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stitch fix review #2 | maternity style

Getting a box of clothes delivered to your door is pretty much the best invention. EVER.
Especially when they actually fit your body - unlike a majority of mine now.
Because guess who got rid of ALL of her maternity clothes?
This dummy, right here. 
For a hot minute I was convinced we were done having babies.
That was the same hot minute that I decided to clean out my closet.
Awesome. I know.
Stitch fix to the rescue.
Thank goodness they came out with a maternity section,
because we all know I am not taking my two boys clothes shopping with me.

Take a little look-see at the goodies that came this month and tell me what you think!

1 | Pale Sky Jamul Lace Detail Maternity Blouse

2 | Renee C Porsha Swing Dress 
{that lacey top I threw over it to dress it up a bit - not part of the actual dress}

3 | Market & Spruce Ariel V-Neck Maternity Blouse

 4 | Eight Sixty Gabre Maternity Dress

5 | Leola Abilene Floral Maternity Dress
Now… before any of you say that I should keep this dress let me inform you of a thing, or two.
It has sleeves. Cap sleeves, but still. I rolled them under.
It is also approximately 13 inches longer. 
Since I feel like my best asset is my legs, I can't hide them.
So… I hiked it up and tucked it under a belt.
I don't have any time to have a dress make me look 10+ years older. 
Needless to say, I'm not going to be keeping this one.

But, all in all, pretty cute for maternity clothes right?
What are your thoughts on all of the above, I'd love your input on what I should keep!!!

Are you a stitch-fixer?
If you want to try stitch fix out, you won't regret it.
Here is how it all works...

-You fill out an online style survey, requesting certain items and describing your body type and the style of clothes you love and want.
-Schedule the day you'd like for your box of goodies to arrive.
-When your box arrives you get to try on all of the items in the privacy of your own home, where you can mix and match with clothes that you already own.
-if you decide to keep all of the items you get 25% off the order total, and the styling fee of $20 is waived.
-If you keep just one item, the styling fee is waved also.

They also send you a bag with prepaid postage, so it is super easy to return anything that you don't want to keep.

It's a pretty great deal.
To get started just click HERE!



  1. I really like all of them except for that last one. It's just ok I guess. But I LOVE how you put the lacey top over the grey dress. It looks amazing like that.


  2. I like everything except the last dress! I especially like the navy dress!

  3. The navy dress and the dotted blouse are awesome!!

  4. We all seem to agree. Even before I read about the last dress, I was going to say get rid of that one. The navy dress looks great on you. Plus, actually, that color turquoise turns out to be a good one for you as well. Hope there's plenty of room to grow in all those clothes!

  5. I really like the navy dress and the teal shirt, I think they are versatile and you'll get a lot of wear out of it. I'm a huge sucker for polka dots, but that you can only get away with wearing so much since it's such a bold print.

  6. I love the dress you put the lace top over, so cute!

  7. 1, 3, and 4. I like both tops because you could probably wear them as non-maternity. Or at least during those glorious post-partum days. Although they wouldn't be the friendliest nursing tops. My only complaint about them is that they don't look super maternity. As in, I had a lot more belly (I don't think you have this problem if my memory is correct), so those tops wouldn't fit me for the whole thing. But then again, nothing fits towards the end (except hubby's clothes).

  8. You look great!!! I love the Eight Sixty Gabre Maternity Dress, is it comfortable?

  9. I love the shift dress and how you dressed it up! Adorable!

  10. I saw the Renee C swing dress pic and was like 'WHAT?! I haven't seen this in inventory but it is awesome!" They absolutely need to add that lace to the top of it. Super cute with your strappy sandals. Love everything! Too bad the floral print isn't made like you have it!


  11. Absolutely loving that polka dot top! Although everything looks great on you! That navy blue dress is really pretty too!
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  12. OMG, this is such a great idea and you look STUNNING in all of these outfits. I really love the last dress, but you're right--if you had to make all of those adjustments to make it work for you it's probably not worth keeping.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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