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oh hey, friday | 19 weeks

Just like that I'm 19 weeks pregnant.
Almost halfway there.
I'm getting super excited for my 20 week ultrasound on Thursday.
Let's chat more about me, shall we?
But first, some link up info.

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Ok, back to the bump.

1 | gender predictions?
As mentioned above, I have my 20 week ultrasound on Thursday.
I was planning on finding out the second that I could, but I am debating to wait a couple days longer.
Next Saturday we are going to be having a gender reveal party.
I thought it might be fun to find out with everyone else for once… since it will most likely be our last babe.
I will see if I can hold our through the entire ultrasound first. Ha.
SO… what is your prediction!!??
Another little farmer?
Perhaps we are due for a little miss?
What do you think?
I've set up a little poll in the upper right hand side of my blog.
Go and answer what you think!

2 | stats

how far along | 19 weeks

size of baby | as big as an heirloom tomato

weight gain | official weigh in will be next week, but I think I'm at 6 pounds.

gender | we will find out soon - gender reveal party next Saturday!

feeling | great - this second trimester is the sweet spot! I'm certainly embracing it since I know how miserable that last month or two are.

craving | I can't say I have any consistent cravings. Usually sweet things. I load up on fruit at Costco weekly. And I'm trying to be cautious of what I eat - lots of salads, not much processed sugar. It is hard!

sleeping | uh… if my children would let me sleep, I'd be sleeping great. Brody wakes up to go potty once, which wakes me up. And Beckam will wake up usually once or twice and want to be rocked back to sleep.
Pregnancy wise though, I'm sleeping pretty good. I really miss sleeping solely on my stomach.
I may need to invest in a pregnancy pillow… anyone who has used one? Are they worth it? If so, which one?

movement | feeling some wiggles… nothing super strong yet, and anxious for it to be a little more consistent. It will be interesting to see if this baby likes to beat me up on the inside like Beckam did.

3 | working out
I have never really worked out with my prior pregnancies.
I am super duper paranoid and just thought for some reason I would hurt the baby.
Perhaps it was just a good excuse for me to not to work out.
Either way, I've been moving my booty a lot this time around and it feels great!
My Fitbit has been keeping me going, along with this Move Your Booty challenge Karli and I started.
I think that we will have to do a challenge every month until this baby comes just to keep me motivated.
You see, I am super competitive, so when someone challenges me on Fitbit, I really try to win.
My daily goal is 10,000 steps… until I go head to head with someone like my brother who is kicking my booty and I have to pick up my pace.
All of this to say… working out during pregnancy is good.
If I only would have known that four years ago.

4 | nursery
I've got big plans for the nursery.
Even if it is a boy… it needs a bit of a facelift.
I've used the same bedding for both Brody and Beckam and we I need a change.
Do you have any favorite places to buy baby bedding?

I am also on a big kick to de-clutter my house.
Perhaps early nesting?

5 | national bump day
Did you know that yesterday was National Bump Day.
Here is what I want to know… who makes up these national days?
Like National Siblings Day, where everyone takes the opportunity to share a picture of them with their sibling.
National Donut Day.
National Hot Dog Day.
You know the ones!
I am certain that these days are created by some bored and lonely person who strategizes their post going viral in order to get all of social media to take their bait.
Or maybe I'm wrong.
I might just be making up my own National Day to see if I can get it to spread like wild fire.
Any good suggestions?

But, in honor of "national bump day" here is another bump shot...
Have a terrific weekend friends!



  1. You look GREAT! I am post post bump (or mostly anyways) because our new little is one week old!!!

  2. hi! sooo exciting! we waited until the party and found out with everyone {we had to wait over three weeks} …although it was still much earlier than the norm. i wouldn't change it for anything though- it was sooo fun to find out with loved ones! and you read my mind about a pregnancy pillow- my friends rave about theirs and i think i might need to buy one soon! also, i love bedding from etsy!!

  3. That's so exciting that you get to find out soon! You're looking great.

  4. Ooh so exciting! I know I would want to wait for the party...but almost certainly wouldn't be able to! You look great! Have a great weekend :)
    Mariah @ Faith & Fashion

  5. You look great! I think you're having a girl! I just have a feeling :) Can't wait to find out!!

  6. I'm with you, I've always been paranoid about working out while pregnant. This time around I was even worried about keeping up with a toddler lol!
    Have a great weekend :)

    <3 Melissa

  7. I make custom nursery bedding!! Would be happy to throw in a couple free items or a discount for shootouts on your IG and blog! www.etsy.com/shop/louloumade IG: @louloumade

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