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oh hey, friday | 24 weeks, ad sale + karaoke

I'm not mad at you.
Thanks for coming so quickly again.

Let's just hop right in on what's been going down on the farm, shall we?

1 | stats
how far along | 24 weeks, feels like 30.

size of baby | baby is about a foot long - or about the size of an ear of corn… supposedly.

weight gain | well, I'm up 13 pounds total. Ugh. What the heck is happening? I swear that four of those pounds are strictly in the bra area though. I was hoping to keep this pregnancy at 20 pounds, but things aren't looking good. Even with exercising and eating decent my body is like "nah - pack it on!"

gender | BOY 3.0. Did I ever tell you guys that my doctor did a little ultrasound at 16 weeks? The baby was in a terrible position to find gender, but he could have sworn that he saw three distinct lines… which is girl. Which made me extra shocked after my 20 week ultrasound and getting the news that it was a boy. 

feeling | pretty good… pretty large. This past week I hit the "it's uncomfortable to do a lot of normal things" stage. So, the next 16 weeks are going to be LONG and super fun with 2 very active little boys.

craving | anything that is terrible for me - I have been being strong however and doing smoothies in the mornings and lots of salads for meals. Can we all say lame. Totally lame. 

sleeping | that farmer of mine, he is a gem. He bought me a pregnancy pillow this week because I was too cheap to do it. After only a couple of nights with that sweet sweet snoogle, I am in love and sleeping much better.

movement | Little guy took a rest day this week with very little movement. He is usually pretty active, so I was always waiting for a kick. I've read that babies are the most active between 24-28 weeks, so maybe he was just resting up for a big month long dance party. 

2 | drs. appt
My appointment went great.
I am measuring like 3 weeks ahead of schedule though.
He didn't seem too concerned since apparently baby is very high and the measurement may not be totally accurate.
Let's just hope that's the case and I'm not going to have to birth out 10 pounds of human.

I'll also have you know that my OB took a look at my archeologist findings, and he thinks... dinosaur bones! 
Who am I to argue with my OB?
I will be contacting someone soon to take a look, but just so you all know, I found dinosaur bones on our property.

3 | nursery 
I rearranged all of the furniture this week, so it is sitting how I want it for when baby arrives.
Super early I know, but I am more agile now than I will be next week, or next month.
Beckam told me it looked "beautiful" so it's a total win.
Our next big venture is to make a loft bed for Brody, so he and Beckam can share his room.
Lord, help us all when that day comes. 

4 | ad sale
If there is anything that this little babe in my belly likes, it's an ad sale.
Or maybe that's just me.
SO, with that being said, let's throw out a big one. 
How does 50% off medium spaces sound?
I need some extra gals to hop on board for our group giveaway coming up.
You can click HERE to head to my advertise page and enter code MEDIUM.

 5 | karaoke-ish concert
This last weekend my little guys put on a concert for us.
As you can see, they are excellent singers. 
And dancers.
And underwear models.
And with that, have a great weekend.
But first… get your link on!

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so, maybe i'm an archeologist…

Or just a total nerd.
Let me explain.

I've been going for daily walks with my littlest guys.
This usually consists of me pushing an empty stroller while they run, play and explore.
I do however force them to stay put if I want to get any sort of decent exercise. 

Anyways, as we were taking our sweet sweet time the other day I glanced over and saw this:
This is about 15 inches long to give you a little perspective.
 And on the inside...
Is this a little suspicious looking or what!?
Like… what would be your first gut guess as to what it is?
I'm no scientist or expert here, but it looks like a super old petrified bone to me.
And the size? 
Pretty massive.

Naturally I was super fascinated and spent the remainder of our walk, and every walk since, looking for more.
Here is what I have found:
 They are all the same material, whatever it is.
Can someone smarter than me please tell me what I have found!?
And can you please tell me that I will somehow become a millionaire because of these finds?

PS. If you tell me they are weird looking rocks I will hate you for life. Ha.



nursery art

You may have realized that I am fully onboard the "make the nursery adorable" train.
If you didn't catch my inspiration last week, you can see it HERE.

Something that this nursery plan was desperately missing was an adorable black and white print to add to it's monochromatic theme.

Ashley from Mama Designed to the rescue.
She made this adorable print, and I couldn't be more in love with it:
Put it in a black frame, hang it over the crib, BAM!

Lucky for you, this print can be yours too. 
Buy it, download it, print it, voila!

Don't have a little man? No biggie…
head to her etsy shop and see the other adorable graphic prints that she has made.

She is offering a 50% discount code until the 31st using code farmerswife also.
That means that print above will cost you a grand total of TWO dollars. 
Now, I'm not a financial guru, but I know that is a steal of a deal.
So, hop on it.

Go and visit Ashely and show her some love:

My goal this week now is to assemble that dresser finally, so this nursery can start taking some shape.
Wish me luck.



oh hey, friday | 23 weeks pregnant + a cameo of my farmer

I've been spending a majority of my days playing referee between my little guys.
Why, oh why, must they fight so much?
And then, literally, one minute later they love each other and won't do something unless the other joins.
This brotherhood thing is weird.
And now, it's Friday.
And I'm excited. 

Let's just hop right into what's new around here:

1 | 23 weeks
I'm 23 weeks pregnant.
And already feeling large. I know that is is really going to get increasingly worse too.
I also finally got some pictures taken on a real camera instead of my phone.
Thank the Lord I have this stud around to test lighting on and strike a pose.
Isn't he a natural?

2 | purchases 
I'll spare you with the preggo stats this week and instead tell you about the dollar bills I've been spending.
Did you catch my nursery inspiration post on Monday?
Here are the deets:
The crib and glider I already own.
I did just purchased the dresser and leather pulls however.
Everything is currently still in boxes.
I'm waiting until my farmer has a couple of extra hours to spare so he can help me.
Last time I tried assembling a piece of furniture on my own I put a hole through the top.
No bueno.

3 | sleep
The struggle.
I am officially getting terrible terrible sleep.
Sleeping on your side is balls.
My hips hurt real bad.
And so does my back.
Could I complain any more?
The answer is yes. But I won't.
I debate buying a pregnancy pillow daily.
But honestly don't know if it is worth it.

4 | movement
The boys have been feeling the baby move a lot lately.
They get so excited every time their hand gets kicked.
 It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

5 | cravings
I need to get my shiz together.
After being on "vacation" for about a week my eating habits have taken a plunge.
I refuse to buy any sweets because I will eat them all. Seriously.
I can't be trusted.
And since I don't buy sweets, I am them forced to make them.
Wednesday the boys and I whipped up some homemade ice-cream.
2 cups cream
i can {14oz} of sweetened condensed milk
splash of vanilla

In other words, it's super healthy.

We just mixed the ingredients up and poured it into the ice cream maker. 
Thirty minutes later we had this super delicious ice cream.
I have my doctors appointment next week, which means weigh-in… time will tell how much these decisions are affecting me. :)

Ok friends, it's link up time.

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Have a great weekend everyone.
Can't wait to read your posts.



stitch fix review #2 | maternity style

Getting a box of clothes delivered to your door is pretty much the best invention. EVER.
Especially when they actually fit your body - unlike a majority of mine now.
Because guess who got rid of ALL of her maternity clothes?
This dummy, right here. 
For a hot minute I was convinced we were done having babies.
That was the same hot minute that I decided to clean out my closet.
Awesome. I know.
Stitch fix to the rescue.
Thank goodness they came out with a maternity section,
because we all know I am not taking my two boys clothes shopping with me.

Take a little look-see at the goodies that came this month and tell me what you think!

1 | Pale Sky Jamul Lace Detail Maternity Blouse

2 | Renee C Porsha Swing Dress 
{that lacey top I threw over it to dress it up a bit - not part of the actual dress}

3 | Market & Spruce Ariel V-Neck Maternity Blouse

 4 | Eight Sixty Gabre Maternity Dress

5 | Leola Abilene Floral Maternity Dress
Now… before any of you say that I should keep this dress let me inform you of a thing, or two.
It has sleeves. Cap sleeves, but still. I rolled them under.
It is also approximately 13 inches longer. 
Since I feel like my best asset is my legs, I can't hide them.
So… I hiked it up and tucked it under a belt.
I don't have any time to have a dress make me look 10+ years older. 
Needless to say, I'm not going to be keeping this one.

But, all in all, pretty cute for maternity clothes right?
What are your thoughts on all of the above, I'd love your input on what I should keep!!!

Are you a stitch-fixer?
If you want to try stitch fix out, you won't regret it.
Here is how it all works...

-You fill out an online style survey, requesting certain items and describing your body type and the style of clothes you love and want.
-Schedule the day you'd like for your box of goodies to arrive.
-When your box arrives you get to try on all of the items in the privacy of your own home, where you can mix and match with clothes that you already own.
-if you decide to keep all of the items you get 25% off the order total, and the styling fee of $20 is waived.
-If you keep just one item, the styling fee is waved also.

They also send you a bag with prepaid postage, so it is super easy to return anything that you don't want to keep.

It's a pretty great deal.
To get started just click HERE!



nursery inspiration | baby boy #3

Baby boy number three is going to be here soon.
Well… four months… but it will come fast.
I have been dreaming up a new nursery style, because basically I am sick of the same bedding, etc. that we have used for our first two boys.

I am getting super excited about this monochromatic scheme: 
I will have an oversized abstract art print to add some color to the room also.

I think I am most excited about the custom bedding I am having made by Olivia at Lou Lou Made.
She is super talented and if you haven't checked out her Etsy site, you're totally missing out.

Also, those leather Anthropologie pulls have my heart.

What do you think?



oh hey, friday | 22 weeks, baby names + more

Usually I look forward to Friday.
This week though it came fast… and it's bittersweet. 
It just means that our visiting family will be leaving soon.
And that, well, it's nothing to look forward too.
McCall vacations, playmates for the boys, and twilight golfing is where it's at.

Back to the real world soon.
Until then, let's talk about this baby in my belly!

1 | 22 weeks
This pregnancy is just flying right along.
I'm currently 22 weeks and chugging right along to the finish line.
No big news this week, other than baby got in a lot of fun activities.
Biking, paddle boarding, golfing.
This little bugger has been super duper active also, so perhaps he's trying to keep up too.

2. | gender
In case you missed it HERE, we are having another precious boy.
Official boy mom here.

3 | names
Speaking of having another boy…
he needs a name.
I mean Brody has been calling him Baby Blade for goodness sakes.
It's a cute little in-utero nickname, but he needs an official name.
So far we have stuck with B names: Broderick and Beckam.
It seems like we should keep with that trend.
However I'm certainly not opposed to steering away from that since I can't seem to find anything I really love.
Basically I'm asking for your help.
What should we name our babe!?
Give me all of your name suggestions!

4 | nursery
I'm just about finished with my new nursery plans.
It's coming together perfectly… in my head.
Stay tuned next week and I'll share with you what I am thinking.

5 | purchases
I don't really need to buy anything for the new babe, because we are set on boy items.
I did however make a babyish purchase this week… for myself.
My diaper bag strap broke.
And it hung down to my knees.
Super comfy. Not.
SO, I bought myself a new one.
And I'm loving it.
Fun fun.

Ok friends, now it's your turn!!!

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Have a great weekend everyone, I know that we will!!!



and this is how a vacation is done…

We are back from our lovely little mountain vacation.
So… you know what that means…
I need another vacation.

Our first full day was quite busy. 
We took a 20ish mile bike ride around the lake.
And by bike, I mean tandem pulling two children in a trailer.
And my ride, I mean strenuous.
The first half of the ride is glorious paved beauty.
And then you hit gravel.
And hills.
Just FYI, tandem bikes pulling children aren't built for going up hills.
Or going down hills that are all washboards.

Especially with a wobbly pedal on top of it all…
About 6 miles into the ride, my farmer lost one of his pedals.
Like, it totally fell off.
Luckily we still had cell service, and the rental company made a little service call to "fix" it.
It got wobbly again, and needless to say we took that bike on it's retirement ride.

Obviously post ride we all needed some ice cream.
We changed clothes at our rental house and then cruised the bikes down to the beach.
After dinner and baths, the night ended with these guys finally putting in the bicycle power.
If only they could have towed me.
Needless to say, they were tired out.

Our next, and last full day there we rented some paddle boards.
This time we took a 4+ mile paddle.
This might not seem like a lot, but when you are standing on a board in the water with a child sitting/wiggling on the front, it takes a while.

The little lake outlet that we took was SO beautiful and I was wishing I had my camera the entire time.
I had thought about taking it, but since I had never been on a paddle board I was convinced that I would fall and hence ruin my phone.
There was no falling… just lots of sweating - so either way it would have been ruined I suppose.
I did snap a pic pre-ride though while we were waiting for my farmer to drive back to the rental shop and snag the life jackets that were required and forgotten.
We would have gotten more pics when we returned, however the wind was blowing approximately 45 mph and the water was rough!
 So we just staged a picture instead.
That little adventure took most of the day, so after we threw the boys in bed we escaped.
My farmer and I took out our cruisers, 
(two separate bikes now… remember the retirement of the tandem}
and rode down to watch the beautiful sunset at the lake.
 It was a quick and wonderful jam packed vacation.
Oh, and did I mention that we stayed up late, watched movies, and ate popcorn and a whole tub of ice-cream every night.
Pure bliss really.
Even though we are back home now, my sis in law and her fam are still here for a few more days, so the fun continues!
Between the cousins fighting at least. :)

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