… always go for lemon-lime.
It's like a syrupy sprite, and wasn't that bad.
I didn't really savor it however. 
It was chugged in approximately 23 seconds.
The little babe was extra active afterwards, on a bit of sugar high.

During my appointment my doctor informed me that I am measuring at 32 weeks.
What the?
My questions to him… "is this baby huge, or am I just fat?"
His answer… "neither, it's just his position."
I seem to carry my babies really out in front, as apposed to up under the ribs.
And the measurement he takes is purely belly.
Fingers crossed this isn't going to be a 10 pounder.

I have been feeling really great and hope to keep being very active…
not like I really have a choice with my crazy boys though.

2 | i got my hairs cut
All of them in fact.
By quite a few inches.
It was way past due, and I'm glad to have it a bit healthier now.

 3 | harvest
Things just got real around here.
Harvest has started, and won't end for a while.
We had to dig some early sugar beets this week, and hammered them out real quick like.
 Now we finish up with our final cutting of hay before we dig the remainder of the beets until the end of October.
Then corn.
And Bam! 
Done. For. The. Year.
It's going to be a lot of long hours for my farmer, but it always seems to just fly by! 
Especially when he has me in the tractor with him…
I mean, taking selfies while trying to copy the other's expression really passes the time.

 4 | sneak peek
The boy's shared big boy room is almost done!
I've got a couple of diy posts to write up, and a few final details to add to the room,
BUT I am loving it!
Here is a little sneak peek of one corner of the room.
I painted that little piece of tree artwork this week.
If it looks like it was done in 30 minutes, that's because it was.

5 | sleep habits
Speaking of the boys' new room…
they have been sleeping like champs! 
Before they shared a room, there was a lot of post bedtime shenanigans.
Always getting out of bed.
I swear they must have just been lonely, because now after I tell them goodnight, they stay put.
It's a miracle.
If only they could learn to share their toys, I would be the happiest gal around.

OK friends, now it's your turn...

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Happy Weekend! 



  1. Your hair looks great!! What a fun Fall cut :)

  2. I carried my daughter really far in the front, too, and really low for the entire pregnancy. I never dropped because she low the whole time!

  3. OMG - I'm dying! I'm from TWIN FALLS! :-) Go stop by and see my dad at Les Schwab if you have any tire troubles...lol
    www.californiatocarolina.com / www.thegymbunnyblog.com

  4. You have the cutest little belly! and I love your haircut! Makes me want cut my hair now! lol

  5. I carried both my boys thee same way. I loved that I was so huge though. Made me feel special. Haha. But both my boys were 8 and 9 pounders too! Love the haircut! It looks so awesome. :) And can I say how impressed I am that you're riding in the tractor that pregnant!? True farmers wife right there! Happy Weekend!

  6. You look great! My hubby worked on a farm when we were first dating and I loved going to ride in the tractor with him when he was harvesting. You guys obviously know how to keep things fun even during the busy season.


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