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and this is how a vacation is done…

We are back from our lovely little mountain vacation.
So… you know what that means…
I need another vacation.

Our first full day was quite busy. 
We took a 20ish mile bike ride around the lake.
And by bike, I mean tandem pulling two children in a trailer.
And my ride, I mean strenuous.
The first half of the ride is glorious paved beauty.
And then you hit gravel.
And hills.
Just FYI, tandem bikes pulling children aren't built for going up hills.
Or going down hills that are all washboards.

Especially with a wobbly pedal on top of it all…
About 6 miles into the ride, my farmer lost one of his pedals.
Like, it totally fell off.
Luckily we still had cell service, and the rental company made a little service call to "fix" it.
It got wobbly again, and needless to say we took that bike on it's retirement ride.

Obviously post ride we all needed some ice cream.
We changed clothes at our rental house and then cruised the bikes down to the beach.
After dinner and baths, the night ended with these guys finally putting in the bicycle power.
If only they could have towed me.
Needless to say, they were tired out.

Our next, and last full day there we rented some paddle boards.
This time we took a 4+ mile paddle.
This might not seem like a lot, but when you are standing on a board in the water with a child sitting/wiggling on the front, it takes a while.

The little lake outlet that we took was SO beautiful and I was wishing I had my camera the entire time.
I had thought about taking it, but since I had never been on a paddle board I was convinced that I would fall and hence ruin my phone.
There was no falling… just lots of sweating - so either way it would have been ruined I suppose.
I did snap a pic pre-ride though while we were waiting for my farmer to drive back to the rental shop and snag the life jackets that were required and forgotten.
We would have gotten more pics when we returned, however the wind was blowing approximately 45 mph and the water was rough!
 So we just staged a picture instead.
That little adventure took most of the day, so after we threw the boys in bed we escaped.
My farmer and I took out our cruisers, 
(two separate bikes now… remember the retirement of the tandem}
and rode down to watch the beautiful sunset at the lake.
 It was a quick and wonderful jam packed vacation.
Oh, and did I mention that we stayed up late, watched movies, and ate popcorn and a whole tub of ice-cream every night.
Pure bliss really.
Even though we are back home now, my sis in law and her fam are still here for a few more days, so the fun continues!
Between the cousins fighting at least. :)



  1. Looks like a great time! :)

  2. well y'all are an adventurous crew. lol.

    That bike pedal fiasco though. Oh my!

  3. what a great time, and a lot of biking. :)

  4. We almost used the name Brenton when we had our little guy. Still <3 the name, but it doesn't flow now with our kid's names (if we have a 3rd). Just thought I'd pass it along. :-)

  5. yay for another boy! I actually like the name "Blade" lol. maybe it'll be a nickname that sticks!

    Trish - tales from trish

  6. yay for another boy! I actually like the name "Blade" lol. maybe it'll be a nickname that sticks!

    Trish - tales from trish

  7. What fun! Love your expressions. Great memories for your little ones too.


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