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oh hey, friday | 21 weeks + more

I fell asleep on the couch last night and this post barely got written.
I have been SO tired this week and such a slacker in the form of exercise.
So… this is going to be short and sweet today. :)

First - link up time!

1 | Go ahead and write up a post about five things.
2 | Paste the html of the button below on your post.
3 | Link up at the bottom.

Ok here we go.
 1 | 21 week update
I am not going to bore you with any stats this week as not too much has changed. 
The only major news is gender!
If you didn't catch my post here or here we are having another baby boy!!
I was literally so shocked at first that I was convinced we would be surprised at the birth.
I mean, they didn't even provide us with an ultrasound picture for proof.
I just thought it was a girl for some reason.
And I was wrong.
That's all worn off now though, and I am fully embracing boy-momhood.
There is something special about a mom and son relationship, and I am lucky enough to get that x3. 

2 | up in flames
Our livelihood nearly went up in flames.
Imagine with me… 1:30 am, power outage, woken up by a call on the cell phone.
I overheard my farmer telling the person on the other end, "uh, I've gotta go, there is a fire headed toward the wheat field!" {which was obviously why the person was calling him}
I rush out and look out the window to see the entire hillside covered in flames… with the wind blowing it right towards a huge wheat field of ours that had A LOT of harvest equipment sitting in it and massive amounts of hay stacked nearby.

My farmer has gazelle like speed, and was able to get a tractor and disk up there within minutes to help put it out with a very helpful neighbor who came also.

The boys had woken up to the commotion too, and were awake with me as we drove radios out and helped in anyway that we could… mostly making certain people aware of the situation.
After a couple of hours, and with the help of some rain, the fire was contained.
It only made it to one of our fields which was luckily sugar beets and not damaged at all.
It was a very eventful early morning, and I think we are all still catching up on sleep.
3 | garden
Have I mentioned that our garden is a total flop this year?
As in, we never even finished planting it.
We changed up the way that we irrigate it, thinking it would be more efficient. Wrong.
It just didn't work.
We were however able to grow some sweet corn and sunflowers and a fair amount of weeds. 
Not a total flop I suppose.
4 | vacation
My sister in law and her family are coming into town tonight!
We are super excited to hang with them and let the cousins go wild.
First up on our agenda is McCall!
We are headed up the mountains on Sunday for a few days.
I will be a little MIA around here early next week - probably being coerced to tandem bike ride around the lake again.
5 | brothers
These two… they fight ALL of the time.
But they love each other an insane amount.
It is very interesting to watch.
I suppose this is just how brothers are?
Have a great weekend everyone!!
Now get your linky on. :)



  1. Wow that fire must have been so scary! Glad everything turned out ok. And congratulations again on baby boy #3, you are going to be a PRO! Xoxo

  2. so scary about the fire!!! I was in a forest fire once when I was younger when I was visiting my aunt in Cali. Glad nothing got too damage

  3. Thank goodness everything is ok with the fire! Talk about scary!

  4. No wonder you are still tired! That fire story is SCARY!!! I'm so glad you guys are alright and your fields are ok.

  5. Definitely not a total flop, I love sunflowers! So glad the fire didn't cause worse damage... So scary!

  6. 3 boys? Whew you are my hero! 3 boys = 3x the mother son dance at their weddings :)

    rest up mama you're gonna need it :)

  7. Thanks for the party Amy - now it's our turn to go to the rodeo tomorrow! :)

  8. I'm so glad that you were able to keep the fire contained!


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