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three kids… how do you do it!?

Days like yesterday make me wonder how in the world I will be able to parent THREE children.
My morning went a little something like this…

Wake up.
Feed kids breakfast.
Get Brody his clothes for gymnastics.
Come back out to the kitchen to watch Beckam {who had apparently crawled onto the table} climbing/falling face first into his chair and the floor.

You guys… SO much blood. 
Luckily, he just hit his mouth causing him to bite his lip really bad.
He only cried for maybe a minute.
So brave.

After cleaning up that mess, we finally rushed out the door to get started on our hour drive to gymnastics.
When I opened up the car door there was only one carseat.
The other was in my farmers truck thirty minutes away.
I decided to buckle Brody in like a big boy, put Beckam in the carseat and head to get the other carseat.
AND then, when I turned not the car, I had 9 miles to go until empty.
I was out of gas.
We do have gas on the farm, so I was able to fill up.

By the time we got the other carseat, I knew there was no way that we were making it to gymnastics on time. 
And we missed the last two weeks due to swim lessons.

All of this to say… HOW in the world am I going to this with another child!?
Wake up earlier?
Plan on leaving 30 minutes prior to when I actually need to?

We ended up making the most of our day and went to the indoor play gym in the same building as our gymnastics. 
The boys totally loved it.
Beckam could jump head first off of tall objects without hurting himself.
And Brody teamed up with three other boys to have the best morning ever.

Lemonade, you guys. Lemonade.



  1. You got this! You seem like a really great mom & even though it'll be different, you can totally do it.

  2. It will take a bit getting used to 3 but once you get the hang of it you'll be just fine! You can do it!

  3. I'm worried about how I'm going to manage with two little ones running around here soon! I had a religion teacher in high school who always said change was inevitable, and you just have to learn to appreciate your "new normal" whatever that may be. I have always taken that advice to heart during every single life change, and know it will all work out and I'll wonder why was so worried in the first place :)

  4. Haha! Oh man... I've had mornings like those with 3 kids, but I also had them with only 1 kiddo as well. You'll do great. Adding in a 3rd isn't as hard as it seems.

  5. I wonder that about having another child. I already feel like a total failure most days, and I can't imagine throwing another one into the mix. But we will all somehow manage!

  6. I wonder this same thing - we are contemplating #3 and there are days that I definitely can not handle the two we have lol. You will manage perfectly - and once the baby arrives, both of the boys will be older and things will get better :)

  7. Shep had a bad fall the other day and had his first bloody nose. Broke my heart! Boys will be boys :) Glad the Beckham is doing OK, what a trooper!


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