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camping while pregnant | i want chocolate

It is Wednesday night… 
and I'm trying to convince myself that sitting on the couch and eating handfuls of chocolate is not a good idea. 
Especially since my glucose test is tomorrow.
There are few things in this world that are worse than the three hour glucose test after you fail the one hour… so I've decided to blog about a camping trip we took almost two weeks ago instead.

And by camping "trip" I mean we were there for 16 hours.
Half of which was spent trying to sleep.
In this tent:
 With my farmer and these two:
 And a big ol' pregnant belly full of these:
 it is safe to say that it was probably one of the worst nights of sleep I have ever had.
You may have noticed that the tent was on gravel.
We were forced to move it there after we set it up on the nice cozy grass.
Park rules are no joke I guess.

We spent our evening out on the water.
We also roasted a whole lot of marshmallows.
Especially Brody. 
And he ate exactly zero of them.
His poor Papa ate almost all of them for him.
There is something about a fresh smores when you are camping. 
Am I right?
So yummy… or maybe that's just the crazy pre-glucose-test talk coming out in me.

 After our night of "sleep" we were definitely the first campers awake.
We were also to only campers to start a fire.
Probably because the temperature would be increasing significantly from then until about 90 degrees.
 BUT Brody had to roast a few more marshmallows before the trip was over.
Meanwhile Beckam drank his morning coffee.
We all made toast on the fire pit, ate some breakfast, and tore down the tent that took us 45 minutes to put up mere hours before.
And then… it was time to leave so my farmer could cut some hay.
This pretty much sums up how we each felt about going home.



  1. Oh boy! You couldn't pay me to go camping while I was preggers!

  2. Oh my lord.......your little one's face in that last pic is hilarious! Hats off to you for camping while pregnant!

  3. No camping on the grass?! Never heard of that before. You poor thing, you are one dedicated mama. Get some rest!

  4. The little guys will remember these kinds of things forever. Love that pic of Ryan holding Brody where Ryan looks like he's only half awake.

  5. you go girl - the last time we went camping, I was 18 weeks with my first, and it was less than enjoyable getting comfy (er...attempting) on an air mattress ;-)

  6. Good luck on the three hour glucose test! What a pain! You are such a trooper! I am not one for camping in general, but definitely not while pregnant. But it looks like the kiddos had an awesome time. And now I want a s'more!

    Annie- All Things Big and Small


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