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diy log side table

Don't mind my slight absence, I've just been binge listening to the Undisclosed podcast… the follow up to Serial. 
So addicted.
If you were a Serial fan, you should be listening too.
In addition to that however, I've still been finishing up the new bedrooms for our growing family...

The boy's shared room has a bit of a camp/wilderness feel to it.
I wanted to add some elements to it that were rustic and useful… and decided to go with a log side table.
Pottery barn kids sells one HERE for $200.
That seemed outrageous.
Especially considering the wood pile we have behind our shop.
SO I decided to make my own.
This was nice because I could choose my own size.
Their room certainly isn't massive, so i didn't want it to be too big.

Here is how the process went down the other day….

1 | Choose your log.

2 | Rummage through your husbands tools and find a hammer and chisel.

3 | Remove the bark from the outside of the log.

4 | Once all of the bark has been removed, use and electric sander to make the log smooth and free of any splinters.

5 | Wipe the surface clean and then seal with a protective finish… I prefer water based for easy clean up.
{We had excess from the loft bed that we built - win!}

6 | Apply a second layer of sealant and let dry.

7 | Bam! Finished.

I would say that from start to finish this took me about two hours. 
I hammered it out during one of Beckam's naps last week.
AND I am super happy with how it turned out… especially since it cost me zero dollars.

Stay tuned for the DIY loft bed tutorial hopefully sometime next week.



  1. So, so cute! Love it. Can't wait for that bed tutorial! You guys are so handy.

  2. I think you should start selling your version! So great! I'd take like 5 for my living room!

  3. That is so cute! Love it!

  4. This looks awesome! Great work :)


  5. This is beautiful! Also, thanks for the tip on Undisclosed! My husband and I listened to it when we moved from Iowa to Idaho (a looong drive!) and it was so interesting! I'll have to check out Undisclosed now!

  6. What a great project! Love all of the little details you are adding in to make a special space for your boys.


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