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rodeo boys | why we might be getting a sheep

It's Monday.
I'm sure you are all well aware.
It's okay though because I've got a rodeo post for you to read.
And there is an extra dramatic episode of The Bachelorette on tonight.
Things are looking up.

Last Thursday I dressed up myself and my guys in our best rodeo duds and we headed out on the town.
Naturally we took pictures of ourselves as we waiting for our farmer to get home from combining.
Brody talked the ENTIRE way to town about the herd of baby cows that he thought we needed in our backyard. {not going to happen}
And both little guys asked quite often "are we there yet?"
Needless to say, they were excited.

 We snagged some pretty fabulous seats right in front and next to the bucking chutes.
SO many chaps and wranglers right in front of us.
Prime view.
 This was also ideal for optimal "awe factor".
I think he was more in awe of the animals than the chaps though.
Beckam was very very serious about every event.
 The mutton busting was an all time favorite.
So much so that it is still ALL Beckam talks about.
He found a sheep stuffed animal at home that he pretends to ride.
He tells us that he won't let go.
Rodeo lover. Oh boy.
A sheep might be in our future. They are pretty low to the ground... and fluffy.
 Brody particularly thought that the rodeo clown was hilarious.
He was way less serious about the whole rodeo scene obviously.
Every person that came out riding, Brody would scream, "they won!" after they finished.
We may need to attend some smaller more local rodeos soon because the boys have been asking daily to go back.
Is it possible to forbid them from ever riding a bull?
Because I'd like that for that to become a family rule.
Did I mention we ate our weight in fresh hot mini donuts?
And kettle corn?
it was worth it.
I think.



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. I love bull riding, but holy goodness I would be terrified if my child took that on as a hobby. Mutton bustin' sounds pretty docile, maybe that will fill the craving ;). That or get a great dane and let them ride that around!

  3. Oh my goodness! I've never commented before but I had to because I love rodeo and your kiddos are so cute! I was just in Cheyenne, Wyoming for Frontier Days. I hang around many cowboys so settling down on a ranch may be in my future and when I think about that, it always reminds me of you, Karli and Ree Drummond! I've always said I want to get my future babies into mutton bustin'!

  4. This looks like fun, I've never been to a rodeo! The looks on their faces are priceless! I've never heard of mutton bustin', lol!

  5. So stinking cute! We're taking our toddler to the county 4-H fair this week, and all she has been talking about is the tractors! She's definitely a farm girl - which is good, since we currently don't have any boys to take over the family farm! Maybe we could arrange for a betrothal with one of your adorable little farmers? ;)

  6. I cannit wait for Ellie to be old enough for mutton busting. We're already planning on having her practice on our goats! It's going to be so much fun.

  7. Sounds like such a great time!!

  8. I love rodeos. You should definitely get them a sheep haha. I have every intention of throwing my hypothetical children on them & telling them to hold on.


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