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a roller coaster of emotions | fire

My small hometown in Northern California made it onto the Nightly News last night.
Unfortunately not for a reason you'd be excited to see. 

Saturday afternoon/night and Sunday the area that I grew up in went up in flames.
Watching it unfold via texts, phone calls and Facebook was like a nightmare.
The most destructive and fast moving fire I've heard of in a while… or possible ever.
Countless people that I know only had mere minutes to evacuate and were unable to pack up anything other than themselves.
And if they weren't home at the time, they were unable to get back to their homes to try and save their pets or any beloved belongings.
It is truly devastating.
So many friends and acquaintances lost their homes.

This isn't a post 100% filled with bad news however.
My parents recently built and moved into a cabin in the hills - surrounded by trees.
They were unable to get back to their property until Sunday evening, and all we had to go by was the fire map… it didn't look good. The fire went right through their area.
And indeed it did.
We all expected the worse.
When my dad was able to get up there however…
the house was standing and had made it. Unharmed.
 It is truly miraculous.

While my parents were extremely fortunate, many others were not.
It is such a strange feeling of empathy and sadness.
And the fire is still roaring - with 10% containment I believe.

If you are the donating type, THIS site is quite helpful with details for what is needed.
If you are the praying type, please pray for this community that I love so much.



  1. Wow, what a blessing that the firs skipped right by your parents home. How did I not know you were from Northern California too, or maybe I did and forgot? It's really terrible right now and so scary. All those poor people losing everything. Saying prayers for them all!

  2. Sending prayers to you and your family! Glad to hear everyone is safe.

  3. This is so tough, but I am so glad your parents' home is okay!

  4. I had no idea you from the area! I'm in central valley, CA and just the haze down here from the fire smoke is insane. Our local vets are taking in mountain lion babies and other wildlife. Prayers for your family here and let us know if they need anything! We are doing so much down here to help anyone that has been affected by the fire.

  5. Whenever I see these fires my heart hurts for the families who lose their homes and for the firemen and their families who risk their life! Glad to hear your parents house was okay!

  6. This is just terrible, and so scary. I'm so sorry for the fear you all must be feeling, and for all of your friends who lost their homes and maybe even their pets :(

  7. Amazing story! I live 30 minutes from the fire (closer now that it has spread)...many people I know live there. It is so sad to see so much loss and so many people displaced. Praying.

  8. One of the firefighter's on base where my husband works lost his home. So sad.

  9. We just moved to the Sacramento area from Colorado last week, and we thought we knew wildfires, but the ones that California has seen this year are truly awful. So glad your family's home was safe, and that they were able to return.


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