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stitch fix review | maternity style

Did you all know that Stitch Fix has maternity and petite clothing now?
I was super excited about this, for obvious reasons.

I just got my first maternity fix in the mail, and need your help deciding what to keep!
Let's just hop right to it and show you the goods:

1 | Dafne Chevron Maxi Dress // $88

2 | Solana Pleated Maternity Blouse // $ 68

3 | Loma Maternity Knit Top // $48

4 & 5 | Cuyamaca Embroidered Maternity Blouse & Millie Maternity Straight Leg Jean // $68 & $98

Shout out to my 4 year old for snapping these shots on my iPhone!! 

Pretty cute for maternity clothes right?
What are your thoughts on all of the above, I'd love your input!!!
Are you a stitch-fixer?
If you want to try stitch fix out, you won't regret it.
Here is how it all works...

-You fill out an online style survey, requesting certain items and describing your body type and the style of clothes you love and want.
-Schedule the day you'd like for your box of goodies to arrive.
-When your box arrives you get to try on all of the items in the privacy of your own home, where you can mix and match with clothes that you already own.
-if you decide to keep all of the items you get 25% off the order total, and the styling fee of $20 is waived.
-If you keep just one item, the styling fee is waved also.

They also send you a bag with prepaid postage, so it is super easy to return anything that you don't want to keep.

It's a pretty great deal.
To get started just click HERE!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

ALSO, thanks to Rocksbox for all of the jewelry!
This is almost identical to Stitch Fix, except primarily for jewelry.
Basically you rent the jewelry with the option to buy.
If you would like to try one box completely FREE for one month, click here to take the Rocksbox style survey {at the bottom of the page} and then use code: farmerswifeamyxoxo
Who doesn't love three pieces of jewelry to use for free?
That's what I thought - hop on that!!

On that note, Happy Wednesday friends.



  1. Love the maxi dress and jeans. Keepers for sure! The tops are all cute too, but I think you could find similar ones for less, so those would be no's for me:)

  2. The first dress and top are my faves, definite keepers! Also, love the black top [I love anything black so not really a fair pick ha!].
    You help make the clothes look adorable tho, don't know if I could rock them as well!


  3. The dress and the last top are my favs.


  4. They all look super cute! If nothing else, you have to keep those jeans. They look AMAZING on you.

  5. So many cute pieces! The last top looks really comfortable and since it's not a pattern you could totally wear it more often! And can I just add that you look amazing and your 4 year-old is a great photographer! I'm set for my first Maternity Stitch Fix to arrive next week and I can't wait to see what they send.

  6. I have a bias with maxi dresses... so I am going to say that the maxi dress is my favorite of the bunch!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  7. The jeans and the maxi dress for sure! Those jeans look amazing on you and when you hit cooler months they'll be your go to, you'll get lots of wear. I don't think I would keep the tops, only because they are a little on the expensive side and you could probably get good tops for a bit less. And way to go 4 year old! Great shots, photographer in the making!

  8. Love the dress (I actually got it from stitch fix last year and get so many compliments on it)! I also love the jeans and black top :)

  9. the jeans and dress :) so cute!! i didn't know they did maternity… def. going to check this out!

  10. Super cute maternity clothes, but I don't know if they're worth the price tag! But I've struggled with the cost of maternity clothes my entire pregnancy.. hello clearance rack! I just can't bring myself to spend $40 on shirt I'm wearing for a couple months. Maybe that's just me?

  11. The maxi and entire outfit in the last picture are definite keepers, super cute :)
    Stitch Fix is the best!
    <3 Melissa

  12. I love the maxi dress and that last outfit! Or t least the last top. Super cute! But the maxi dress might be my favorite on you!

  13. Those pieces ALL look amazing on you! Love the maxi dress especially!

  14. I'm a Stitch Fix Stylist!! I love the items you received and I am so excited that we have cute stuff for prego women!! I say keep it all!

    Also, that 4 year old has quite the eye! Great pics :)



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