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the universe is screwing with me

It's only Tuesday, and our week is off to a very interesting start.
I'm all about the schedules and knowing what is going on in a day.
That isn't happening.
The universe is screwing with me.

Yesterday was supposed to be Brody's last t-ball game of the season, followed by a team BBQ.
Well, with it being 109 degrees and all, they decided to cancel all of that.
Can't say that I blame them, but Brody was definitely bummed… along with his entourage of guests that were planning on joining.

Instead of baking in the sun, we took a trip to Costco.
Here, I learned a couple of things:

1 | When you take your husband, he will let your children run wild.
Out of the cart.
This, I never do.
They were all over, and nearly got run over by other peoples carts… oh, like a dozen times!
Never happening again.

2 | I am way better at playing tetris and packing food in the cart than the Costco employees.
The lady asked how we got it all in.
I should have showed her since each of us, including the boys, had to carry something in our arms out of the store.

Costco. Bless them.

Last night, minutes before my farmer was heading out the door to bale bunch of hay…
a massive thunder storm rolled through and dumped rain on us for about 3 minutes.
3 minutes too much.
At least my farmer finally got a full night of sleep!

This morning was no different as far as not keeping to any sort of schedule.
Typically Tuesdays we wake up and head to Boise for the boys gymnastics class.
Instead this Tuesday is going to be spent at home.
I am going to be playing nurse to my two boys who both woke up with some sort of sickness.
Brody has an upset stomach.
And Beckam is super congested.

I'm crossing my fingers that I can stay healthy, and they will get over this crud like in an hour.
Just throwing that out there.
That'd be super.

Let's see where the rest of this week takes us! 
All I know is that you are going to want to come back and see my post on Thursday.
Trust me.

Stay healthy friends.
It is freaking summer after all.



  1. oh no! Week can only get better right? Hopefully by the time you read this your boys are better and it was just a 24 minute thing :)

  2. Take your vitamins, they always help me avoid getting sick! Lol love your Costco story, my husband and I don't even have kids yet but taking him to any grocery store is always a hassle!


  3. I'm sorry your week is off to such a hectic start. I hope that your boys feel better soon.

  4. I'm glad the kiddos didn't get run over in Costco. :-) That place is always an adventure and I usually get hit by at least one well-meaning senior citizen.

    I hope the boys are feeling better now!


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