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how we spread the pregnancy news

On Friday I posted about the different ways that I/we told people about this pregnancy.
With it being the holiday weekend… aka lack of people in blogland, I thought that I would share it again for anyone who may have missed it.
If this is a repeat for you, I'm sorry!

1 | how I told my farmer
First off, I didn't tell him.
My farmer has what is known as diarrhea of the mouth.
When I found out that I was pregnant this go around, we were about to head off on a trip with his family and I didn't really want everyone knowing that early.
So, no one knew.

Nearly two weeks I held this in.
And then, it was time.
I was emotional, and kind of crazy.
And he was going to call me out if I didn't tell him first.

So, I fancied up this little number:
I can't say he was surprised.
But he was definitely excited.

It was fun to do something a little special to tell him too,
since I've just told him the first moment I found out in the past.

2 | how we told friends and family
We waited a month before telling anyone.
And Ryan did surprisingly good at keeping his mouth shut.
I only threatened him a little bit.
And he only managed to tell our banker… and fertilizer salesman by default because he overheard him telling the banker.
Not bad.
I had big plans to tell all of our family and friends together.
It worked out very nicely that we had a big get together for Beckam's birthday.

It went down as follows:
I purchased two big brother shirts for the boys, and a big brother balloon.
The day of the party I packaged it all up in a big box, and taped a picture of the ultrasound onto the balloon string.
After everyone had arrived, and while we were doing a welcome, I said that we were going to let Beckam open just one present because he was so excited.
Everyone was gathered around and it was just perfect.
Here is a video of the actual moment…

3 | how we told the boys
The boys had no idea what was going on when they opened up the present {as you may have noticed}, so I had to pull them aside and tell them.
Brody has been wanting a baby in the family, so naturally he was very excited.
 Beckam could care less. Oreo's are far more interesting.
 Or maybe they both hate the idea?
No, definitely just Beckam. 
 I think he is coming around. 
He doesn't really understand what is going on honestly.

I love hearing about how people spread their pregnancy news…
Did you share in a fun way?
Or have you seen a different way to tell people?
Tell me about it!!



  1. Thank you for posting this again! I must of missed it when you originally posted it. So excited for you and your family!!!


  2. This is so cute!! I love that you surprised the boys too with everyone.

  3. Love the balloon idea, how cute! Congrats!!

  4. Oh my gosh, that note is by far the best!! Your boys are adorable :)

    Congratulations on baby #3!!!

    <3 Melissa

  5. That was so cute, cue the almost tears...I held it together, I am at work...I mean I'm working...haha.

  6. Adorable!! I love the note you wrote for your husband :) And congrats!

    Meet Me in Midtown


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