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oh hey friday | 20 weeks, gender reveal + more

OH! Hey Friday!
It's been a super duper fun week.
Before I get started, just a big THANK YOU to everyone for all of the birthday love. 
You all know how to make a girl feel special! Muah!

Now, let's just hop right into the good stuff. 

1 | ultrasound
I had my big 20 week ultrasound yesterday.
Assuming all goes well, it will be the last time I "see" this precious babe until it's birthday.
Everything was healthy and looked great.
Baby is even measuring a few days "ahead" of due date.

2 | stats

how far along | 20 weeks - half way there!

size of baby | The baby is supposedly the size of an artichoke… or the length of a banana. My app says that baby should weigh about 10 ounces… according to ultrasound it weighs 12. I wonder if this is a sign that I will have an 8+ lb baby. It also says that baby is most likely sprouting hair… which in my children's case - didn't really happen. #baldbabies

weight gain | 7 total - if you're counting, like me, that's four pounds in the last month… or more like this week. I don't think that my birthday did me any favors.

gender | unknown! The ultrasound tech had me look away when she got to the legs. She did say it was for sure one gender though, so that's nice.

feeling | I feel great! Keeping really active, and enjoying actually being able to move and not waddling yet.

craving | No real cravings. I can eat whatever and whenever though. I would say that sweet things are still my favorite.

sleeping | SO tired. I have fallen asleep on the couch multiple times in the last couple of weeks. I usually head to couch and look through my phone while I wait for the boys to fall completely asleep at night before I hop on the elliptical. And then, before I know it, I am startled awake usually hours later when my farmer comes home. Oops. 

movement | This little babe is active. The ultrasound tech commented a lot about it today in fact. 
It is super fun to feel the wiggling. Plus Ryan and Brody have both been able to feel some kicks.

3 | gender 
I did so good at the ultrasound, and didn't find out.
This is an all time first for me. 
I am all about finding out anything and everything at the very first possible moment.
Seeing as though this is most likely our last babe, I thought it would be fun to find out with all of our friends and family at the same time. 

4 | reveal
You guys, I can barely contain myself.
{Invite made by the lovely Karli - if you haven't had her make an invite/party decor for you, you're missing out! She's got a new site coming soon that you should totally check out.}

Also, you all know that I am ALL about throwing a party.
But when one of my best gals Jenn asked if she could head up the party with another best gal, I was all over it.
Zero stress and planning is fine by me.
The only thing that I am doing is making the actual reveal… I'm just not stuffing it. :)
Stay tuned for the news!
If you're not following me on instagram, you might want to.

What do you think it will be?
Did you vote in the upper right hand corner of my blog?

5 | serial
This is totally off topic, but have any of you listened to the podcast Serial?
I know I am like 6 months late on this, but I am suuuuper addicted.
I started yesterday, and am already on episode 8 of 12.
If you have listened, no spoilers!
DId you get as obsessed with it as me?

Ok friends, now it's your turn!!!

1 | Go ahead and write up a post about five things.
2 | Paste the html of the button below on your post.
3 | Link up at the bottom.

Have a great weekend everyone, I know that we will!!!



it's my birthday | 31

I was greeted with a hug and kiss from my littlest guy at 5 am.
At least he said, "Happy Birthday Mommy. I love you!"

And just like that, it's my birthday again.
So, you know what that means…
I'm dropping the kids off at their grandma's and heading to the big city.
A pedicure, lunch and a movie are in order.
I might even swing my Anthropologie and see if there is anything this big belly can fit into… 
I do get my birthday month discount you know!

Last night the boys and I made this deliciousness.
And I am planning on picking up a pizza on my way home this afternoon.
These are the makings of a fine fine birthday.

I'm also hoping that I will get to see my farmer for more than 10 minutes.
The hay has a different plan though and it is a little more high maintenance than I am… it needs baled. 

Oh, and p.s. did you get entered into my big birthday giveaway?
Over $200 of goodies that I love.
You're welcome.



oh hey, friday | 19 weeks

Just like that I'm 19 weeks pregnant.
Almost halfway there.
I'm getting super excited for my 20 week ultrasound on Thursday.
Let's chat more about me, shall we?
But first, some link up info.

1 | Go ahead and write up a post about five things.
2 | Paste the html of the button below on your post.
3 | Link up at the bottom.

Ok, back to the bump.

1 | gender predictions?
As mentioned above, I have my 20 week ultrasound on Thursday.
I was planning on finding out the second that I could, but I am debating to wait a couple days longer.
Next Saturday we are going to be having a gender reveal party.
I thought it might be fun to find out with everyone else for once… since it will most likely be our last babe.
I will see if I can hold our through the entire ultrasound first. Ha.
SO… what is your prediction!!??
Another little farmer?
Perhaps we are due for a little miss?
What do you think?
I've set up a little poll in the upper right hand side of my blog.
Go and answer what you think!

2 | stats

how far along | 19 weeks

size of baby | as big as an heirloom tomato

weight gain | official weigh in will be next week, but I think I'm at 6 pounds.

gender | we will find out soon - gender reveal party next Saturday!

feeling | great - this second trimester is the sweet spot! I'm certainly embracing it since I know how miserable that last month or two are.

craving | I can't say I have any consistent cravings. Usually sweet things. I load up on fruit at Costco weekly. And I'm trying to be cautious of what I eat - lots of salads, not much processed sugar. It is hard!

sleeping | uh… if my children would let me sleep, I'd be sleeping great. Brody wakes up to go potty once, which wakes me up. And Beckam will wake up usually once or twice and want to be rocked back to sleep.
Pregnancy wise though, I'm sleeping pretty good. I really miss sleeping solely on my stomach.
I may need to invest in a pregnancy pillow… anyone who has used one? Are they worth it? If so, which one?

movement | feeling some wiggles… nothing super strong yet, and anxious for it to be a little more consistent. It will be interesting to see if this baby likes to beat me up on the inside like Beckam did.

3 | working out
I have never really worked out with my prior pregnancies.
I am super duper paranoid and just thought for some reason I would hurt the baby.
Perhaps it was just a good excuse for me to not to work out.
Either way, I've been moving my booty a lot this time around and it feels great!
My Fitbit has been keeping me going, along with this Move Your Booty challenge Karli and I started.
I think that we will have to do a challenge every month until this baby comes just to keep me motivated.
You see, I am super competitive, so when someone challenges me on Fitbit, I really try to win.
My daily goal is 10,000 steps… until I go head to head with someone like my brother who is kicking my booty and I have to pick up my pace.
All of this to say… working out during pregnancy is good.
If I only would have known that four years ago.

4 | nursery
I've got big plans for the nursery.
Even if it is a boy… it needs a bit of a facelift.
I've used the same bedding for both Brody and Beckam and we I need a change.
Do you have any favorite places to buy baby bedding?

I am also on a big kick to de-clutter my house.
Perhaps early nesting?

5 | national bump day
Did you know that yesterday was National Bump Day.
Here is what I want to know… who makes up these national days?
Like National Siblings Day, where everyone takes the opportunity to share a picture of them with their sibling.
National Donut Day.
National Hot Dog Day.
You know the ones!
I am certain that these days are created by some bored and lonely person who strategizes their post going viral in order to get all of social media to take their bait.
Or maybe I'm wrong.
I might just be making up my own National Day to see if I can get it to spread like wild fire.
Any good suggestions?

But, in honor of "national bump day" here is another bump shot...
Have a terrific weekend friends!



shared boys room inspiration

As we impatiently wait to find out the gender of baby #3 {one more week!}
I realized I should get some inspiration for shared room ideas together for the boys… 
instead of any nursery planning/updates that need to be done.

What would I do without Pinterest?
I mean… what did we do without Pinterest? 
If it was around when I was wedding planning, things would have gotten crazy.
Or how about my elementary ed major in college… that would have been so easy!
The subpar creative lesson plans I came up with weren't great.
Future teachers better be finishing college with summa cum laude.
All of them.

Totally off track.

Back to the boys' room.
THIS is what the room currently looks like.
And here are some ideas that I have come across to possibly change it:

What do you think?

Bunk beds are so expensive, I'm feeling like I {aka my farmer} need to get out the ol' hammer and nails and build something.
We will see how that goes though.

Either way, I'd like to get the boys put together in the same room in the next couple of months.
We need to get them adjusted before baby comes.

Do you have any great shared room ideas?
Send them my way!



farewell pacifiers pt. 3

Honestly, I never thought that there'd be a part 3 to this "series".
BUT… if you read part 2 you know that it was pretty much a fail.
Even though I snipped holes in every on of Beckam's pacifiers, he still used them for every nap and at bedtime.
So much for my idea to make it "his idea" to get rid of them.
So, here I am, nearly a month later and the whole pacifier saga has finally come to an end.
Here is how it all went down:

Even though Beckam used his pacifiers everyday, he knew that they were different. 
I had convinced him to throw away a couple early on telling him that they were "broken."
{he had lots… like 7}
But after he threw one out, there was always a back up, or three, so he didn't really think much of it.

Recently I had him down to one pacifier.
He didn't even like this one pre-cut because it is some fancy orthopedist approved version of his binkie.
Turns out toddlers think orthodontists are stupid.

He would ask for a new one every night, and search his bed for another one.
But, I told him that we couldn't find them, and that was all he had.
He was waking up multiple times a night though, and I was tired of it. Literally.

And then… just three days ago, I was done.
Saturday morning I was very convincing, and had a nice little chat with Beckam.
We talked about how he didn't really like the last lone "night-night", how he is such a big boy now, and that maybe he should throw it away.
He was basically like, "yea, ok!"
I did remind him that after that one was gone, there were no more.
He went and found it and tossed it in the garbage though.
And then I waited all day until it was bedtime to see how it was all going to play out.
{He fell asleep in the car for nap time and transferred nicely, so we didn't have to worry about it then.}

Bedtime came, and he asked for his pacifier.
I reminded him that he threw it away and we didn't have any more.
I also told him how proud I was of him and what a big boy he had become.
He didn't ask again.
And he fell asleep TOTALLY FINE.

Also… he didn't wake up five times that night like he had been doing.

He has been a rockstar, and just like always, I was dreading it more than necessary.
He will still ask for it at sleep time, once, but then is over it when I tell him we don't have any.
I'm sure this will stop soon, the longer he goes without.

This was the most drawn out weaning of a pacifier ever, but luckily it was successful.
I am thrilled.

And now, he just needs to get a little more consistent on the "no pooping in your diaper" house policy.



rodeo boys | why we might be getting a sheep

It's Monday.
I'm sure you are all well aware.
It's okay though because I've got a rodeo post for you to read.
And there is an extra dramatic episode of The Bachelorette on tonight.
Things are looking up.

Last Thursday I dressed up myself and my guys in our best rodeo duds and we headed out on the town.
Naturally we took pictures of ourselves as we waiting for our farmer to get home from combining.
Brody talked the ENTIRE way to town about the herd of baby cows that he thought we needed in our backyard. {not going to happen}
And both little guys asked quite often "are we there yet?"
Needless to say, they were excited.

 We snagged some pretty fabulous seats right in front and next to the bucking chutes.
SO many chaps and wranglers right in front of us.
Prime view.
 This was also ideal for optimal "awe factor".
I think he was more in awe of the animals than the chaps though.
Beckam was very very serious about every event.
 The mutton busting was an all time favorite.
So much so that it is still ALL Beckam talks about.
He found a sheep stuffed animal at home that he pretends to ride.
He tells us that he won't let go.
Rodeo lover. Oh boy.
A sheep might be in our future. They are pretty low to the ground... and fluffy.
 Brody particularly thought that the rodeo clown was hilarious.
He was way less serious about the whole rodeo scene obviously.
Every person that came out riding, Brody would scream, "they won!" after they finished.
We may need to attend some smaller more local rodeos soon because the boys have been asking daily to go back.
Is it possible to forbid them from ever riding a bull?
Because I'd like that for that to become a family rule.
Did I mention we ate our weight in fresh hot mini donuts?
And kettle corn?
it was worth it.
I think.



oh hey, friday | all the good stuff

It's Thursday afternoon and I'm busting out a super quick Oh hey, Friday post.
Why am I so diligent, you ask?
We've got a rodeo to get to.

For the past several years we've gone to the Snake River Stampede.
HERE is the recap from last year.
I'm pretty sure Brody is not going to fit into that shirt for the fourth year in a row.
Beckam is going to have to rock it now. 

I am super excited to have two little guys that have been talking non stop about it, and are old enough to get very excited about it.

I'll let you know next week how it went. :)

But for now, it's link up time!

Go ahead and write up a post about five things, paste the html of the button below on your post, and link up at the bottom.

And now, onto my five…

Did you see the totally awesome birthday giveaway on my blog from yesterday?
If not, you'll want to check it out HERE.
Or, you can just go ahead and get entered:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
2 | 18 WEEKS
This was literally the only picture taken of me this week.
So… there you have it!
Me and my boys standing in front of our farmer's massive corn field.

Back to this little babe though!
It's wiggling around.
And is the size of a bell pepper.

It has been craving lots of pizza which results in mandatory nightly elliptical use.
I'm going to cut that habit out, starting tomorrow.

Luckily, nothing is really different and I am feeling great! 
Love this sweet spot in the second trimester.
As mentioned above, I've been on the elliptical every night.
I have to.
And I am always super happy with myself after I complete my 10,000 daily step goal.
So much so, that I usually have a nice little snack.
Totally counterproductive.
The boys love going for walks with me too.
I captured them actually moving, in between stopping every couple of seconds to pick up another rock.
How is your booty moving going?
Am I going to be winning all of that moola? :)
We are mid grain harvest around these parts.
{Although we did have a week break because of so SO much rain.}
It is always exciting to have a new crop to harvest with another big machine to ride around in.
Crossing our fingers that we can finish up quickly, with impressive yields. 
 Speaking of big machines…
these cute kids are starting their own tractor trends.
 One tractor doesn't mean that three kids can't comfortably ride.
They are certainly making the most of the situation… and enjoying it.

Let's all do that this weekend, eh?
Have a fabulous one friends!



big birthday GIVEAWAY | over $200 worth of goodies

It's my birthday month.
And I have teamed up with some fine peeps to bring you one big fabulous birthday giveaway.

I figured it would be super fun to give away some things that I love for my birthday month giveaway!

Up first, there is this totally adorable Meriwether leather clutch.
Not only am I in love with the design, I am in love with it's functionality.
It is made out of leather that is made in the USA and will fit an iPad mini, along with your
other daily essentials. 
Jessica from Hawks and Doves is responsible for this beauty, along with dozens of other fabulous designs. 
You really need to check out her shop.

{Oh, and ps. If you love it, you should know that she is currently running a Crowdfunding Campaign through Etsy.  This Clutch, along with a Tote and a wallet are being offered at awesome prices for the
next 20 days as she tries to raise funds for a new leather sewing machine for her shop. You can see the campaign HERE.}

Next up in the list of things that I love…
Candles and sprays.
This farmhouse candle and spray are not only obviously beautiful, but they smell aaaamazing!
Z & Co. is a family business {which I love} and they do a great job at making quality products that are perfect for your home or for a wonderful gift. 
Aren't they so pretty!?
Go and check them out!

Finally, I love... cash.
I mean who doesn't?
We've got EIGHTY-FIVE bones to hand out.
Oh the things I would do with $85…
I'll spare you from the details, but it would most likely include some pampering of sorts.

That's over $200 worth of amazing stuff for you to win.

NOW, what are you waiting for?
It's time to get entered!

Good luck!



three kids… how do you do it!?

Days like yesterday make me wonder how in the world I will be able to parent THREE children.
My morning went a little something like this…

Wake up.
Feed kids breakfast.
Get Brody his clothes for gymnastics.
Come back out to the kitchen to watch Beckam {who had apparently crawled onto the table} climbing/falling face first into his chair and the floor.

You guys… SO much blood. 
Luckily, he just hit his mouth causing him to bite his lip really bad.
He only cried for maybe a minute.
So brave.

After cleaning up that mess, we finally rushed out the door to get started on our hour drive to gymnastics.
When I opened up the car door there was only one carseat.
The other was in my farmers truck thirty minutes away.
I decided to buckle Brody in like a big boy, put Beckam in the carseat and head to get the other carseat.
AND then, when I turned not the car, I had 9 miles to go until empty.
I was out of gas.
We do have gas on the farm, so I was able to fill up.

By the time we got the other carseat, I knew there was no way that we were making it to gymnastics on time. 
And we missed the last two weeks due to swim lessons.

All of this to say… HOW in the world am I going to this with another child!?
Wake up earlier?
Plan on leaving 30 minutes prior to when I actually need to?

We ended up making the most of our day and went to the indoor play gym in the same building as our gymnastics. 
The boys totally loved it.
Beckam could jump head first off of tall objects without hurting himself.
And Brody teamed up with three other boys to have the best morning ever.

Lemonade, you guys. Lemonade.



oh hey, friday | giveaway, pregnancy, epic fits + more

Hi friends, we've got some fun things to talk about today, so let's get to it.

1. | one year
It's been exactly one year since Karli and I started this fun Friday link up!
Can you believe it!? 
We have met so many great friends, and found lots of great new blogs to read.
Thank you all for your participation and hanging out with us this past year.
So how about a fun little one year anni giveaway!?
We are busting out some ad spaces for you guys to win.
{two from my blog, two from Karli's}
There will be four winners total, and each ad space is valued at $25.
This is a great way to grow your blog… for free. Win!

Get entered… chances are, if you are reading this, you follow me, so your chances are looking good. 

2. | 17 weeks
Cruising right along on this pregnancy train.
17 weeks and feeling great.
This is probably the best time in the pregnancy as far as I am concerned.
No more nausea, not too awful big, and some energy.

Notable happenings:
- - I have started feeling baby move this week. Very exciting.
- - As of last Thursday at my doctors appointment, I had only gained 3 lbs. This is notable because with my first two I had probably gained 15. My Fitbit is keeping me on track, and I am trying to reign in the amount of pizza I eat.
- - Baby is about 5 inches long, can move it's joints, and it's sweat glands have started developing… let's just hope it doesn't have my chronic nervous pit sweat.

3. | epic fit
This week Brody has been taking swim lessons.
Beckam and I go and toodle around in the pool at the same time… kind of like our own "mommy and me" class.
It had been going great!
That is, until today.
Right at the end of the lesson Brody's teacher and I were trying to get him to put his face under the water.
He HATES getting his face wet, but he kind of has to get over it because he has to learn to swim, like yesterday… there is a lot of water around a farm.
We gave him goggles and explained how to blow his bubbles so the water wouldn't get up his nose.
His teacher even bribed him with fruit snacks.
But alas, he still wouldn't/couldn't do it.
At this point the teacher's next student had showed up, so I just told Brody that we would try again tomorrow.
He promptly, out of no where,  started faa-reaking out and crying "fruit snacks!" because he wouldn't get the fruit snacks unless he completed the task.
The teacher and I both walked him through how to do it again, for the 25th time, but he was already long gone. 
No calming down, not able to do anything but cry. Loudly.
Mind you, my other child, was also right next to me in the pool wanting me to carry him and crying because I couldn't since I was still encouraging Brody to blow some bubbles.
Two kids. Both crying. Loudly. And nothing I said was making them stop.
More than anything, it was incredibly embarrassing. 

Needless to say we practiced lots in the bathtub last night.
And we also had a nice long chat about behavior.
Wish us luck today.

4. | raspberry picking
Our raspberries are in full production, and we are loving it!
Perhaps it is because my annual vegetable garden blows… no really, it's less than desirable and never got finished being planted.
SO… having something to drive your tractor to so you can pick and eat it is pretty fun.

5. | ad sale
Today is the last day to get in on my 30% off ALL ad space sale.
Every ad space has the option to participate in the group giveaway.
And let me just tell you… this is a group giveaway to get in on.
Since it's my birthday month, I've got some awesome extra's being given away.
I'm already hoping I win.
If you are interested, head to my advertise page HERE and use code FARMBABY to cash in.

- - - - - - - -

And now… it's time for you to join in on this fabulous link up.

Go ahead and write up a post about five things, paste the html of the button below on your post, and link up at the bottom.

Happy Friday friends!
Cheers to another year of Oh hey, Friday! 


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