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how we spend a day off

Have you noticed that everything that occurs on the 4th of July starts with the letter F.
Fourth = food, friends, fun, fireworks.
It's true.
And those are a lot of great things to group together in a day!

Saturday evening we had a group of friends and family over for a fun 4th of July BBQ.
I was a little worried that people would be melting from the heat since it has been about 110 degrees {not kidding}.
We were so fortunate to have the most wonderful evening though!
It's amazing what some clouds and a breeze will do.
And I'm sure that my guests were super happy to not have to listen to me complaining about how hot and incredibly sweaty I was.

Here are some snapshots of our fabulous fourth:
 Beckam was not a fan of the fireworks… more specifically when they made a noise of any sort.
Poor guy was on high alert.
Luckily he found a sprinkler to play in, so he felt totally comfortable again.

Brody has been looking forward to the 4th of July since last July.
He had the best day, and is already counting down until next year.
I'm right there with him… because any chance to hang out with great friends is fine by me.

Karli was responsible for those delicious and darling cake pops, star rice krispies, fireworks, and all of those hankies that really dressed the party up!
Basically the party would have sucked without her.

We did manage to drag the boys to a small town nearby for some fireworks.
Unfortunately the wind picked up a little bit, and after they fired off about 8 there was a low one that exploded a bit too close to the crowd.
They decided to call it quits before the show really even started.
Probably the safest.

How was your 4th?
Any firework related emergency room visits?
I hope not. But if so, I wanna hear about it!



  1. Gorgeous photos!! What a great holiday!

  2. As always your get together looks amazing! I'm glad you had a great 4th. Everything looks great & y'all look like you had a really good time.

  3. Your party looks so Pinterest perfect! It's adorable!

  4. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! Looks like you all celebrated in style- so fun!!!

  5. It was rainy and only about 65 degrees here in the Allegheny Mountains, but I guess I won't complain since I'd prefer that over 110 degrees!


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