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oh hey, friday | 22 weeks, baby names + more

Usually I look forward to Friday.
This week though it came fast… and it's bittersweet. 
It just means that our visiting family will be leaving soon.
And that, well, it's nothing to look forward too.
McCall vacations, playmates for the boys, and twilight golfing is where it's at.

Back to the real world soon.
Until then, let's talk about this baby in my belly!

1 | 22 weeks
This pregnancy is just flying right along.
I'm currently 22 weeks and chugging right along to the finish line.
No big news this week, other than baby got in a lot of fun activities.
Biking, paddle boarding, golfing.
This little bugger has been super duper active also, so perhaps he's trying to keep up too.

2. | gender
In case you missed it HERE, we are having another precious boy.
Official boy mom here.

3 | names
Speaking of having another boy…
he needs a name.
I mean Brody has been calling him Baby Blade for goodness sakes.
It's a cute little in-utero nickname, but he needs an official name.
So far we have stuck with B names: Broderick and Beckam.
It seems like we should keep with that trend.
However I'm certainly not opposed to steering away from that since I can't seem to find anything I really love.
Basically I'm asking for your help.
What should we name our babe!?
Give me all of your name suggestions!

4 | nursery
I'm just about finished with my new nursery plans.
It's coming together perfectly… in my head.
Stay tuned next week and I'll share with you what I am thinking.

5 | purchases
I don't really need to buy anything for the new babe, because we are set on boy items.
I did however make a babyish purchase this week… for myself.
My diaper bag strap broke.
And it hung down to my knees.
Super comfy. Not.
SO, I bought myself a new one.
And I'm loving it.
Fun fun.

Ok friends, now it's your turn!!!

1 | Go ahead and write up a post about five things.
2 | Paste the html of the button below on your post.
3 | Link up at the bottom.

Have a great weekend everyone, I know that we will!!!



  1. I totally love the "B" names Benton, Blaine, and Barrett!

  2. I love the names Brenton and Brenson. My absolute favorite name is Benjamin! Good luck choosing a name!

  3. I love the names Brenton and Brenson. My absolute favorite name is Benjamin! Good luck choosing a name!

  4. I love the names Brenton and Brenson. My absolute favorite name is Benjamin! Good luck choosing a name!

  5. I was also going to say Benton! I like Bentley - it was super popular a while back but I think it's died down now.

  6. I have a feeling I am going to be a boy mom too!! I have no babies yet, but I just feel that! Love it though....boys are so so sweet to their mamas! And you're the queen!! You'll hear the perfect boy name and that will be it, luckily you still have time ;)! Xx

  7. I'm a fan of the name Blake. Can't wait to see your nursery ideas!

  8. Bennet, Brady, Brunson.
    I like the B trend you guys have going.

  9. Awww...you are looking too cute!! Love the name Beckam! Another B name...Blake's cute too!! Have a great weekend!!

  10. I would totally stick with B names! Here are a few of my favorites (some without B's too).... Bryce, Belden, Benson, Bowen, Fletcher, Lincoln (if I ever have a boy that is my top runner!) Good luck!

  11. Love your baby bump, you look adorable! Some of my favourite B names for boys are Benjamin, Bentley, Bodhi, Bradley, and Blake. Good luck with choosing a name! :)

  12. I like Blake and Bennett. But not Benton. Bent Johnson -- well that would be just unfortunate. I've always been partial to the name Taylor, myself. On second thought, Bennett is too much like Beckam. You would be mixing up those kids' names right and left. Blake Johnson sounds good. Plus the rhythm of Brody, Beckam, and Blake sounds good. Two two-syllable names and one short and sweet.

  13. Congrats again on the new addition! I agree, I think now that you have two B names you're in it for the long haul. From the suggestions above, I like Barrett and Blake the best, but here are a few more:

    Baylor, Booth, Barlow, Bronson, Brooks

  14. I love Brooks. I've also met a boy named Brit which I kind of liked.

  15. Cute diaper bag! My friend has a little boy named Brayden, which I love. I also like Bentley, Bryson, Blake and Brooks. Can't wait to see your nursery plans and whatever name you choose :) Happy Friday!

  16. Bentley, Brendan, Bryson, & Brayden are a few B boy names I think are cute.

  17. Baron is my favorite B boy name!

  18. I love Beckam!! We had it on our list but we went with Sylas instead. Some of our other baby boy options were Lincoln and Gabriel.


  19. I think you should stick with the B theme! A few names that I could think of are Brennan, Bryant, Brent, Bryce, and Beckett.

  20. My son's name is Brayden. He will be 18 in November, so if you think it is trendy, just know that I had it first. haha. When I named him that, everyone said "never heard of that name". I still love it today as much as the day I picked it when I was 21 weeks pregnant.

    1. Forgot to mention, he is "Bray" for short.

  21. I just found our blog through Living in Color! I'm 22 weeks today!! I love the name Beckett! Excited to follow along in your journey and see your nursery ideas!

  22. I think its so fun when all the kids have the same first letter but at the same time, it's nice to give #3 a little identity. my husband and his 2 brothers all start with the letter T, the third got a T-name because my MIL didn't want him to feel left out...My siblings both start with a "Ka" sound even though they are a C and a K, my mom almost named me Courtney but then made a last minute change to Ashley and I am SO SO glad to not have the same sound as my bro and sis, I have my own identity and it works for me. But do what you want - find the name you love!

  23. You have to stick with a "B" name...hate with parents change it up and cause the 3rd child to fill left out. I LOVE Barren (can't be spelled differently), Blaine and Bryce.


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