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oh hey, friday | 24 weeks, ad sale + karaoke

I'm not mad at you.
Thanks for coming so quickly again.

Let's just hop right in on what's been going down on the farm, shall we?

1 | stats
how far along | 24 weeks, feels like 30.

size of baby | baby is about a foot long - or about the size of an ear of corn… supposedly.

weight gain | well, I'm up 13 pounds total. Ugh. What the heck is happening? I swear that four of those pounds are strictly in the bra area though. I was hoping to keep this pregnancy at 20 pounds, but things aren't looking good. Even with exercising and eating decent my body is like "nah - pack it on!"

gender | BOY 3.0. Did I ever tell you guys that my doctor did a little ultrasound at 16 weeks? The baby was in a terrible position to find gender, but he could have sworn that he saw three distinct lines… which is girl. Which made me extra shocked after my 20 week ultrasound and getting the news that it was a boy. 

feeling | pretty good… pretty large. This past week I hit the "it's uncomfortable to do a lot of normal things" stage. So, the next 16 weeks are going to be LONG and super fun with 2 very active little boys.

craving | anything that is terrible for me - I have been being strong however and doing smoothies in the mornings and lots of salads for meals. Can we all say lame. Totally lame. 

sleeping | that farmer of mine, he is a gem. He bought me a pregnancy pillow this week because I was too cheap to do it. After only a couple of nights with that sweet sweet snoogle, I am in love and sleeping much better.

movement | Little guy took a rest day this week with very little movement. He is usually pretty active, so I was always waiting for a kick. I've read that babies are the most active between 24-28 weeks, so maybe he was just resting up for a big month long dance party. 

2 | drs. appt
My appointment went great.
I am measuring like 3 weeks ahead of schedule though.
He didn't seem too concerned since apparently baby is very high and the measurement may not be totally accurate.
Let's just hope that's the case and I'm not going to have to birth out 10 pounds of human.

I'll also have you know that my OB took a look at my archeologist findings, and he thinks... dinosaur bones! 
Who am I to argue with my OB?
I will be contacting someone soon to take a look, but just so you all know, I found dinosaur bones on our property.

3 | nursery 
I rearranged all of the furniture this week, so it is sitting how I want it for when baby arrives.
Super early I know, but I am more agile now than I will be next week, or next month.
Beckam told me it looked "beautiful" so it's a total win.
Our next big venture is to make a loft bed for Brody, so he and Beckam can share his room.
Lord, help us all when that day comes. 

4 | ad sale
If there is anything that this little babe in my belly likes, it's an ad sale.
Or maybe that's just me.
SO, with that being said, let's throw out a big one. 
How does 50% off medium spaces sound?
I need some extra gals to hop on board for our group giveaway coming up.
You can click HERE to head to my advertise page and enter code MEDIUM.

 5 | karaoke-ish concert
This last weekend my little guys put on a concert for us.
As you can see, they are excellent singers. 
And dancers.
And underwear models.
And with that, have a great weekend.
But first… get your link on!

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  1. You look great! Can't wait to hear if those are in fact dinosaur bones! How cool is that? ~Ree

  2. It's so funny b/c my mom's only biological children are me and my sister. Her doctor told her that both of us were boys (we're 6 years apart) and we both ended up being girls lol. What's also funny/ ironic is my dad's only sibling is his sister. And his sister had only 2 children, both girls as well. Aaaand the oldest of the two was born on my birthday three years after I was born. And 3 years after she was born, both of our sisters were born. So our sisters were born the same year. Oh and me and my cousin who share the same birthday were both due on the 6th of July and we both came 3 days early on July 3rd. So weird how things turned out like that.


  3. DINOSAUR BONES?! You guys are basically famous. And that bone is seriously HUGE. Oh and obviously you have the cutest little prego belly and I can't wait to see what he looks like! Your other two are such cuties #3 will be one, too :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  4. You look fantastic! And the karaoke video of your sons is adorable. Have a great weekend!

  5. If it makes you feel any better, I tried to birth an almost 10 pound baby. But it didn't happen. He had to come emergency c-section. Hope that's not the case for you!! And you are looking great! And yes, those are dinosaur bones or maybe cattle? You never know. ;-) Hope you have a great weekend!


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