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farewell pacifiers pt. 3

Honestly, I never thought that there'd be a part 3 to this "series".
BUT… if you read part 2 you know that it was pretty much a fail.
Even though I snipped holes in every on of Beckam's pacifiers, he still used them for every nap and at bedtime.
So much for my idea to make it "his idea" to get rid of them.
So, here I am, nearly a month later and the whole pacifier saga has finally come to an end.
Here is how it all went down:

Even though Beckam used his pacifiers everyday, he knew that they were different. 
I had convinced him to throw away a couple early on telling him that they were "broken."
{he had lots… like 7}
But after he threw one out, there was always a back up, or three, so he didn't really think much of it.

Recently I had him down to one pacifier.
He didn't even like this one pre-cut because it is some fancy orthopedist approved version of his binkie.
Turns out toddlers think orthodontists are stupid.

He would ask for a new one every night, and search his bed for another one.
But, I told him that we couldn't find them, and that was all he had.
He was waking up multiple times a night though, and I was tired of it. Literally.

And then… just three days ago, I was done.
Saturday morning I was very convincing, and had a nice little chat with Beckam.
We talked about how he didn't really like the last lone "night-night", how he is such a big boy now, and that maybe he should throw it away.
He was basically like, "yea, ok!"
I did remind him that after that one was gone, there were no more.
He went and found it and tossed it in the garbage though.
And then I waited all day until it was bedtime to see how it was all going to play out.
{He fell asleep in the car for nap time and transferred nicely, so we didn't have to worry about it then.}

Bedtime came, and he asked for his pacifier.
I reminded him that he threw it away and we didn't have any more.
I also told him how proud I was of him and what a big boy he had become.
He didn't ask again.
And he fell asleep TOTALLY FINE.

Also… he didn't wake up five times that night like he had been doing.

He has been a rockstar, and just like always, I was dreading it more than necessary.
He will still ask for it at sleep time, once, but then is over it when I tell him we don't have any.
I'm sure this will stop soon, the longer he goes without.

This was the most drawn out weaning of a pacifier ever, but luckily it was successful.
I am thrilled.

And now, he just needs to get a little more consistent on the "no pooping in your diaper" house policy.



  1. Well even though it took three parts/posts to get him to be binkie free-- I bet it feels good! No small accomplishment! Man this whole raising things (dogs, babies, fish, plants!) it's h.a.r.d! Beckham is such a cutie and just think he can help his younger sibling go through this when it is there time too!

  2. Such cute pictures of you two! Oh gosh I am NOT looking forward to the weaning of the paci thing...help me!

  3. Yay! I remember when the binky fairy came to our house both times. It is a huge milestone!

  4. Love this!! Ellie still has her's, I'm thinking that after we transition to her big girl bed (but first I need to paint her room) that we will tackle the paci's. She doesn't need them to sleep as she has gone without many times...but they are nice when she is sick. I just need to be strong and help her "grow up" a little bit!


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