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oh hey, friday | 23 weeks pregnant + a cameo of my farmer

I've been spending a majority of my days playing referee between my little guys.
Why, oh why, must they fight so much?
And then, literally, one minute later they love each other and won't do something unless the other joins.
This brotherhood thing is weird.
And now, it's Friday.
And I'm excited. 

Let's just hop right into what's new around here:

1 | 23 weeks
I'm 23 weeks pregnant.
And already feeling large. I know that is is really going to get increasingly worse too.
I also finally got some pictures taken on a real camera instead of my phone.
Thank the Lord I have this stud around to test lighting on and strike a pose.
Isn't he a natural?

2 | purchases 
I'll spare you with the preggo stats this week and instead tell you about the dollar bills I've been spending.
Did you catch my nursery inspiration post on Monday?
Here are the deets:
The crib and glider I already own.
I did just purchased the dresser and leather pulls however.
Everything is currently still in boxes.
I'm waiting until my farmer has a couple of extra hours to spare so he can help me.
Last time I tried assembling a piece of furniture on my own I put a hole through the top.
No bueno.

3 | sleep
The struggle.
I am officially getting terrible terrible sleep.
Sleeping on your side is balls.
My hips hurt real bad.
And so does my back.
Could I complain any more?
The answer is yes. But I won't.
I debate buying a pregnancy pillow daily.
But honestly don't know if it is worth it.

4 | movement
The boys have been feeling the baby move a lot lately.
They get so excited every time their hand gets kicked.
 It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

5 | cravings
I need to get my shiz together.
After being on "vacation" for about a week my eating habits have taken a plunge.
I refuse to buy any sweets because I will eat them all. Seriously.
I can't be trusted.
And since I don't buy sweets, I am them forced to make them.
Wednesday the boys and I whipped up some homemade ice-cream.
2 cups cream
i can {14oz} of sweetened condensed milk
splash of vanilla

In other words, it's super healthy.

We just mixed the ingredients up and poured it into the ice cream maker. 
Thirty minutes later we had this super delicious ice cream.
I have my doctors appointment next week, which means weigh-in… time will tell how much these decisions are affecting me. :)

Ok friends, it's link up time.

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Have a great weekend everyone.
Can't wait to read your posts.



  1. Love that nursery inspiration!! And those photos of your kiddo with the baby bump--adorable!! :)

  2. You look great! As for the pregnancy pillow, maybe you could find one at a consignment shop so it's not as big of deal if you don't get tons of use out of it? You can always buy a new slipcover for it since its used. It's so sweet how your boys are loving the baby already! Little guy is gonna be spoiled ;) Happy weekend!

  3. You look fantastic! I can't give any advice on the pregnancy pillow as I am a side sleeper naturally so I was really lucky. I did however benefit from wedging a pillow under me in the third trimester. I hear ya on letting the eating slide. I have been on vacation and indulged in way too many sweets!

    All Things Big and Small

  4. The photos of the boys feeling the baby kick are absolutely priceless! Love them. Also, funny pose of your husband, and you're looking great!

  5. Your top is so cute! And love your husband's pose... is fashion blogging in his future? :)

  6. 35 weeks pregnant here... And I agree sleeping sucks! I just use a normal pillow between my legs, and it does help a bit. I have a pregnancy pillow I used last time, but it's to darn hot for the hubby, our cat, and that big pillow in our tiny full size bed.

  7. I am so excited to have found your blog! Farmer's wife right here. Plus, I've got two boys too. Are you hoping for a girl? My husband says we need a girl, someone to take care of us when we are old!! :) I hate that you're feeling so many pains though. I hope it gets better! Am your newest GFC and Bloglovin' follower. Would love a visit when you have time. I'm not a new blogger but am starting up a new blog. http://theclassychaos.blogspot.com. Hope you have a weekend! And btw, love the stud picture!

    1. Hey Amy! I tried to reply to the comment you made but it says failed to deliver. :( Just wanted you to know. Happy Weekend!

  8. Next pregnancy I am totally buying a pregnancy pillow. Because I remember sleeping like crap. And I just don't want to do that to myself next time. And perhaps the pillow won't help at all, but at least I will know I tried everything and that pregnancy sleep just sucks. period.

  9. Oh gosh the sleeping on your side is the worst! what I did was I layed on my side, then put a rolled up blanket behind me, so it was touching my back, so I could roll ever so slightly on my back and still be on my "side" but not so much that my hips hurt. It worked for me, and then I didn't have to buy a big pillow that was going to force my husband out of our small bed.

  10. You look amazing!! Trying that homemade ice cream ASAP!

  11. That has GOT to be the easiest ice cream recipe ever! Its going to be happening in my kitchen this weekend!

  12. Such gorgeous pics, and I always LOVE reading your weekly recaps - so funny and refreshing and real!!

    Lee |
    LegalLee Blonde

  13. I say yes to the pillow if you have a big enough bed. My husband, myself, and the pillow barely fit in our queen size bed. I've tried using regular pillows between my legs, but they would move around and get lost. I also like having the part to rest my back on like someone else said so I can be on my back but my side at the same time. My husband bought me the bump nest pillow for my birthday gift a couple months after we found out I was pregnant.

  14. I can't wait to see your fished nursery. Those leather pulls are going to be so awesome!

    Homemade ice cream is soooo good! I want to try that recipe, it seems really simple!

  15. I love the inspiration for the nursery! That ice cream recipe looks so easy & sounds delicious.

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